Ep (-3) SENIOR ki Bandi || Meri IIT Vali G.f || Web Series || SwaggerSharma


Ep (-3) SENIOR ki Bandi || Meri IIT Vali G.f || Web Series || SwaggerSharma

God knows what happened after he got so drunk
Son (Whispering in ears)
Son Son this time I’ll give this biscuit to uncle Son Come Sit here I’ll give the biscuit to uncle Why don’t you listen to me? I’ll give the biscuit to uncle This time if you don’t listen to me I’ll give the biscuit to uncle Aunty, give it to me if you want to I travelled two extra stops because of you Nonsense I don’t want your biscuit Why did Bhola become so violent suddenly? I don’t know man, God knows what happened after he got so drunk Yesterday outside the club, what were you talking to the IIT girl about? Uh.. Actually.. Hey you got a new phone? Wow man, someone is making some good money dude This friend of mine is working on a big project. Oh really?
This friend of mine is working on a big project. Oh really? They teach you how to make money very easily
Oh really? They teach you how to make money very easily Oh.. By analyzing sports, events and bets Also they share daily predictions on their channel You can make money from this until you start betting on your own Great I make good money by predicting myself easily So you got this phone from the prediction money! You guys should really concentrate a little What is the fuss about? She ain’t capable of that These amateur M.Tech teachers are so inexperienced The IIT professors have so much experience, almost equal to her age I would sacrifice 10 girls like Ritu for her My dad’s education loan will be compensated What are you talking about Just have a look at her dude Why are you not concentrating! Ma’am, actually.. Are you even making the notes? Show them to me Yes Ma’am, notes Show me Stand up Sorry Madam I said stand up It was a mistake I can’t stand Aditya Chawdhary, stand up Ma’am please understand, I can’t stand I said stand up You got me insulted in front of Ma’am, you fucker It was not right I got you insulted!? You fucking get horny after seeing every other girl Be it Madam, be it Ritu, Be it anyone I didn’t do shit Calm downs guys! Whatever happens, happens for good Don’t quarrel on petty things Tell him this! Fucking Bruce Lee His hormones are boiling! That day, started fighting with seniors for that IIT chick Oh yes! He was talking to her alone outside that day Outside? Alone? Just a moment Brother, you aren’t thinking of asking her out, aren’t you? Shut up! You think is everyone is a pervert like you? It’s not wrong if you ask her out Whatever happends, happens for good Are you mad? Don’t be so optimistic Nothing good will happen! She is seeing our senior! And you didn’t get a beating! That is why you’re looking forward to it Shivam, don’t listen to him Tell me if you like her Whatever happends, happens for good Shut up! You ain’t no punk! Cheap Rajpal Yadav
Whatever happends, happens for good Shut up! You ain’t no punk! Cheap Rajpal Yadav Hey you! Rohtak’s gigolo If you can’t support him, atleast don’t demotivate him Brother, if this is the case then tell me Whatever will happen, it will happen for good Your ass will also be beaten up for good You minion face She’s dating a senior, and that too an IITian Brother, clear out his misconception and say no Say yes! Say no! Say yes Say no! Say yes Fucking say no!
