Ellen Looks for the Mystery Celebrity Hiding in Her Audience


Ellen Looks for the Mystery Celebrity Hiding in Her Audience

My staff is constantly talking
about how observant I am. And so here’s what
they did to me today. All right, just hand it to me. So they said at some
point while I’m talking, I’m going to get an envelope
with instructions in it. And, thank you Esteban. That’s not his name. I’m observant enough to
know that’s not his name. What is it? It’s Pete, right? Yeah. All right. Says Dear Ellen, We thought
we’d play a game with you today. Somewhere hidden in the audience
is a celebrity that you know. The only catch is we hired an
award winning makeup artist and disguised them. You have 15 seconds to
find this celebrity. But you can’t move from
where you’re standing. Ready. Go. [RATTLING TIMER] [LOUD BUZZER] Are you pointing to that man
right there with the pipe? No, that is one of my producers. And I noticed him right away. It– it threw me
off at first to see, not only– not only him but my
writer Jason who’s in a dress. Hi. All right. All right, the audience,
I’m just being told, do not help me if you
think you know who it is. The audience cannot help me. They’re playing a game with me. I see another writer
who is Allison who is in a wig and glasses. So they’re trying
to throw me off. Because when I first
walked out here, OK. So now, now, OK, turn
the page it says. I’m going to have
more time, right? I can look– your
observational skills have– if you haven’t
observed the hidden celebrity, you can go up into the
audience, get a closer look. You have one minute. Then you will have
hints on other pages. OK, I have one minute now. [RATTLING TIMER] All right, ah. [RATTLING TIMER] Why are you all holding hands? [RATTLING TIMER] Sorry, I wanted to
see if that was a wig. [RATTLING TIMER] Jennifer Aniston, no. [RATTLING TIMER GOING FASTER] This noise is very aggravating. [RATTLING TIMER] Are you with that man? Are you with that man? Yes. Do you know him? Yes. [RATTLING TIMER] Four, three, two, one. [LOUD BUZZER] OK. All right. Um, here’s a hint. He did not play a
character in Finding Dory. That is not a hint. He’s part of an Emmy
award winning family. Emmy award winning family. That’s, like, I’m
thinking Modern Family? Yeah. Is that what I’m thinking? [CROWD CHEERING] I’ll walk around more. Well, we know it’s– it’s a man. We know that. OK. Why are you all holding hands? We’re excited. We love you. OK, good. But, like, are you one person
somehow pretending to be– well it’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson. So now I– I know that. You did– wh– you’re not
saying– you came with him? Yeah. No, you didn’t. [CROWD CHEERING] Hi. I do not speak the English. Oh, no? No. No. Ah– Hi. Hi. I– I did not think that you– Things have really gone down
hill since I last saw you. Yeah. Wow. All right, so, I’m told there’s
like a transformation we can watch. How long did it–
well, we’ll watch. I’ve been here for three days. All right. Walk down here, and
then we’ll watch this. Bye Debbie. Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do. That’s sneaky music because I’m
about to get into a disguise to surprise Ellen. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, I think I kind of like it. Yeah. I think I might get a
nose job after this. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sing. The fact that this guy bought
a single ticket to come see Ellen, I think should be
of great concern to everyone. [MUSIC PLAYING] Dealing with this extra
weight that I’ve just put on very quickly. I’m not hating it. It’s a no pain muffin top. Ellen, best of luck finding me. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sing. That’s so funny. [CROWD CHEERING] All right. The foot is under there. What is happening under here? I just have my no show socks. Ah ha. I want a pantsuit. Uh-huh. All right, I really did, I– when I asked if
she came with you, I didn’t want to be insulting. I thought you looked
a little strange. And I thought ah– I just– That’s Debbie and
she’s just a friend. Uh-huh. Hi Debbie. All right, so go get cleaned up. All right. I guess you’re going
to come back later on. I’ll be back. All right. I’ll see you later. [CROWD CHEERING]

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100 thoughts on “Ellen Looks for the Mystery Celebrity Hiding in Her Audience”

  1. Saahil Ali says:

    Who else thought that was Tom cruise from tropic thunder?

