Education Is a System of Indoctrination of the Young – Noam Chomsky


Education Is a System of Indoctrination of the Young – Noam Chomsky

said a lot about the role of the media
enough so called eric democracy hi i’m wondering how you see here are
the rollover educational system what it’s doing right now what forces are
driving at and what constraints are and how should
operate we are i quoted the uh… trilateral commission view of the educational system namely to system of indoctrination of
the young and i think that’s correct to system of indoctrination linux that was the way the liberal deletes regarded and they’re more or
less accurate uh… so the educational system is
supposed to train people to be uh… obedient conformist not drink too much sugar which told me state passive don’t cause any price is a democracy or
raise any questions and so on that’s basically what the what the uh… system is about uh… they even the fact that the system
has a lot of stupidity and i think as a function you know it means that people are filtered out for opinions if you can guarantee lots of stupidity
and the educational system you know like stupid assignments and things like that you know that the only people who will
make it through are people like me unlike most eli
guests who are willing to do it no matter how
stupid it is because over the next step so you may know that this assignment is
idiotic and i got there couldn’t because we had a paper bag but he’ll do it anyway because that’s the way you get to the
next question needed my make it and so on and so forth
well there are people who don’t do that now there are people who say i’m going
to do it through the cutest thing uh… those people are called behavioral
problem something like that they end up in the
principles officer in the streets are selling drugs or whatever and all of this is a technique for uh… selection for obedience i dot approved this but i have a feeling
that when you go to the ailing universities you find more obedience and conformity probably because you’re getting the
students who were better able to do it uh… were all that is functional that’s
the way it works for it and it works right through graduate school i mean if you they’re upsetting but how
do you graduate schools or a little more varied because some real contradictions
development system the problem is that you can’t progress this way na na especially in the sciences and
engineering that’s prob because the corporations need science and engineering he don’t have innovation you’re really in trouble so they have to encourage creativity in
independence ’cause he can’t get anywhere if you just copy what
somebody told me you have to be challenging things all
the time challenging everything you know i’m thinking who sought some song and
they are real contradiction uh… it’s hard to train people to be creative and challenging and so on and
yet that i’m sure that somewhere else in their lives their conformist an obedient
in everything so you have problems that’s a serious
problem in japan uh… we think of japan as miss
tremendous superpower but that’s very misleading japan for example is very poor nowhere and part of the reason is it such as
part of its part the same thing that makes them good workers obedient workers to very obedient society very
deferential and conformist society and one effect of that is that you you know there are real constraints
against independent free said thinking you see
it in the science is very clearly the uh… but from here to so there are those
contradictions when you get the graduate school are beginning to show up they
show up much less than the ideological subjects because there doesn’t matter too much of
people have there there is no profits aren’t made buddy historians having original ideas
but french revolution so they can have conventional ideas and that means that the the pressure to try to support
innovation and freedom is much less in the profession the pressures for conformity on the
other hand are much greater cousin the ideological subject it begins
to be dangerous to people think the wrongful dangerous if they have new ideas about
physics uh… so saying it but nevertheless you
know you do there’s you begin to get a little flocks of the system by the time graduate school and even at low levels you find it i
mean there’s you know there are teachers who do
stimulate thought and sometimes they get away with and uh… you know all the way through you know if you feel learning things he just needs can
control you can’t make them just regurgitate what they heard now there’s a lot of pressure to turn
the schools into the marine corps lends a lot of support for the for example is this bestseller last couple years by allan bloom that was all over the supermarkets closing the american mine whichever you know huge bestseller
supermarket racks which is where i read it and things like that greater cooperation at at the end of tight you know a lot of
suggesting accolades for it and so on uh… he was saying that a couple of uh… smart guys will decide
what the great thoughts are uh… and every student memorizing as education we are no and that’s the way to turn
people into pure comedy i mean even if they happen to pick the
great thoughts uh… there is no way less likely to get anybody to think about
those thoughts than to make that the curriculum that finishes amok that uh… and i think that’s the purpose for them i mean the purposes just to impose fire
no here’s a great for us also stuff is rubbish just learners here
okay opic can you memorize that’s basically the line now of course that’s that’s the opposite
of education now that’s the latest study thoma or
something like that uh… but uh… it’s very popular and i think it
reflects the same concern over the crisis of my person background lemon selfless extreme of the incident that really got
them was a case in cornell where he was a professor where some black students took over one
of the admins buildings and he would he said that’s just like
not to give us back to the nazis is old business but the nazis and so on and so
forth where you take a little it happened and
that you can tell you what he thought the and its effect on the capitulated
not just like i did hear which would not to be subsumed that what actually happened if you look
back is that there were real grievances undoubtedly that students should love
them but they didn’t go in the building with guns and so on but it was settled
react it was so that we have to remember he
was killed uh… the grievances were to some extent
dealt with on the net result was better that was before but he doesn’t really thought they
should have mozart and president clinton i guess they should have bombed the place or something like that that’s really set him off and in general
what set many people off was the day you know the the sixties are now
described in the literature as if it was a time
when students were running around burning libraries and you know destroying the foundations of
civilization and so on what was actually going on as they were
asking questions you know they were raising questions
they were uh… looking into things appeal and looked
into before they were not just a billion and from the point of view of the log
faculty that’s equivalent to bring that building weekend that small distinction can make
that and the http pressured return schools back to
the days when you have to worry about those things like disobedient students
asking questions about things that you don’t think about

