First day of online school…!! 😱


First day of online school…!! 😱

hey guys welcome back to my channel so
this intro is a little bit weird um because I filmed this video almost a week ago um
and the intro that I had was I did not like because I was just being really
weird cuz it was like 7 a.m. and I just woken up and I just had to do school so
I was just I did not like that intro so I’m filming a new one right now so hey
if you’re new my name is Aubrey and you should totally subscribe in this video
you guys are gonna be following through my first day of online school and I’ve
never done online school before so this is the first first day of online school um
so you guys get to go through the rollercoaster of figuring the whole
program out and everything and actually I’m filming a day in my life video
right now which will be up this Saturday so stay tuned for that guys though I’m
gonna stop talking now and if you guys want to see my first day of online
school then keep on watching so the school that we chose is really cool
and it’s very different oop- the lightings coming weird, you get to choose like how
many electives you have a so basically I have like a lot of electives my electives
are image editing internet entrepreneurship learning the guitar
middle school health public speaking Christian discipleship and studio art
and I also just and I’m also doing creative writing and language arts I’m really tired and
some of the classes I don’t do it every day like in internet entrepreneurship I’m
really excited about that that’s kind of like the YouTube stuff and I’m sad cuz
that one’s only two times a week but it’s okay so I’m actually kind of
excited to start school which is like something that never happened this is
also five days a week, the Bible study okay let’s started guys if you didn’t know I helped my cousin
set up a channel and his is called King free bird and it’ll be linked in the
description box below it’s gonna be really cool cuz we’re both
going to become a famous youtubers and you should go to subscribe to him I’m
gonna get back to you guys after I finish all the note-taking and reading
chapter one because I have to take a mini quiz thing so I’ll see you then
okay guys I am going to now check my answers okay so I just got out of the shower so
I’m going to start on biology now so okay wait I’m confused all ready, that’s great
this biology course we will take a look at what biology actually is oh I like this back here ok I’m getting distracted, oop I need index cards and I oop- so I got a bunch of
index cards and it says we’re gonna add some throughout our class year, I guess
and I have my thinger thinger so I’m just gonna use this notebook oh yeah
also when thing that I also wanted to talk about I feel like they should have more eco friendly classes in school cuz there’s nothing about like saving
the earth in school and like that’s really important eew you why is my dog being so cute, he likes to roll around like that it’s so cute, Oh bless you so I’m done with my biology so I can
probably put this stuff away I’m feeling really productive even though
I’m literally just doing school oh shoot okay so now it’s time for the all dreaded
algebra now math is always my least favorite subject like um I don’t know I just blewww i don’t know
sorry about that change my phone was running low on storage and I am filming
on my phone just saying I got a camera but this is a story so I was going to
record a video and I was testing out the audio and let me tell you the audio was
terrible like the background noise was so loud that it was like Shh and my voice was shshshshs
huh so just like now and I’m just saying the audio was so bad because my
computer gets really heated up so it was making a really loud noise and my phone
was right next to the computer we are gonna get a new camera read text the
pages 7 through 8 chapter 0.1 pre-algebra and integers
so we’re starting with pre-algebra for the first couple of week and then it’ll
get progressively harder so first it says read Mondays assigned pages in the text okay
so I have to read pages 7 through 8 so really the pages seven and
eight are just reviewing integers which I learned like two years ago, now onto the actual like working part do 0.1 practice
no way that’s 59, 60 whoo I didn’t even read the whole thing I only
need to do 1 through 15 so I’m gonna do all these integer problems and then I’ll
see you for the entrepreneurship class ok guys so I finished all the math
problems there was 30 that was for Monday and Tuesday so I did
yesterday’s and today’s work so I hope this year is the year of Aubrey
for math so and now I’m going to do the Entrepreneurship class which I am so
excited about I’m only gonna do a little bit of that since I missed it yes I
missed it yesterday then I’m gonna do health which is what I would to be doing
today on Tuesday ok read pages one through six and make a list of why you
want to be an entrepreneur that’s exciting but I need another notebook okay so I’m actually
running out of notebooks so this is also one of the books I use for you guys Tyler and Madison are going through a lot of
changes right now just like you I have to do mom I have to do more on
health for day one then I have to do on math in two days wait a different one came out okay so I
finished the guitar lesson now I need to check the schedule ok now I have to American government okay now I have to answer four questions I finished day 1 now I have to do day 2 hey guys so update time
so I’m super excited because I’m going to check my schedule to see what class
I’m doing next I just finished my government and also I forgot I did
biology this morning but I was supposed to do biology yesterday and geography
today so I also to do geography later cuz I technically missed geography today I’m super excited for this one guys
my next class is the image editing one And this class is every single day
hey guys so I’m setting my tripod up If you guys want like a little school
routine, school morning routine video um just comment down below I’m sorry
it’s getting a little darker our windows are like really small because we live in
an apartment and we get like no light in here so, so I have my notebook here and
I’m going to look into unit one so I’m pretty much almost done with school I
have to do some little things in three more classes I think so I’m going to see you
guys when I get my day one done of literature
I’m prettu sure I’m done with all of my school work for today that is craziness
awesome that’s incredible I don’t even know now I know I didn’t show you guys a
lot about like some of the subjects but sorry it’s just I’m not used to
recording in front of other people even my mom so I don’t really know what
to do next now that I’m done with school I might just you know watch YouTube so
I’ll see you guys later hey guys so you guys are on my desk
right now and wait get comfortable of course
the Bears in the corner in my last video I totally did not realize that the bear was
like in the corner of the video but basically I just kind of wanted to give
you guys a little outro cuz I’m just gonna probably be spending the rest of
my day just chillin let me just give you a little bit of backstory on why
doing public school so basically I went to a school obviously we didn’t really
like that school they were just a lot of factors that were really bad and to be
honest the teachers were also just like not good teachers and I just wasn’t
enjoying it there I just kind of felt lonely there, it’s
just really exciting, exciting for me for me to be doing this and I really like
this program the only thing is that my mom has to grade everything which is kind of
weird except some of the stuff I might grade if it’s just like math because
I can just look at the answers and see if I got it wrong or right but stuff like
literature my mom has to grade so I do feel kind of bad about that but overall
this whole experience is really cool …. the alexa just went off well I know it’s only the first day
and I actually might change my schedule around a little bit because I just didn’t feel motivated to do my guitar at that time and I also don’t like doing history
later in the day so I might move those around but thank you guys so much for watching this
video if you haven’t already you should totally subscribe and give this video a
thumbs up as always thank you for watching make sure you have my playlist
on to get that watchtime thank you and I love you guys so much, goodbye and
peace out my brothers and sisters

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5 thoughts on “First day of online school…!! 😱”

  1. Aubrey Alexis says:

    Heyyy guys so excited to be back!!! 😁🙃

  2. _ David _ says:

    Must be cool to go to school online.

  3. Zarah 23 says:

    Wow school sounds fun! #NOTIFICATIONSQUAD🤪🤪🤪

  4. TTR Snake says:

    Wait You're in Middle school awwwww ur so young wish I was too being a freshman is hard

  5. Annie Meyer says:

    Love your Videos! Glad your back! #notificationsquad

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