  2. Ca’laiah Shackelford says:

    Jason and Alison is so funny

  3. zozo T.V. says:

    I love you so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Cute Puppy says:

    Ellen: walks up stairs

  5. Kuldeep_guraya says:


  6. Rickzy says:

    Who else knew who it was straight away?

  7. Fa Salvador says:

    Easily spotted on the first few seconds of the game. Questionable award winning make-up artist, yup. Just my opinion.

  8. Shining Gems Gacha says:

    I saw the guy in the audience and thought he looked sus but didn’t know who it was

  9. BlackMambaFan124 says:

    That’s Les Grossman

  10. Lifted SD says:

    I have never seen that celebrity in my life who is that guy ? they never said!

  11. Mack aka Matacious says:

    Did anybody else see him the first time

  12. Augustine Lopez says:

    He looks like les Grossman from tropic thunder

  13. Andrei Patt says:

    3:11 those thick thighs 😣😋…my weakness

  14. tesfahiwet tekle says:

    She is serving for devil

  15. Carmen Berry says:

    The audience are paid actors

  16. The Divine Ms. M says:

    He was the first one I noticed!

  17. Sand says:

    She must have pretended to not know him right away, everybody couild tell he was sketchy

  18. Ruby Dunk says:

    5:28 i can’t even 😂😂😂

  19. Baby Vacc says:

    Omg it's not Tom Cruise

  20. Amy Bell says:

    Ellen walks up the stairs

  21. fArEeDat pLaYz says:

    I thought the celebrity was danny devito

  22. Amo G says:

    they clap at a man in a dress😂👍

  23. Kono Dutch says:

    Thank you eminem…. Thats not his name

  24. Shimmerbelle TV says:

    I see him in the 2 time

  25. Rasha Khamees says:

    I thought this dude in the audience
    was Jeffery star

  26. Ayu Thakur says:

    That woman was such a good sport

  27. Karina V. says:

    I thought he was Jack Nicholson in "disguise"

  28. meyrem seid says:

    Ellen I love you so must you are my favorite

  29. james friel says:

    It wasn't hard to spot him, knew right away. I think the trouble is she didn't know who he was, so didn't want to insult him in case he wasn't the guy.

  30. the mystical says:

    hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahaaahhahahahhahahahahaahhahahahahhhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahhaha hahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahgagaggagagagggghhhhhhhhhhhahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahhhahahahahhahhahhahahahhahahahahhahahah

  31. Mr. JuPiter says:

    Thank you Es-Ta-Bon. That’s not his real name Okay, It-It’s Peter right? yea.

  32. Eclipse3131 says:

    I thought it was a dude in the wig..

  33. Balenciaga Fannypack says:

    Ellen is too funny 😂🤣😅

  34. Estevan Giraldo says:

    Thats my name tho

  35. RANDOM says:

    Ellen: "I-"
    Audience" bursts out in laughter
    Ellen: laughs
    Audience: silence

  36. MrNikkimaxine says:

    You now that to do

  37. Cleopatra Fankomo says:

    From South Africa 😘I really love you

  38. Janeya Mcgriff says:

    Who thought of James Charles or Jeffry Starr?!

  39. Jonathan Bitoun says:

    I thought it was that guy, but I thought it was Tom cruise because that’s what he looked like in tropic thunder.

  40. Moi Ravi says:

    TV people's aren't real Celebrities…

  41. ciaee 17 says:

    Ellen's audience laughs cause they love her.
    Come on this is an honest answer!