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100 thoughts on “Education Is a System of Indoctrination of the Young – Noam Chomsky”

  1. orestes Lamelas says:


  2. orestes Lamelas says:


  3. Charles Warren says:

    Chomsky, you tried, but you failed.

  4. Shahab Eslamian says:

    This guy is my hero

  5. Thomas Pickering says:

    I just realized something about Noam Chomsky. It has always infuriated me about him that he refuses to say that 9-11 did not happen the way the government said, but this is an extremely insightful man. He already knows full well what 9-11 was but for professional reasons he is going along with the official story. But by doing so, he is selling out the truth for his own career. That is why I don't like him. Anyone who covers up the truth for any reason has no integrity. He may be very intelligent, and he undoubtedly is, but he does not have the courage and integrity to publicly say what we all know to be true. For that reason, I don't want to hear anything he has to say about anything. It is a disgrace that the lie of 9-11 is still perpetrated to this day and people like Noam Chomskey, who could make such a huge difference by supporting the truth movement but instead has sold out to the Zionists, are directly responsible for that. So fuck him.

  6. IntelligentDesign-Evolution-God says:

    How true, most modern education is indoctrination. It makes for good workers and obedient citizens. Original thoughts are discouraged, except in some sectors of science and technology where they are required for some progress.

  7. Aron Highgrove says:

    It's funny how today in the US, people have that stereotype of Asians being especially smart and having a high IQ, while in the past, people recognized that they were mostly well adapted conformists, and not that advanced in science, exactly because of that cultural conformity pressure.

    This conformity pressure is not specific to Japan, it's very Asian in general. Yet people feel they have to compete with this culture, especially in science. Makes you reconsider the state of science today…

  8. mediastarguest says:

    As a 14 and 15-y-o kid I remember having 6 school terms of the Russian and Chinese revolutions and their brand of communism forced down my throat – names and events that meant NOTHING to me and mean nothing to most fourteen year olds. The curriculum and education system taught me NOTHING about the rich and spectacular history of my own country – Britain- and its people who invented, discovered, conquered and murdered. I had to learn about it in my own time.

  9. Non-conformist NWO says:

    You are part of this idiotic system Noam, you are also useful idiot manufactured by those elite that you contest their power.

  10. Ian Clarke says:

    Hundreds of years ago the scholars of the day were reading umpteen languages and mapping the stars . Now every new government pretend that they are tweaking the curriculum for the greater good every 4 or 5 years as if education is a mystery .Utter rubbish they don't want the working class actually being educated to think for themselves they want factory fodder and cannon fodder to protect and look after the elite forever and ever. School is merely a detention centre .

  11. deputydog7669 says:

    boring zionist sack of shit:)-

  12. Julian Rae says:

    Noam means well with his work, but you can drive yourself mad dedicating your life to analyzing and judging and being cynical. Turn your focus to all the many things going good in our world and you'll begin to notice more of that

  13. Bear's End Productions says:

    Yep it makes them lazy socialists

  14. jweshawk55 says:

    Education that teaches students to question authority, that teaches how to think separate from dogma/religion indoctrination, that teaches the scientific method, whether public or private, should be supported by its stakeholders.

  15. steven padilla says:

    Dropped out of high school. Best move ever. Waste of time. Got a job made money learned a trade. Work half a year, live half a year abroad. While everyone else sweats out a living I'm on some beach somewhere drinking a margarita.

