Family Game Night; Restless Leg Syndrome; Online Education

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Family Game Night; Restless Leg Syndrome; Online Education

Good morning everybody and welcome to The
Balancing Act. We’re having some fun, as always. Always.
I’m Julie Moran. And I’m Olga Villaverde. Speaking of fun,
alright, what is your favorite Disney movie? I know mine.
Oh my gosh, Beauty and the Beast. That’s mine.
But then you go to Frozen, and Snow White scared me to death. There are too many.
Alright. There are too many, but get this, there is a way you can have all your favorites
from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel Entertainment on your digital devices utilizing streamlined
access. Girlfriend, get the popcorn ready. Oh my gosh. That is too cool!
It’s the best. Oh, and switching gears here, we’re going
to learn more about Restless Leg Syndrome and what’s being done to help those who suffer
from it. Also, how one local South Florida University
is helping those who want a higher education and achieve their goal.
So much on today’s show. The Balancing Act starts right now.
(music). As many of you know, this year it’s all about
Star Wars. December 18th is a huge day for Star Wars fans. Star Wars The Force Awakens
hits theaters. My family and I, honestly, can’t wait to see this movie. We also can’t
wait for something very special called Disney Infinity 3.0. What is it? Well, today we’re
speaking with David Mayernik, from the Production Team at Disney Interactive to tell us all
about it. Good morning. Hi. Good morning. It’s great to be here.
Do you love Star Wars? Of course. Who doesn’t?
Who doesn’t love Star Wars? Oh my gosh, and this Disney Infinity 3.0, I know it’s a fun
game, give me a little sneak. What is it? Right. So, 3.0 Edition is the Star Wars edition,
and we’re introducing Star Wars characters from across the entire universe. And with
the Force Awakens play set coming out, we really feel like we have the complete Star
Wars experience. So, if you’re a mom or dad who loves Star Wars, this is a great fun interactive
way to introduce this world to your kids. And I love that idea, David, because there
are so many things today that don’t involve the family, to be honest. And this is a great
way for that family game night, family time together to play.
Yeah. We’re utilizing technology in a fun positive way, and the great thing about Infinity
is there’s something for everybody. I know in our green room, we have a family
right now. Who’s playing? Yeah, yeah. Hunter, Holden, and Leigh are
over there playing right now. So I just take Obi-Wan and put him over here,
and that switches the characters? Yeah. Once you take Yoda off and you put Obi-Wan
Kenobi on, you switched the characters. Tell me what we’re seeing right now.
So they’re in Twilight of the Republic, which is a our play set that comes with the starter
pack. So, there’s two ways to play. There’s Play Sets and The Toy Box mode. Play Sets
are true to property experiences, kind of like your traditional mission based game play,
right? You put that Play Set piece on the base, and you’re transported into that world.
You can kind of immerse yourself into it, right?
Alright, let’s watch and see what this family’s doing right now. Let’s take a look.
Okay, what’s going on there. Okay, so right we did an entire combat upgrade,
right? So, they’re checking out new combo moves, they’re using their force push-and-pull
powers, and they’re going through Coruscant right now.
Alright, wait there’s more still. Let’s watch. What’s cool is all the characters have their
own skill trees and power-ups, and as you level them up you unlock different moves and
things like that. So, it looks like they’re doing pretty well.
They’re doing great. Okay, one more time, let’s look. Alright, what was that?
They’re coming up on a boss battle now. They’re fighting General Grievous and they’re ripping
through this play set. They’re doing pretty advanced right now.
They really know what they’re doing, and mom’s having a good time, too.
Yeah. And what’s fun is if you have the younger kids, they can kind of just button mash, and
they’re going to have a satisfying experience. But if you’re a little more technical or advanced,
you can unlock those combos and find special moves. So, there’s a skill level for all different
types of players. And really it’s a great gift for the whole
family. It’s a great gift for the holidays, really year-round.
Yeah. Well, everybody has a character they can relate to, and what’s cool about year-round
is if you have 1.0 or a 2.0, all those characters are forward compatible. So, you still have
value in those older characters. They’ll all work in the 3.0 edition Toy Box mode which
is a lot of fun. Can we look one more time?
Yeah. Okay. Let’s look one more time. I feel like
I’m there. Okay, take me there. What were they doing?
