Educators’ Guide to Auralia & Musition 6

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Educators’ Guide to Auralia & Musition 6

For educators it’s never been easier to
streamline your music program, and deliver effective and engaging ear
training and theory training The new features and content in
Auralia and Musition will save you hours of time and help you foster an exciting and
stimulating learning environment for your students Work faster and smarter Automatically marked worksheets Immediate feedback Integrated tests and courses, designed in collaboration with
notable educators from around the world Syllabus support, including college
fundamentals, ear training, AP* music theory and secondary
school music The included media library is packed
with audio recordings, notation and images, providing high quality contextual
learning For music fundamentals,
students can work independently on all the basics Rhythm reading, meter and
beaming Note reading, intervals, scales and chords Cadences and sight singing And of course, melodic, rhythmic
and harmonic dictation Advanced students can learn
dictation with chromaticism Two-part dictation, chromatic harmony, score analysis, and much more.. Engage your students with new
contemporary and jazz content Version 6 even allows you to assign
creative and free response questions Including four-part writing and
counterpoint, composition assignments, and extended response There’s no limit what
you can learn or teach with Auralia and Musition Create custom worksheets,
assignments and courses Import your own audio and notation Create questions that meet
your curriculum needs The new grading area allows you to
see exactly what your students have entered on their tests, and
provide useful feedback and guidance Students can access the
programs on phones tablets and Chromebooks. Anywhere, anytime! it’s simple and really fun Auralia and Musition cloud
integrate with learning management systems like Canvas,
Moodle and Blackboard Students can launch a task
from your LMS, complete the assignment in
Auralia or Musition, and results flow directly into your
gradebook Community is at the heart of
Auralia and Musition Learn more about how other
educators are using the programs via our online groups, and get up and running fast with video tutorials and priority
cloud support There’s a cloud plan for everyone, so whether you’re teaching
middle school fundamentals AP* music theory or university
level theory and ear training Auralia and Musition 6 allow you to work efficiently, engaging your students, with quality, contextual learning

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