  16. Rolando Arco says:

    Chomsky never encountered a third world dictator he never liked; why do people still listen to this old fool? Move to North Korea, you will find out what indoctrination is!

  17. Zachery Jones says:

    I love Noam’s mind

  18. Paul Grimm says:

    Children are brain washed and dumbed down! Boys are emasculated ! That’s why there’s so many angry young men

  19. Jay Con says:

    Ha! That book he was talking about is exactly how China does education. He’s right about them coming out as robots

  20. Mr. White says:

    Homeschool your children, if you can.. They will be much happier people and you'll be producing pure 100% organic humans .

  21. Roland's Durendal says:

    WOW, WHAT A FUCKING LIAR and Hypocrite. Chomsky deriding the same system that his fucking tribe created and dominates that silences any of countering point, derides American and western ideology and calls for sedition. JAPAN IS WEAK IN SCIENCE???? Revisionist history and selective facts to fit the narrative have always been this man's meal ticket. Leftists are not "rebels" or free thinkers, they are CONFORMISTS and a danger to any free thinking society.

  22. aarondavid826 says:

    Indoctrination- the process of teaching beliefs uncritically.

    Isn't this the exact thing that is happening on liberal college campuses?

  23. Cruz Bazan says:

    Still true

  24. Mr Fox says:

    Chomsky is spot on, a selection for obedience & conformity, zero critical thinking allowed or encouraged.
    Just believe & obey.
    That’s why we are where we are today, the system isn’t broken, it was designed this way.
    Evil geniuses run the world.
    Jesuits through the Vatican.
    Good luck researching real truth.

  25. DootDoot says:

    Wow this is brilliance

  26. 4516n41 says:

    This piece of shit is getting paid. Fuck that guy.

  27. Dustin Punks says:

    No shit Sherlock!!!

  28. David Bolha says:

    151 people are too indoctrinated to understand this. 😎

  29. bellmeisterful says:

    This is horseshit. Sorry, there's no insidious plot to indoctrinate kids to not think, follow orders, not question anything. Its conspiracy theory bullshit. You have to have a system of order and some control when you have a room full of hyper active kids. And yes, assignments for the masses have to be almost dumbed down to be fair to the lower IQ spectrum…but thats why they have advanced classes. Ive checked out Chomsky a lot. Hes always just a whacko. Sorry.

  30. D Smith says:

    We live in an age of amazing technology. Everyone could have a secure government account and vote on issues regularly including the budget, foreign aid, changes in the law, policy etc. It's not beyond doable. We could do away with politicians and return power to the people. It would take limited self interest out of politics and get a country wide view of it's needs and priorities. Instead we allow others to think and make decisions for us. Every persons view would be taken into account. What's so wrong with that?

  31. Yireh Yah Yeshurun says:

    Pink Floyd was on to something….

  32. A Skeptical Human says:

    "There are teachers who do stimulate thought—and sometimes, they get away with it."

  33. Buzzo Junior says:

    4:50, what book he is talking about

  34. Aullark Star says:

    Try telling Liberals about any of this today you'll be accused of "working with the Russians" it's too late the programming is in.

  35. Samuel Acosta says:

    The captions are seriously fucked.

  36. Facade_Games says:

    Education in ALL schools has become slavery and indoctrination.

  37. wolfe23 says:

    John Taylor Gatto, was one of those teachers who got away with it for years… he even was made NYC teacher of the year 1989-91, and NY State teacher of the year in 1991. He then became an outspoken critic of Coerced Mass Public Schooling as we now know it.

    For a much more in depth look at what Chomsky is talking about here… check out this interview with Mr. Gatto which is an excellent interview, but unfortunately conducted by a rather annoying interviewer:

  38. Facade_Games says:

    School is just a 13 year Conformity camp that rewires the brain into a new brain that will Accept, obey, and follow every single order under the authority, thereof; it only makes children into legitimate slaves. It is unethical and extremely uncivil. Authority generally say they have all the control over the children and that parents have no say in their education. Reality sets in when you think about this during school. Also, school only teaches students WHAT to think, and not HOW to think for themselves. For 8 hours a day, the child will be told exactly what to learn repeatedly x9 month a school year. They won’t be paid, not at all. Well, it is a little weird to get paid for going to school, right? This is besides the point though. School teaches useless, monotonous, and deluded bullshit that is absolutely unnecessary for their adult lives. You won’t be able to educate yourself because the school will do it for you, forcefully shoving it down your throat while you are chained to your chair.

