FAQ – Online Master’s Degree Cost | Gonzaga University Online

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FAQ – Online Master’s Degree Cost | Gonzaga University Online

Education is always an investment.
Whatever you put into your education, I see is is monetarily a good investment
because you’re, it’s going to pay off. The individual transformation that’s, that’s
invaluable. The networking opportunities that you could have by being in this
program, and the name and reputation associated with it it is a worthwhile
investment because it’s something that you could not get had you not taken a
risk. It seemed like a reasonable cost. That was one that it seemed to me like a
reasonable investment in my future to be able to continue my career. I found that
Gonzaga was a little bit more expensive than some of the other universities, but
as I reviewed the curriculum, as I recognized the opportunities for some of
these programs that I was seeking, for the experiences I wanted to have, not
just to check off a box again that I’d finished my masters, but that I was doing
this to have a life changing experience. And be a better person individually, and
a person who could serve others, and I found that at Gonzaga. I’m very big on
talking to students about this, people considering our program that yeah, it’s a
financial investment, it’s a time investment, and I think you have the
capacity to do it. Look at the faculty, look at the quality of instruction, what
you’re going to learn and get and get out of it. Yeah it’s going to cost you a
lot more, and it’s going to be worth every penny of it. Cost was definitely a
consideration obviously, monetarily it’s been it’s been a great investment, so I
can say I’m definitely getting a good return on investment. So for other
students that are looking to not only grow as an academic, but if they want the
return on their investment, and the value, it’s definitely been worth it. Another
thing that was nice was the school being able to work with me set up a payment
plan, so I didn’t have to front all the money. It was ok I can do a payment every
couple of weeks, and that worked really well with
my family’s financial situation. To be able to make that work with school
really nice. Our online program really offers a very high quality
experience that is to me I think, one of the best values in the nation in terms
of, you’re going to get a degree from a prestigious university, a Jesuit
university. Secondly you’re going to be exposed and be able to be mentored
really by faculty of PhDs in various fields, and what great mentorship and
advising you can get as a result of that. Finally career help, exposure, networking,
all those things come with this experience, and and on a rigorous
academic program in addition. So I think all those things add up to a tremendous
value. The online education here has been worth it, and I would do it, do it all
over again. I’ve never had a student say that was a waste of money, ever. Did I
expect that I’d be smarter, learn more, be able to apply that, yes. I don’t think
that I was expecting be that quick of a return.

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