  42. 1castellp says:

    Stewart Little

  43. iiZeref says:

    Ellen: breathes


  44. Judy Abd says:

    The most thing I noticed was that the audience laughs at everything ..
    And I thought that Ellen is well-know as a comedien and everything she deos will look funny ..
    But now I see that most people in comments notice the same thing hehe

  45. Jammu Jones says:

    They should make this a game show like dating game take it or leave it not knowing who could be under that makeup

  46. Ryan Fulton says:

    She look so dam young

  47. King Thatcher says:

    I thought it was Mac lethal 😂

  48. Lifarlesツ says:

    Ellen: “I’ll walk around more”

    Her Fans:


  49. Nicole Kirton says:

    who even is that

  50. Nour Khodr says:

    someone please listen to my sounds, i just need a chance 🙏🏻

  51. kza2004621 says:

    When am on Ellen show il show her a secret hiden talent

  52. Vsco Revision says:


  53. Koteuni Yang says:

    If you can't tell that this is not Ed Sheeran, you need to rethink you being a Ed Sheeran Fan. Redheads do NOT look all alike. Lawd have mercy. This guy and Ed have nothing in common besides red hair.

  54. Quakers says:

    Literally one dude makes a comment about audience laughing and everybody copies

  55. Dezsi Renee says:


  56. Muffins 2 says:

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  57. Carlos Vazquez says:


  58. Sybilla says:

    its easy to recognize with the look like that

  59. Synchronicity Studios says:

    I knew he looked suspicious but it's rude to say that as the host lol!

  60. Fiona Zehra says:

    Hey Ellen can you go to Americas got talent

  61. Jestur-Beatbox says:

    The first clip the actor was in I new it was him

  62. Glttt Jaylen says:

    It was so obvious

  63. Tails likes you because you are very intelligent says:

    What if Justin Y was the celebrity?

  64. Dody Leucart says:

    I have a request for ellen for my mom

  65. Wandaria Newton says:

    Wasn't that hard. I mean the false wigs the pipe and the false mask really stood out.

  66. Ur mom • 10 years ago says:


    Absolutely nobody:


  67. Minnie Cordeau says:


  68. Adalia Galvez says:



  69. Lakshyata Gurnani says:

    I knew it……

  70. Lizzy Grace says:

    Ellen: breathes in

    Audience: HahahhahahahahahaaahahahahahbHahahahha

  71. Devyne James says:

    He looked really strange with his hair so I thought it was him

  72. K-M: Ehrenworth all rights reserved. says:

    MERCURY rev

  73. BTS says:

    I wish arabic subtitles

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    John Cena? U can't see him

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    Smoke some real canibus

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    Lovely E. Great observation Ellen

  78. Elene Barnhill says:

    Lovely E. Great game. Let's play again.

  79. summer rae says:

    i like how they play Ed Sheeran cause hes ginger XD i love tht

  80. Mia Phsyco says:

    I respect Jason ✊

  81. Gewigsverlies Dietilies says:

    yeah! I agree with your facts! I am also doing a health channel and checking out mine is also much appreciated

  82. Vicky Stussy says:


  83. 孙长青 says:

    ellenshow is great, ellen is very powerful and can make a big explosion

  84. Itz_gacha lil says:

    She said minder family MY FACE LIT UP

  85. Riley Bennett says:


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    Ellens vibe us just unique…
    Love her dresscode as well

  87. Kyeboy says:

    Comments on the Ellen show? What is this sorcery?

  88. sami lami says:

    “Thank you Estabon”

  89. Joshua Stokes says:

    I’m starting a petition for grant Thompson to be in you tube rewind like to agree

  90. LifeCreation says:

    I'm sorry i just wonder.. Is it okay to kiss that lady like that? I think it's impolite. 😊🙏

  91. Colin Knowles says:

    I’ve seen this type of thing before. I knew as soon as a I saw him that it was him. All the clothes he was wearing was clearly to try to look normal, but to a pro like me, it was very distinguishable.

  92. Scott Johanson says:

    Don't know who the f that is.

  93. Mad Hatter says:

    1:10 –1:12 isn't that lady in front of that disguised man a celebrity too…. She was in a fault in our stars ( Hazel's mother) and also in Jurrasic park…🤔

  94. Jay Rogers says:

    Who is that?

  95. BilIie Eilish says:

    ay bro, Dis bish tryna fuq

  96. Kaila Raye says:

    I knew from his eyes and mouth

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    Ellen: takes a breath
    Audience :HAHAHAHAHhAhAHhahahahahah

  98. Muggle born Gryffindoor says:

    Ellen: pulls someone’s hair

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