Finding Academic Challenge in Virtual School

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Finding Academic Challenge in Virtual School

(upbeat music)When we looked at online school,we saw that they had an opportunity for her, one to do the dual-enrollment, and then they also had an opportunity to where that she would be challenged. And I thought that was great because she needed to be challenged. So, that’s why we ended up choosing online.Initially, coming in,she was like, “This is hard”, and we smiled and said, “That’s good.”Yeah.You know?She’s like, “No, why you think it’s good?”“Well, because you’re not breezing through it,“you’re having to take your time. “You’re having to ask questions, so that’s good for us.” Well, Damacia is a blossoming actress and Damacia is a pageant queen. The myth that kids who are schooled at home or online don’t have a social life is absolutely not true. She’s still the social butterfly. So, being with pageantry, working on acting, and hanging out with her friends, because she still does that. So, she’s a busy little girl.I think with the rigorous programmingthat online has brought her, it helps her different where she studies different. When you’re in a regular school, you can only focus on one thing at one time, and then when you’re home you have to do all that homework. And online seems like she’s able to do all of that while she’s in school. So, she loves it and I think once the kids love it, they’re able to do more, they’re able to study better, and they’re able to learn more. So, I think it’s, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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