Empower Online Training – Arizona State University


Empower Online Training – Arizona State University

Every child is one caring adult away from success. Youth in care have all the potential that every other child does. They can be doctors, they can be attorneys, they can be social workers, they can be business leaders, they can do anything, we just need to help them get there, they just sometimes need a little extra help. Most kids that go into foster care you’re coming from a bad background or you feel like you’re not worthy to be anything or amount to anything in your future. A lot of times all I want to hear is “I’m proud of you, I’m proud of how far you’ve come or how much you are doing with your life.” I can’t control the cards that I was dealt, but here I am at ASU trying to give myself the life I imagined for myself as a little kid. Both my parents, for unfortunate circumstances were not with us so I had to work, provide for my family while also going to school. It was in ninth grade when the whole college idea sparked in me to want to have a better life. When I decided I wanted to pursue it, I wanted this, not for anybody else, not to make my mom proud, not to make my family proud but to make myself proud, that’s when good stuff started happening. Some days you’re going to be a punching bag and other days you’re going to be the therapist, the Dr. Phil, the mom, the dad, the brother, the best friend, the stranger, you’re going to play all these different roles. It’s crazy because it’s like who wants to be a mentor you have to go through so much but I am so grateful for my mentor. Everything she has done for me, I am forever indebted to her. She’s never abandon me and I think a lot of foster deal with abadonment issues and to have someone who cares about you on that level is so important to have. Being there for your youth, and helping your youth be ok with failure, with failure you’re learning on what to do better so as a supportive adult if you’re realizing your youth is kind of failing at things just help them become comfortable with that because it’s a part of life, everyone fails but we all get back up and keep on walking.

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  1. Estefana Johnson says:

    This is SO awesome!! Thank you for caring for and helping our children!

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