Okay, I’m going to say they’re in the Toy Box mode here, and the Toy Box mode is kind
of the heart of Infinity. How does that work?
Well, this is where kids can really express their creativity. They can build worlds, they
can tell their own stories, and use their imagination. And it’s up to them what they
want to create. And this is where you mix and match all the characters. It’s a lot of
fun. Get ready. Great for the holidays.
I’m coming back. You’re going to come back.
There’s so much more to come. So, where do we get Disney Infinity 3.0 because
I know my daughter’s going to write it on Santa’s list?
Well, you can get it at all major retailers, and you there’s more info on Disney.Com/Infinity
where you can learn a lot about the game. Figures make great stocking stuffers for your
kids. This is true. This is true.
Also, there’s little power disc packs, so there’s a lot of stuff for Christmas available.
Thank you so much. Oh, yeah. It’s great being here.
Definitely expecting you soon again. I hope so.
And if you’re looking for a great way to spend the holidays with your family, consider family
game night with friends and family and Disney Infinity 3.0, and of course you can always
go to our website, This is for sure a be-there at my house.
(music). (music).
I got to the breaking point and went to see a doctor when we were trying to enjoy musical
and I was getting up and walking out. This is it. I’m not going to let this rule my life
anymore. What you’re listening to may sound all too
familiar. If it is, you’re probably one of 7 million Americans suffering from Restless
Leg Syndrome, or RLS. Yet, with so many affected out there, why are so many doctors still not
acknowledging RLS as a true medical condition? Well, here to answer that question is RLS
and Sleep Disorder Specialist, Dr. Richard Bogan, and here to share her personal journey
to overcome RLS is Shirley Ness. It is so good — this is such an important topic. Thank
you for coming in the studio today. Thank you.
Shirley, I want to start with you. Where did it all start for you and how long ago did
you start with your symptoms? I was in my late teens, I was in college.
I couldn’t sit through the long lectures. I had to keep moving my legs around, and I
was so glad to get up and move around when they were over.
And teachers probably thought, “Oh, she’s hyperactive, she’s squirming, she can’t sit
still.” And how did it affect then your life, your job, your family?
Because I couldn’t sleep at night, I was rolling around, I was kicking around. I had to get
up and walk half the night. I was exhausted. So, I couldn’t do the things that I wanted
to do like, for instance, I played the organ since I was in high school and I had to stop.
Really? I couldn’t sit still.
And how did you doctor respond when you told him your symptoms?
I said the symptoms to him, and he looked at me and said, “You have RLS. You have Restless
Leg Syndrome.” Thank goodness he was able to diagnose you,
but how old were you when that happened? Oh, it was about 15 years later because as
you get older, it gets worse. So, I got to the point where I was desperate and I went
to him. Great.
And Dr. Bogan, I know this is a real disease affecting millions of people, but isn’t it
true that many doctors out there are still not acknowledging it?
It’s interesting. RLS is really prevalent and it’s medically important. I’m intrigued,
30 years ago, we thought this was a rare disorder. But now with scientific study and research,
we know that 10% of the population, the adult population, has some symptoms at some time,
and 3% of the adult population is moderate to severe and interferes with sleep and causes
significant impairment of function. But it affects children, too?
It can. We know children with growing pains could likely have Restless Leg Syndrome, and
oftentimes are mistaken for ADHD. What are the important signs you, Doctor,
look for when you’re diagnosing this? Well, the patients tell us that they have
this unbelievable urge to move. So, it’s worse in the evening hours with rest, and if they
do move around they get temporary relief from the symptoms. So, it greatly impacts sleep.
I mean, when you’re resting at night trying to get to sleep is the worst time.
Worst time. So, sleep is disturbed, and they have spontaneous
leg movements, and they have leg movements during sleep. So, it disturbs sleep and affects
next-day functions. They’re tired, they’re sleepy.
And any positive updates on treatment options? Well, fortunately, we have lots of good treatment
options now. So, the main thing is to recognize the disorder. If you don’t recognize the disorder,
you will not make the diagnosis. And these folks are significantly impaired, and now
we have good treatment options available. Thank you so much, Doctor. And when we come
back, we’ll also hear Shirley’s advice on living well with RLS. So stay right there.