  39. Franklin Falco says:

    It's not like schools teach us to support war or hate people who are different from us. It's just that sometimes you have to risk offending people to make them aware of social problems. Teachers are caring people who are just trying to do their jobs. If you ever worry about the future of education and humanity in general then read news about education reform. The ideas to create a better education system are the same ones we need to improve society in general. Greater citizen involvement and more accountability. Morality requires a certain degree of conformity.

  40. Keys Emerson says:

    I believe in the abolition of the slavery of the human mind.

  41. jennifer williams says:

    Education is deeper than that education can be. A specified instruction for whatever the intent is…education can be a brainwashing can be a person or a system wanting a large group of people to be either a following of crowd or facts presented by instruction..either way always try to figure out on own ….

  42. Staring at the Black Sun Trying to SEE THE LIGHT says:

    Outstanding and amazing but seriously not a single person there got it & I bet fewer even listened past the first few sentences. I was hooked. Also I am that behavior problem, that one sent to the principals office (in the 80's in my elementary school they offered a choice : either suspension or corporal punishment – that being they beat your ass with a huge paddle, BTW my mom opted for the paddle, then the next year they pretty much outlawed corporal punishment everywhere), and the druggie for sure. Do I regret my choices, fuck no. Do I wish I had conformed and went the distance and got the scholarship and went to a great university like the University of Florida? Nope. Cause here is the truth, that second option is my wife, she was the best, soma cum laud and had 4.3 GPA and got into that college and graduated from the school of Journalism. So guess what we did great for like 7-8 years, then she got laid off, I got fired, we lost our house, we started getting seriously fucked up because it all fell apart, and just barely made it to today so I could write this truth. So get it, do you fucking get it? I sure fucking have no idea but that is the great part, I can get back up from this, she is almost at her end. Who is the better person in this story? You be the ultimate judge, cause, you know that motherfuckers will in the blessing which is YouTube comments.

  43. Tina Patton says:

    U.S. Major General Smedley Butler: " I spent 33 years and 4 months in active military
    service . . . And during that period I spent most of my time as a high-class
    muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a
    racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. Thus, I helped make Mexico and especially
    Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a
    decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped
    in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of
    Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of
    Brown Brothers in 1902–1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for
    American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for American
    fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927, I helped see to it that Standard Oil
    went on its way unmolested. Our boys were sent off to die with beautiful ideals
    painted in front of them. No one told them that dollars and cents were the real
    reason they were marching off to kill and die.”

  44. Truthfears Guilty says:

    defination of "education" is "understanding" everything yourself. the good and the bad. you do need to go to school to learn skills that will help you in life.

  45. moodist 1er says:

    Says the guy who pretty much coined the term neoliberalism but still "voted for her"..
    Fuck noam chomsky and his next book

  46. Tom Knightley says:

    What a load of rubbish. Good schools and universities teach to think critically and look at the evidence. Yes you need discipline to do well but that applies to anything in life. The idea that there is some sort of conspiracy across the education system to make people fit for the rat race is immature at best.

  47. Elias Far says:

    I wonder why Chomsky criticizes his fellows!

  48. Grant Chapman says:

    Education is indoctrination of the young? WHAT DO YOU THINK RELIGION IS!?!

  49. FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin says:

    yet Noam keeps on promoting the holocaust

  50. the therorist says:

    But…..Noam Chomsky is so smart and he talks about it and it changes nothing….so obviously talking does nothing

  51. DYNAMITE Fitzpatrick says:

    Reading through these comments I think it's important to keep in mind that the 'solution' is not dissolution of education, but merely a healthy awareness of the pros and cons plus an attempt as guardians or parents to encourage students who struggle with the 'indoctrination' not to take it so hard or make them aware it's a waste of energy to worry about. There are plenty of benefits to public education, personally a massive overhaul is unlikely given the grandeur necessary in order to instill and rather a reformative approach to punishing students or insisting they adhere staunchly to boring assignments is much more doable in the immediate future. Learning not to give such a shit is the beginning of helping people understand what the system's purpose really is in my opinion. So – care less when your students get mediocre grades.

  52. droid264 says:

    He should see how things are now in 2018-2019.. Much, much worse

  53. Vladimir Remmirez says:

    Noam Chomsky was completely wrong about the Japanese.

