Ep 6: Living to Serve | SEARCH ON


Ep 6: Living to Serve | SEARCH ON

You can never plan
for everything. There’s always a point where it’s time
to stop talking and start doing. I can’t imagine how anybody
passes a problem that they know that they can fix,
and doesn’t try to fix it. I feel an absolute obligation
to serve. Military service in my family
goes all the way back to the Civil War and World War II,
Vietnam. There was never a moment where I
thought I wouldn’t become a soldier. I did two tours in Iraq
as a helicopter pilot. But then I got injured. One day you’re a soldier,
and then overnight they rip off that tag
and slap veteran on your chest. And they don’t really tell you
what veteran means. What is a veteran, what is it
going to be to be a veteran? – He was an amazing pilot. He was literally pulled out of Iraq and dropped home, with three kids. Before I went in the military, math was the thing
where people were like: “Hey, you are really,
really good at this.” It’s the thing that helps me
understand the universe. I thought: “Okay, I’ll go get
a physic degree of some kind.” He couldn’t do it. The– the–
he couldn’t get the math right and he said things were just
getting jumbled up in his head. I was diagnosed with
traumatic brain injury. Some people call it
concussion syndrome. I missed math,
I mean I loved just doing math for the sake of doing math. And so, I retaught myself
a new way of doing math. I went back and started from literally
elementary school level math, addition and subtraction
type stuff. I applied to Pitt and was accepted
to the engineering program and I wanted to see if I could be
involved as an engineer in helping veterans, and helping
the people I care about. – A roast with potatoes and bacon. Is that my job? That’s your job for
the time being here. The fact that my son has autism
is just one little part of him. But almost his entire existence
is defined by that autism. – What do you want? Tristan is pretty much
non verbal. -What?
-Tristan. Okay, if you’re done buddy,
you’re done. But I’m sure that he has dreams and
aspirations just like everybody else. It’s hard to want so badly
to know what they’re thinking and to not be able to. I found there was a field
called rehabilitation engineering. It’s technologies that
improve people’s quality of life and their independence. I thought: “Man, if my son’s ever
going to be independent, he’s going to have to have
these kind of things around him.” If you look up
rehabilitation engineering, the first thing that pops up
is a place near Pittsburgh, and I thought: “Man, I got to
go be a part of that.” [laughter] It’s kind of like Willy Wonka
and the Chocolate Factory except for it’s robots
instead of Oompa Loompas. Our vision is a world
where everyone with a disability can participate
on a level playing field to their
greatest extent possible. The human, the right thing to do
is to make things not just able to be used,
but to be used with the same sort of joy
or ease as I do. We want to lift people up
to be at eye level with the person they’re
having a conversation with. Climb a curb without it being
this huge, drawn-out, dramatic thing because the curb cut
is not anywhere nearby. To create an arm that can
open a door, but also grab an egg. To help transfer someone from
a chair to a bed or to the toilet. I prepare the software
to support the research that we do. We were incredibly inefficient
on the computing side, so the biggest change I think
that I’ve helped to make is to sort of standardize
the technologies we use, so that they’re not a barrier. Android is this underlying platform
that you can just do anything with. It has such an active community
of people designing and innovating, so that we can bring in somebody
else’s tools to solve a problem, so that we don’t have to learn
a new technology each time, we can just start working. The type of person that I think
has a propensity to join the military, has a feeling of service
and commitment to something greater
than themselves. That’s it. Okay. All the way up? I just have to remember
to hit the right button. You ready? Let me know
if you need me to slow down. Sometimes you get so close
to the process itself. Everything is wires
and ones and zeros and all of a sudden
you get to the subject trials. You have a human being come in
and start using your product. You see the potential
for it to change their life and all of a sudden
it’s this big wow moment. I realized service doesn’t end
when you get out of the military, it just changes. They’re so tough, my children. They’re so much tougher
than I am. Every now and then, I’ll see them
solve a problem and I’m like: “Man, if they can do that,
they’re going to be just fine.” Those moments come to me
and I feel such peace all of a sudden. Will I ever get to
talk to my son? That’s something I think about
every day. Of course I’m hopeful. And that’s part of why
I became an engineer, it’s part of why
I got into this field, is that I’m not going
to sit around and wait for somebody else
to fix the problem. There’s not a minute
to be wasted thinking about anything,
but the good things that we can do. A lot of us, we live in two worlds. I love innovation, but my culture is heavily-rooted
in tradition. There’s this constant struggle where I feel like I’m walking this tightrope and I’m trying to figure out, who am I amongst this.

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    To say thank you for what you have done in life, serving our country and making this place on earth is beyond words.
    I do want you to know how grateful I am for everything you have accomplished. To be a helicopter pilot, serving 2 tours, learning again what people take for granted, then going all out to invent these devices.
    I have never served, but both of my children do. You show how much can be done after an injury has taken place. I honor you for all that you have far in life.
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