(music). (music).
Welcome back to The Balancing Act. We are rejoined by Sleep Disorder Specialist, Dr.
Richard Bogan, and by Restless Leg Syndrome patient advocate, Shirley Ness. We learned
some interesting things, but now let’s get specific. Doctor, what are the symptoms and
symptom patterns for RLS? Right. These individuals have the uncontrollable
urge to move their legs. So, we have these four definitions: uncontrollable urge to move
the legs, oftentimes associated with pain or funny feelings — creepy-crawly feelings,
it is worse in the evening hours — comes on with rest, and the urge to move is so bad
that they get up and move around. If they move around the get temporary relief or relief
from the symptoms, then that’s Restless Leg Syndrome.
Wow. And because the symptoms are mild and they get worse with age, does that often cause
like a delay in diagnosis? Absolutely. Many of the patients actually
present to their physician with insomnia or can’t sleep or tired.
Ah, that makes sense. So they’re seeing their doc about hypertension
or diabetes or whatever problem they have, and then as they’re leaving, “Oh, by the way,
I can’t sleep.” If you don’t ask the question, “Do your legs bother you? Is it in your mind
or is it in your legs?”, you will not make the diagnosis. You have to ask those four
questions. Four questions. Very important. Shirley, how
long did it take for you to reach that diagnosis with your doctor?
It took about 15 years, but they started out mild.
Right. But as I got older, it got worse and I got
to that point where I could not sleep, I could not do things with my family. It completely
ruined my life. So, I went to the doctor. And during those 15 years that you were undiagnosed,
did you ever tell anyone your symptoms that specifically, or was it just that it was an
awareness that wasn’t there? I had never heard of Restless Leg Syndrome.
See? Mm-Hmm. It was something new to me.
And it must have been an encouragement because this disease has such a profound effect on
a person’s quality of life. Yes.
And for you, it must have been a huge change to be diagnosed.
Oh, it was. I was able to go back doing things with my family that I couldn’t do before.
I could go to movies, I could sit through sporting events. All these things I had given
up. Oh my gosh. What a relief.
Yes. And Doctor, someone out there experiencing
these symptoms. You know, burning in the legs, I guess it feels creepy and crawly, and it’s
hard to sleep. How do you start that conversation with your doctor?
Well, I think it’s important for the patients to know that there’s treatment available.
So, you have to talk to your physician. You have to describe the symptoms and make sure
that you describe this uncontrollable urge to move, and again those four things.
And Doctor, what are the treatment options available?
Well, you have several treatments. We have dopamine agonists and alpha-2-delta ligands
and opioids. So, there are treatments available for this disorder, but you’ve got to ask your
physician about what’s going on. Absolutely.
And Shirley, how are you feeling today? Oh, 100% better.
Really? All these things that I couldn’t do, I’m doing
now. I’m making up for lost time. And you’re sleeping?
I’m sleeping. And what advice would you give to our viewers
or our audience members out there that might be feeling some of these symptoms coming on?
Well, definitely go to a doctor who knows Restless Leg Syndrome. Describe your symptoms.
There is help out there. You shouldn’t have to suffer.
Wonderful advice. Such an important topic. Thank you so much for both joining me today.
It was a pleasure to have you in the studio. Well, thank you for having me.
It’s very important to diagnose. Yes it is. If any of the RLS symptoms we mentioned
sound familiar to you or you need some support and resources, head to,,
or And of course, you can also logon to as well.
(music). (music).
An education is certainly one of the most important tools for a successful future. Sometimes
the average tuition can be too costly. However, this morning we’re going to tell you about
Florida International University or FIU, which offers online and brick and mortar campus
classes and degrees at half the national average cost. FIU is a highly accredited university
in the U.S., and with me this morning, Christina Chong, FIU Online Success Coach, and Jennifer
Latham, an FIU online student. Good morning. Good morning.
Thank you for having me. No, thanks for being here. You know, I was
reading here, Christina, this is pretty amazing. You are the fourth largest public university,
I did not know that, and I lived around that area for I think 20 years by enrollment, and
54,000 students. That’s so impressive. Let’s talk about that online application and admission.
Easy? How does it work? Yeah. So, our fully online programs now have
been up and running for four years, and it’s the same process as it is for an on-campus
student. So, you submit your application, you make sure you meet the requirements, you
give in all the documentation, and then you’re in.