  54. born in the wrong world says:

    Every human is curious by nature, everybody wants to learn something.

    Schools kill that curiosity and turn children into work forces. Get a job, serve the system, fuck your own interests.

  55. Range Man says:

    The wayseer manifesto is a ten minute video that everybody must watch…it speaks of hijacking the prefrontal cortex of the brain to prevent independent thoughts, and how so called "ADD" people cant be programmed !  they are gifted with a mental shield that blocks the poison from taking over their brains.. I drive school bus now, but have a science degree and was "engineering things" for most of my life…my advice to the students (that is until I was silenced ) was, "not to learn any more than they needed to…. because they'd have to forget most of it when they entered the real world !  I got away with that for 6 years before a student ratted on me !  There is also the tragic problem of chemical lobotomies being forced on ignorant parents via "FLU VACCINES" !  The number of special needs students have tripled in the last 15 years !  one full block in front of that school is filled bumper to bumperwith "window licker vans"  today !  The Prussian education system introduced by Horris Mann in 1832, has snowballed!  turning 40% of the nation into -90 IQ retardsby 1965 standards… The damage done is irreversible in less that 50 years, if ever at all.The one group  that had the power organize and make a difference, were "the Christians" !but they are a product of both the vaccination attacks and 2000 years of the most wellfunded LIE of all time , –  "You will be rewarded for doing nothing" ,  but you must believeyou will, or our loving Jesus will send you to burn in eternal hell….THIS IS THE FORCE BEHIND ALL THAT HAS GONE WRONG …………    ……………This is the escape plan…..

  56. Range Man says:

    Oh, and one last thing…. the schools  brand perfectly normal kids as (ADD)to get $pecial ED money !  , which will preclude them from ever being selectedfor college grants , or consideration for positions of importance in government or corporations.

  57. Ibraahiym Kadessh says:

    Fuckin' Shitbag. Getting dumber is ok, as long as it is for the many and not the few. Your world assholes.

  58. Weeper Man says:

    He's right about this, at least that was my experience in the USA growing up. I was taught as a child that there were 3 kinds of economic/political systems- Communism(evil), Socialism(Communism with a different name) and Capitalism(the correct way).
    I'm a lot older now, but I remember thinking that Socialism sounded like the most agreeable one. I still hold that opinion, especially in light of how things have played out over the last 50 years. The Capitalism practiced in the USA is failing, the disparity between haves and have-nots is proof of that. Communism has proven a failure too- power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  59. RokK says:

    Yes, can relate. I was always an outcast. Not among my fellow classmates, but among teachers because I didn t want to listen to them. I m gonna finish my degree because I m relatively smart and passed all my exams, but I am so happy that I didn t succomb to this university pressure, having to learn things that are irrelevant. Now, I have a job, people are contacting me and I m prospering due to my real competence and ability to think. My advice to everyone is: yes, do finish your education, but you don t need teh highest grades. Just a paper in your hands suffices. Apart form that, read a lot and learn constantly and you ll be ok.

  60. Daniel Gontar says:

    The system is mainly interested in creating scientists because that is what the elites want. The elites believe that science is the answer to many of their problems, one being a solution to the problem of interplanetary travel.

  61. Alan Schuetz says:

    Of course! And, he was on the wrong side of it…

  62. Andy Roo says:

    The trades and guilds require practical hands on abilities from Genuinely interested people who are happily conformist. They want to learn. No conspiracy theories need apply.

  63. Ralph Dee says:

    Wow…..those first couple of minutes says it all!

  64. Connor Lynch says:

    "Japan is very poor in the sciences" boy howdy this clip didn't age super well at some parts

  65. Keyboard Corrector says:

    Marx and Nietzsche were never at the top of their class when they were young.

  66. Keyboard Corrector says:

    I find Chomsky distasteful, but I agree wholeheartedly with his assessment.

  67. Aslan says:

    Most people I've spoken to who haven't been educated have been complete idiots though. Chomsky said this in an age where retards couldn't make a flat earth conspiracy video in their moms basement and spread it to the world.

    We need schools to teach us how to find out if a source is reliable or not. Otherwise we get this Dunning-Kruger effect where people think they know more because they watch YouTube videos than the ones who actually went to school.

  68. Colin Shaw says:

    Neuro linguistic programming,see it or suffer the consequences.

  69. Dave Saenz says:

    History classes are full of $#@!.!!