Say yes Fucking say no! Shut up you motherfuckers
Fucking say no! Shut up you motherfuckers Yes, I like a girl who’s dating a senior from IIT So what? What should I fucking do! I am too stressed man I see her everywhere man, I don’t what happens Everythings changes for a while And I don’t know from where this fucking band group appears.. What is he talking about? What band group? Bro listen to me man What is this dude! I have to travel in this sharing auto because of you Okay fine, I’m about to reach I’ll drop off here Here’s your money Hi! Hi One moment Sorry babe, I could’nt pick you up
One moment Sorry babe, I could’nt pick you up It’s okay, but don’t repeat it Hey. She was picking her nose moments ago And you seem to be smart Gross! Dude, why do you want to get ass whipped I know man, this must seem very stupid to you But I’ll still try I know,being first years it can be risky for us We can also get beaten up Beaten up!? Or you should say get our asses whipped! Or we can get our asses fucked! Or we can get ourselves fucked! And I’m damn sure it will happen That second year senior won’t just gift you his girl Shut up man Tell me one things, does this IIT girl like you back? I don’t man, haven’t talked to her that much Let’s see Why will an IIT girl even talk to you man? Neither you have a good body, nor are you rich Also you’re from Surajmal Have you forgotten that she is an IITian and won’t ever talk to you A lotus grows in mud if you realize Yes it grows,but doesn’t dive back into the mud Bro, Surajmal and IIT aren’t the same And we don’t belong to IIT dude! Have you forgotten I. I. T. Indian Institute of Technology! I. I… What the fuck is up with IIT man? Do they shit gold or what? That means an IITian is the emporer and everyone else are douchebags One side it’s my dad who tells me this and on the other side it’s you! Okay fine, lets calm down What calm down man! Dude I know I made a huge mistake by choosing science in 11th and 12th I know my teachers were assholes I know I was never interested in Physics, Chemistry and Maths I know I could not solve questions in the IIT exam So I didn’t clear IIT man! How does that prove that I’ll be a loser forever? Calm down man, he gets it And you fucker, shut up! You say the right things but you’re examples are wrong Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg are not the right examples Dirubhai Ambani, Walt Disney, Jack Ma Also Ritesh Aggarwal These are the people who didn’t go to any premier institutes
Also Ritesh Aggarwal These are the people who didn’t go to any premier institutes And yet they proved themselves And you’ll see that I will impress her I a Surajmal guy, will impress her Let’s see who stops me Dude, now what? Now We’ll get fucked This was the only option we had, so.. What? If in 11th and 12th you had bad teachers, you could have just waited for a year and prepared What if you had gotten into IIT This guy is crazy or what?
What if you had gotten into IIT This guy is crazy or what? Okay okay fine Okay I get it You didn’t want it? Okay Now speak So we only had one option (Laughing) You might be wondering you are different Or the first one to try it? But you’re wrong Every year there is someone Who deserves potato but wants french fries (Spits) You could’ve just served me a bowl of shit But if you’re love is real I will surely guide you You dickface Akash, fucking return my money! I guess he’s calling you I’ll fuck him up if I get the chance Dude leave that Guide me if there is a solution Anything that can be done?
Guide me if there is a solution Anything that can be done? You’ll have to follow some steps What steps? Step 1 Make sure she sees you often Wherever it may be No matter how many times Stay around You dumbfuck! Add a little swag Take it easy Stay around even when she’s not expecting you Stay stubborn Step 2 Build a gang Be it today or tomorrow, there will be war The hostel would be enough, I guess Brother we need your blessings He’s our friend, Shivam We’ve filled the forms And by next month we’ll be here There’s a second year day scholar, who’s troubling his girlfriend And these hostelers speak such filthy cuss words A fucking day scholar is abusing a hosteler! Lets go Dude dude, calm down For now we will take care of it But if something happens, he’ll give you a call You just gather the hotelers and come Listen up! I don’t care if its 2 in the night or three Just give me a call If any day scholar abuses a hosteler I’ll shove this bottle up his ass and rip it off! And if there is any emergency We know we always have one solution Oh that! Who? There’s this guy Step 3 Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Stalk her on everything Build common interests and be friends What will you have Golgappe dude, what else You know I love golgappe Excuse me? You are the Surajmal guy from that fresher party right? Oh yes!