Jennifer, is that what you did? Yeah. It was fully online. I mean, I’m a fully
online student, but I figured I would at least have to drive down there, turn in paperwork.
None of that. I just filled out the forms online, submitted everything, and I was done.
Ready to go. Ready to go.
What I like also, I was reading here, Success Coach Model. You offer that to all students
that enroll? So, every student that’s a fully online student
enrolled in any of those classes has a Success Coach assigned to them.
And what do they do? What that means is you have somebody that’s
going to support you and be with you throughout your entire time, from the moment you start
all the way until the point that you graduate. Wow, I didn’t have that. How has that helped
you, Jennifer? It’s just an extra push. It’s knowing that
there’s somebody else in your corner that they’re there to support you. It gives you
reassurance that you can do this. They offer you skills, advice to make sure that you are
successful in your school career. You want to add something?
Yeah. So we also have a number of resources for our fully online students. We have free
online tutoring, we have career services, we have librarian services. So, we don’t want
you to feel that if you’re not on campus you miss out. We still want you to feel just as
connected as an on-campus student would feel. Because when you go on campus, and I know
you have a great campus, you know you feel like you really do that have that help and
the tools and the services. So, when you do online, you have the same thing, too. How
have you used those tools, Jennifer? Just knowing that they’re there, you know,
it’s more for peace of mind because it is a little bit scary to jump out of the comfort
zone of what college should look like. You know, so when you’re going online you feel
like you’re alone, but you really aren’t, you know. You use them for group projects,
you know, you have interaction with your classmates, there’s discussions that you participate in
with your teachers as well as the other students in your classes.
You don’t feel lost? No, I mean there’s always somebody there kind
of helping you, holding your hand, guiding you through the process.
And let’s talk about the non-traditional student. I know you went back to school because you
did not finish. Is that correct? Correct.
Tell me about what happened. I have been trying to get my Bachelor’s for
13 years. 13 years?
13 years. I had my son when I was very young, and unfortunately at that point I had to stop.
I had to work full-time, make sure that I was taking care of his needs. And then when
I did get married, my husband was in my Army. So, we moved to Oklahoma, so there was a blip
there. Then, when he got deployed, I was pregnant with my second child.
Oh boy. So, it was just too much, and I chose family
and making sure that my kids were happy over education.
But now. We’re home, we’re back, we’re settled, and
it’s my turn. It’s my time. You know, everyone in my family has a higher education. My parents
have Master’s. I want mine, too. It’s my turn. This is it.
And that’s a song, by the way, by Diana Ross. And this online program is really helping
you achieve that. Yes. Absolutely.
That’s what I love hearing. And even me, I’ve even though about going back to get my Master’s,
and I’m always using the time factor. But I can’t do it, too. Anybody can do it, right?
Yeah. I mean, we have students that are in other cities, other states, other countries.
I have a student in Africa, two in Chile. They’re worlds away and they’re still connected
to the university. They still have this opportunity to get their Master’s. There are so many of
our students that work full-time, they have kids, they’re taking care of their parents.
But you can do it. You can still do it. And we also have to really note here that
it’s not just online. I mean, FIU, the campus has grown tremendously. It is huge. And I
do want to tout the fact, I mean you’re really on the map, that it is the #1 granting institution
for undergrad and graduate degrees for hispanics. It’s come a long way.
Yeah. At the end of the day, we want to engage with our students. We want to educate them
and we want to empower them to accomplish the goals that they have. If her goal is to
get her Master’s, it’s possible. In about four years, you might be having a
little Samantha, who is my daughter, who says she wants to go to FIU. So there you go. There
you have it. Wonderful.
For our viewers out there who’d like more information on FIU, what’s the website? Thank you so much. I appreciate your time,
and you’re going to do it. I’m doing it.
What’s the degree in? Interdisciplinary Studies.
Good job. Alright. Thank you so much. You come back and you tell us when you finish.
You got it. Absolutely. And for more information on FIU, again the
website, or go to our website,
(music). Thanks so much for starting your morning right
here with us. And if you need more information, head to
our website. It’s We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Until
next time… Remember, find you balance.
So long, everybody. (music).

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