Explore Online Learning with Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

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Explore Online Learning with Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

Successful students are informed
citizens who are college and career ready and taking an online or blended
learning course is a great step along that path. We believe every student is
unique, so learning must be dynamic, flexible, and engaging. While online
learning may be new to some, Florida Virtual School has been developing
internet-based courses for students for more than 20 years. Let’s take a look at
some of our course features so you can see firsthand that your learning is in
good hands. Our courses contain a series of pre-tests designed to assess prior
knowledge and help discover what materials students have already mastered. Our course design is intentional and deliberate. We start with the end: the
learning outcomes that explain what students will know or be able to do at
the end of their lesson. Then we design the paths students will take to achieve
those goals. We craft assessments so students can demonstrate mastery of the
lesson standards in ways that reflect the real world. We never want students to ask, “When will I use this?” We create just the right
amount of content students need to achieve mastery. Authentic assessments
take many forms. Our philosophy of shortest path to mastery ensures student
time is well spent and delivers real learning – and we know that’s true because
data shows that students who use Florida Virtual School curriculum consistently
outperform their peers on high-stakes tests like Advanced Placement and
end-of-course exams. With more than 180 courses for students, our robust
curriculum offerings ensure student success. We use media, simulations, and
other innovative technologies to deliver content and assessment using sound
principles of teaching, learning, usability, and accessibility. Our goal is
to activate students’ thinking in a variety of ways using the media best
suited to the student and the content. Interactive components enhance, teach, and
provide opportunities for risk-free practice and self-assessment, including
growth mindsets style feedback to keep encouragement high. Visual, kinesthetic,
and auditory methods are all employed throughout the course catalog. Rigor,
relevance, and integrity are critical components of any quality online course
and that’s exactly what you’ll find with Florida Virtual School.

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