  70. Mishael Soto says:

    These days knowledge is ignorance, war is peace, death is life how stupid are people to believe this and yet there is people that believe



  72. Rnam Saa says:

    Ironically, people believe that the new degenerate things like Neo-liberal LGBTQ and stuff are just good for humans and there are no conspiracies here.

  73. John Hanks says:

    Time for conversational education.

  74. Chris Wathome says:

    I've always formulated new and creative ways of doing stuff since I was a kid even after being taught proven ways of doing stuff. Including maths. And it has worked almost 90% of the time.

  75. Facade_Games says:

    I used to be in Public School until my “grades” got me transferred into a Private One, I don’t think that was the only reason though, at least not before the “Incident” – Let’s not speak of it though. Its ridiculous. Some of the teachers are Insane – Well, what do you expect with a underfunded shitfest. Y’know, when you can get in trouble for literally no damn reason at all, at when the teacher tells you what you did, all you wanna do is slap the ever-loving Bejesus out of them. Here are some of the things that literally every school has is in it. Be Ready. Get comfy and bring some snacks, because this is gonna be one wild ride.

    When you really have to go to the bathroom in class, but the teacher has the common-courtesy to tell you flat-out “No.” Even though she just let someone else use it because it’s a “privilege” and not a basic fucking human right! I wish I was kidding.

    When the teacher deems every single damn thing you do that jeopardizes the system “unacceptable”

    When you are so bored, tired, and miserable in class you can’t focus and on-top of that you don’t understand anything but the rest of the class can seem to learn fine, but the teacher calls you lazy and worthless.

    When the state-tests come and you are basically clenching your fists in anger and anxiousness because you could literally fail the grade, and still, you are tired, bored, and sick to your stomach; but nobody cares and calls you lazy again.

    I can’t even go over all of the things that pisses me the fuck off. I’m sorry. I am done.

  76. 63 Impala rag Dude says:

    Liked be 4 eye even watched it.

  77. Raghu Seetharaman says:

    I come from an Indian family and this connects many of the dots. Indians are known to have an average IQ of 82 compared to Europeans and Asians who have IQs over 100. And yet, Indians tend to dominate the healthcare system in America which is predicated on a lot of stressful schooling. They learn to work really hard and be obedient to any system they are placed under.

    In Indian families, you are NEVER taught to think for yourself or develop a voice. You are placed into the school from day 1 and are told that if you fail, you will be disowned by the family. It's a very primal fear that not only disciplines hard work in academia, but also obedience and subservience.

    My entire family in the US are either doctors, engineers, or developers. They are overworked because their bosses take advantage of them, but they still think they are the best because they had straight A's in school. Sadly this is the truth.

    Meanwhile, those that work hard on their own, aren't afraid to navigate and take on the world, and drop out of the stupidity of the system are the ones who win the day by starting and controlling their own companies, etc.

    Universities serve one purpose…if you want to become a professor, doctor, lawyer, etc. And most of those are just overeducated slaves.

  78. Alonzo Zabel says:

    "I have a feeling that when you go to the elite universities you find more obedience and conformity, probably because you're getting the students that are better able to do it." Nice example of the fundamental backwardness of things.

  79. Mälli Fair says:

    What a load of BS. The quality of education depends on the quality of the teacher, and one essential quality of a teacher is integrity – in other words not attempting to pass on his/her own views but instead stimulating the students to think.

  80. Toxic Stoic says:

    Many of my teachers didnt like me and it went all the way up to the principal, she seemed aware of everything about me. Which made me think that the teachers talked about me. Most of my class were idiots just doing what they are told and never asking why. Of course they got good grades because the system likes them. Education is a scam aimed at turning you into a sheep thinker, repeating what someone else tells you.
    Self-education is key, do you best to think outside the box where they dont want you to be.

  81. Santos Tesla says:

    Did you read; John Taylor gatto book's especially the main one "The underground history of American Education by John Taylor gatto… despite the word "American" on the title of the book.

  82. CuSnPbZn says:

    His judgement of Bloom's book is way too extreme. Bloom was making the case that the great ideas SHOULD be debated (which includes debate over what the great ideas are) but that this was increasingly impossible at America's universities because, he felt, the activities of "60s radicals" reduced the ability of future students to be exposed to these ideas.

  83. Kerry Azulay says:

    Brilliant speach. Thanks x

  84. H L says:

    Mmmm bow bow..

