FAQ – Online Master’s Degree Outcomes – Gonzaga University Online

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FAQ – Online Master’s Degree Outcomes – Gonzaga University Online

When I enrolled in Gonzaga, part of it
was looking at what’s the next opportunity for me professionally at Ben
& Jerry’s as the PR director. As I was going through that process I said, this
is going to be a great way for me to show that I’m serious about this job. We
see our students really excelling when they graduate from this program, so it
really does help our students to get better jobs, to advance in their fields,
to start their own businesses. People are approaching me now to ask for how we can
make causes of these efforts even bigger. You know the CEO of a fortune 50 company
kind of wants to get my opinion about how to do this, it’s unbelievable to me
the doors that have been unlocked and the success that I’ve been able to see
through experiences and studies through Gonzaga. It’s really tremendous
opportunity to network. I think I found doing a lot of that as a professional
already, there was that chance to be able to talk with those people, learn
more from those people in some really impressive organizations. I think that
the education I got at the Master’s prepared level gave me the confidence to
challenge the status quo. It felt like every time it took a class or time I had
a different experience, it felt like another layer of growth, it felt like
another added experience that changed me in some way either personally, professionally,
work or home. Gonzaga allowed me to accomplish my goals. I could fulfill a
lifelong dream and become a nurse practitioner. I think I’ve become a much
better oral communicator, a better writer, so two specific skill sets that
I’ve gained. I think I see different opportunity after attending Gonzaga
online. I see different opportunity for myself, I see different opportunity for my grandson.
I see opportunity that I would have liked to given my children had I
known about it then. The material really changed my world view and expanded just
the way I looked at different people, different places, different things. I view
things through a more intelligent lens. Some of the learnings that I take away
from the program really continue to open my eyes. I think it raised my bar in terms of
awareness and in terms of impact. And when I finished I felt like a seasoned

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