Education Connection Song- 2011 Commercial


Education Connection Song- 2011 Commercial

Feels like my life’s passing me by. With the
cash I’m making I’ll never get by. If I earn a degree I will make a bigger salary. Yeah.
So I logged on to Education Connection and found my college direction. Now I’m taking
my classes online and I’m getting my degree on my own time. They matched me with the right
college for me for free. Get connected for free at Education Connection. Get connected
for free at Education Connection. Log on now and get your free success kit worth 100 dollars.
Log on now to Education connection TV dot com.

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72 thoughts on “Education Connection Song- 2011 Commercial”

  1. ssgssdakota GT says:

    Why do I remember this wtf.

  2. Eric Flores says:

    Garbage compared to the other one

  3. Lisa Surlie says:

    Bring back your commercials!

  4. Luis Acosta says:


  5. Dexter Thomas says:

    I almost forgot about this ad!

  6. kykingz78 says:

    Does anyone else hate this girl

  7. Spencer says:


  8. Austin's Memz says:

    F R E E that spells free

  9. Squicx says:

    isn't as good as the 2009 version

  10. The garbage you put in your couch says:

    They found some super hot college girls for these commercials no lie

  11. Vyper XP says:

    Education connection grads created this ad.

  12. Misty says:

    Frak yeah

  13. Toyotaku86 says:

    Do we ignore the fact the dude just said "" thrice?

  14. Alison Bravo says:


  15. targaryen284 says:

    this is a BOP! I could still remember the lyrics since I was little! <3

  16. Mathew Green says:

    Sorry, Education Connection, Andreanna Veith is the voice of Education Connection.

  17. Joshua Wood says:

    I love her!

  18. shaquan johnson says:

    Just as good as the original. I miss these 🙁

  19. Christian Shanice says:


  20. Dr. Avalanche says:

    Ah yes, the less catchy version.

  21. Bernie Welch III says:

    Probably one of the greatest commercials. Period.

  22. sophia johnson- berry says:


  23. unknown 3 says:


  24. Kay Rose says:

    Ahhh this is the good one!!

  25. Frances Atty says:

    it's a remix! 😂 but worse

  26. Sodon Danala says:

    God i used to snap to an come running just cause i liked her voice so much !~lol

  27. Desani Durham says:

    i was 6 years old when this came out

  28. meron wheeler says:


  29. Anthony Reyes says:

    But like twoards the end kinda slaps

  30. Angie Marisa says:

    I always had this shit stuck in my head

  31. XX PUNISHER XX says:

    I remember this

  32. Bmore. Staxx says:


  33. Omega Deathwish says:

    Education connection, always with the catchy asf commercials.

  34. Phone Thief says:

    This is the better one

  35. Painindeass1million says:

    Has anybody seen the latest commercial with the blonde rock singer? At one point, she sings
    "I didn't pay 'em nothin'…" Now, I don't know about anyone else. But, educational websites that hire TV commercial spokespeople who employ double negatives don't exactly inspire confidence in me.

  36. Shawn Hacker-Bey says:

    this one is far superior to those from the following years

  37. Gabby Cavaliere says:

    ok og education connection is better than this

  38. codeblood2000 says:


  39. Matt Cox says:

    That singer has a big huge tongue in her mouth.

  40. Kendrah Terrell says:


  41. Dudestupid 45 says:

    Was good

  42. Dante vigil says:


  43. Chase إله الشباب says:


  44. Deja says:

    this sucks

  45. Nick Billups says:

    That looks like Christina Grimmie.

  46. Norman Mason says:

    Doesn’t smack like the first one

  47. Darian Mounticure says:

    She should be famous. Great singer

  48. P L says:

    I prefer the original actress…

  49. Summer Kittrell says:


  50. Allen Garcia says:

    I forgot how much this one slapped too

  51. yo dawg says:

    why am i thinking about this in 2019

  52. KidTurro says:

    Boo, original was better

  53. No Limit.C says:


  54. poop dick says:

    Sequals are never as good as the first

  55. Danielle Ongie says:

    this shit does not slap

  56. BathMan says:

    The first one is better, change my mid

  57. oh no says:

    Look I know it’s been 8 years. But Shit still bumps

  58. Dudestupid 45 says:

    The 2009 version is better

  59. quitstalin says:

    Imagine this actress being available 10 years later

  60. pendulousphallus says:

    First, somehow.

  61. BlooBoo247 says:

    First after 7 years.

  62. Pastel Soda says:

    It hurts that I still remember the whole song after a literal decade

  63. JJFit89 says:

    Aight I’m heading out

  64. Squicx says:

    old was better

  65. Elena Ruiz says:

    nahhh, bring back the old girl, she went HARD

  66. TheArtisticNerd7 says:

    this is the underated one

  67. John Potter says:

    this version was not good, I enjoyed the one with random verbal pauses, aka. the first one. <3 y'all, keep getting that co-nec-tion from EDJU- Cation co- nec-tion. FO Free

  68. Draise G says:

    Bruh, my childhood!!!

  69. Granger Lodestar says:

    Catchy, but the other girl was better. 😊

  70. mrericmendez says:

    Whaaat. There's another one?!😂 These are actually not bad

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