  85. Ben Touben says:

    So, this comment section is full of people that use this to justify their failure in academia. Spicy. No snowflakes, you did not fail because you were too smart for school. You failed for different reasons and the fact that you completely ignore the actual points that Chomsky is highlighting here is just proving that. Of course school is a filter and indoctrintation device. And that filter threw most of you out. You are not the point of this. The point of this is that the people who are not filtered out, end up being unoriginal and unable to constribute to progress. English not my first language but yeah, extremely sad comment section.

  86. Milan B. says:

    maybe here in germany its different if you study philosophy or whatever. (at least thats what i have heard. dont know if its true though.) but what chomsky describes here accurately mirrors my own experiences in the educational system up until i left "high school". i would have loved to get into a university just to see if its any better there. while economics are said to be fairly doctrinary other classes such as sociology or philosophy are supposedily at least slightly more varied and interesting than in the united states. but what do i know.. i slipped through the cracks and got filtered out. meaningful education is a privilege not everyone deserves. appearentely. the only meaningful thing ive learned in school is to listen to "better men" (figuratively) and to internalize other peoples thoughts and to answer when spoken to and to shut up when not.

    critical thinking was not a real factor and i would be amazed to find out that its any different in most schools around the country. why would potentially subversive thinking be fostered at a young age? obedience is better. truth comes from people in position of authority.

  87. Tejas Nair says:

    Read. Right now.

  88. Jan Zwam says:

    Education is like Super Mario Bros. The game is all about making the finish as safely and quickly as possible. The tests are the enemies, so are the difficult parts of the many books.

  89. Tatsujiro Kurogane says:

    Meh. The usual dogmatic drivel rolled out ad infinitum. He would look better in a garden, by the pond

  90. Cockatoo in Sunglasses says:

    30 mins on Google > 6 hours in a classroom

  91. Fabroni Giordano says:

    The man is a master. People today so brainwashed, idiots.

  92. Goldie O says:

    In the 60's, they raised questions. Now those same people have a Ph.D. education, retirements, cushy lives while telling the rest of us how to think in every field of study, and over stressing their rules on our children making them into overly special, brain dead students of the systems that they themselves rebelled against. For goodness sakes, kids today get put into the courts for doing less than that generation did. They used to say, "Don't trust anyone over 35."

  93. Don Bailey says:

    Two kinds of education, one is
    Metaphysical which teachs you what to think, the other is
    Classical which teachs you how to think.
    Liberals dont want you to think, you wouldnt be all that eazy to control if your going to be your oun. Man and think for yourself and come up with opinions you werent taught, and heaven forbid
    You use non – politically correct language.
    You see as you speak so you think, so we want womens equality
    So we cant say " MAN" we must replace the with the word
    "PERSON" we also have to drop
    Mankind and replace it with
    Humankind. And some words will cost your job and maybe licences
    You might have, in other words
    Your livelihood.
    Ofcourse, we live in a democracy, whatever gave you the idea we lived in a christian ,
    Constitutional , Republic.
    We live in a secular socialist state, well, We will once you all come to your sences and learn to love big Brother and give up this foolishness of GOD, guns, national
    Sovereignty and personal freedom
    And private property
    Now the human herd has to to
    Culled like any well kept herd,
    So that means abort the unwanted, and euthanize the worthless. Indoctrinate not educate , is the idea of dumbing
    Down the vast majority of the population, a large governing class is not needed.
    Vladimir Lenin said lie zig zag Anything but bring on one world
    ( Liberal socialism. )

  94. The West is the Light says:

    If previous generations were indoctrinated by the Right to be slavishly unthinking and obedient, how does that differ from today’s indoctrination by the Left which seeks the same but from a Leftist view?

  95. Paul Teich says:

    if only the young would become intellectuals that would support the corporate complex that i call CORPORATOCRACY.

  96. Mary Poole says:

    Homeschool—Not Public School Indoctrination—Public Schools promoting sexual orientation to Normalize Pedophilia–United Nation-Public Schools–Disney–Vatican–Hollywood etc. Normalizing Pedophilia–!!!This is World Wide—!!!

  97. C Trevor Manika says:

    What’s with the loop?

  98. Anant Sharma says:

    Where is this talk extracted from?

  99. George Simonson says:

    Who in the heck made the subtitles for this video? Freaking horrible!

  100. Timothy Kaliszewski says:

    This system needs to be completely eradicated before it hurts more kids. This entire system is outdated and pointless. It only allows fools to enjoy it.

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