You are the Surajmal guy from that fresher party right? Oh yes! Are you following me? No, why do you think that? So why are you here in IIT everyday? Actually all my friends are from IIT I would’ve also cracked IIT But I got fever on the day of exam So I couldn’t appear for it But this year I’ll surely crack it Hey Shivam Meet me in the hostel friend We’ll study together These are my friends from IIT But aren’t you guys from Surajmal Let’s go my funny friend Are you studying Spectra? Yes It’s my favourite subject actually Hey! It’s my favourite subject too Seriously? Have you read the third chapter I see you’ve become good friends Good Now if you want to sit on the chair you have to make sure it’s empty Don’t be cheap man Okay man I’ll pay Does he really like
Okay man I’ll pay Does he really like Obviously Tell her guys! Oh Surely! So why doesn’t he tell me then Actually he thinks he doesn’t deserve you No it’s not true So what should I do now? Do one thing, just go and hug him Hug him right away? Being a modern guy he likes modern girls no? A straight forward girl Just woo him by your confidence Are you sure? Should I right it or what? Go now! Sure? I really like you Where are you dude! Towards the canteen Where in the canteen
Towards the canteen Where in the canteen Towards the left Left? Are you sure? I am damn sure Go otherwise he’ll go away No it’s not what you think Leave me Listen I really love you What the fuck? Leave me Step 5 Shivam, the time has come to give it Give what? You pervert A shoulder to cry on Hey! Why are you crying, what happened? Had a fight with you’re boyfriend? Every guy is like this Dude I don’t understand why are you even with him He mistreats you a lot, sees other girls Why don’t you just leave him I am not the girl who can easily forget someone But what is the point of having a relationship just for the sake of it? You would have been beaten up? Obviously you would have been beaten up Exactly, you would have been beaten up? The matters of our college Will be resolved in our college Not outside Step 6 The gang you formed in step 2 It’s time to use it So go fight And win the girl Dude I think we’ve caused serious trouble for ourselves Now if we’ve gone for it, let’s finish it Whatever happens, happens for.. Hello brother, we’re in a fight with the day scholars They’re abusing the hostelers Come fast Bhola, get some wine bottles to the college right now Move fast! Shivam has called for you Asshole You’ll go out with my girl? College life is incomplete until there is a fight between hostelers and day scholars And here both the girl and self esteem were at stake So there had to be a war Where did these fucking hostelers appear from They said we’ll fuck these hostelers up Also we’ll rip of these hostelers This first year is a clever bastard I’m sure he called them through bluff (Screams) We’ll fucking rip these day scholars off! (War cries) Ma’am, we have arrived at IIT Sir, we’re headed to Surajmal right? Yes, let’s go
Sir, we’re headed to Surajmal right? Yes, let’s go Thanks for being there (Kisses) Hey Dad Don’t you have to study or what? Where are you roaming Dad why do you ask the same things everyday Stop worrying about me please So what if I’m not from IIT I’ll do something in my life I’ll do many things in fact Please stop worrying, call you in the night Bye Everything was sorted Except one thing What? Hi How are you
Hi How are you What are you doing there? And these scars? You’ve again been in a fight? Actually, I wanted to tell you something Yes, speak up Man, I’m hungry, where is the food Hi bro, order it soon Who was he? Dude, I was just about to tell you.. What were you gonna tell me about? Actually everything happened so quickly.. What happened so quickly? You have a boyfriend now? What about our promise? What am I an idiot, I was waiting for you? And you, you’ve already mated Is it so easy to forget about someone? I get horrified just by the thought of it It happened so fast, I just couldn’t Don’t call me ever, please You wooed the IIT chick also And your previous girlfriend left you easily Now what was the problem? (Sighs) This is the universal problem in life When you think you don’t have any problems Everything is sorted Suddenly life speaks up “Not so easy fucker” What do you mean? Dude, where are you going! To breakup with my girlfriend from IIT Let’s talk first! Hey guys, what is up! Uh.. First of all guys I’m extremely sorry that the video was late But I feel this wait would have been worth it Me and the music guy got a little ill in the process Our health constantly went up and down That is why the video took such a long time to release Yesterday also our health was not good That is why we weren’t able to publish it yesterday But I hope the video would have compensated the wait If you liked video then do like, share and comment about what part you felt was the best We’re trying to publish the fourth episode as soon as possible It’s already on the edit table And yes If you wanna know about online trading Though it’s not a practice in India But it’s flourishing out of India So, if you wanna know, the link is in the description It’s a betting school and they teach you about trading Where you can learn and earn money online So, I’ll see you guys with the next episode Follow us on Instagram to know about the making It must be here somewhere Okay guys, I’ll see you in the fourth episode

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