“First Impressions of India” Virtual Event Highlight #2 – School Life

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“First Impressions of India” Virtual Event Highlight #2 – School Life

Hi everyone! I’m Nicole. I am currently a senior in high school, and
I’m on the NSLI-Y Hindi program. So I’m going to talk a little about school
life at the Daly College, which is where we go to school right now. Its academic classes, hobbies and sports. So the building in the background of this
picture is the main building of the Daly college, right when you drive up, and it does look
exactly like that. It’s very pretty. So, a little bit about the Daly College. It’s a co-educational residential and day
boarding school, so it has boarders and day boarders who go to it, and it’s located in
Indore, which is the city that we’re living in. in. It was built in like in the early 1800s and
it was originally used for Indian princes and now it is for anyone. So, the academic classes that we take, we
can take 2 or 3 academic classes other than our Hindi classes. We have Hindi classes from 9 to 11 everyday,
and then academic classes. And it’s a great opportunity to meet Indian
students. So I take 12th grade classes and I talk to
a lot of Indian students. Mostly they talk to me in English, but you can speak some Hindi
if you kind of push them to it. But they all speak Hindi to each other, and
even though it’s an English medium school, usually the students will speak Hindi to their
teachers, and then the teachers will respond in Hindi, so it becomes a Hindi speaking room,
and it’s a good way to learn new vocabulary. You can usually ask students about certain
words and kind of joke a little bit with them in Hindi. So there are two tracts that Indian students
can enroll in. They are CBSC and CIE, and this is some of
the differences between the Indian school system and the American school system. So CIE is the “Cambridge” program and it’s
more of a western-style teaching, and then CBSC is the Indian boards. And that’s if you want to apply to an Indian
school and we took CBSC classes the first month that we were here, but it’s very focused
on memorization so I switched to 12 CIE. So in CIE classes, it’s more of a western
style, it’s more Americanized, but it’s still very different. So the teachers are given more respect, when
the teacher walks into the room, all the students stand up in front of the class until they’re
told to sit down. And they also give very free feedback. They were going over essays and in front of
everyone the teacher was saying, “That was a horrible essay. Why’d you write that?” stuff like that, and then Indian students
choose a track to study in 10th grade, so you can either be in humanities or math or
business studies, and you stay in that classroom. You’re in a section for your track. Next is hobbies. So they take place from 2-3 everyday. They are another great opportunity to bond
with your Indian peers. The Daly College has a building called the
CTDC, which is known as the hobby center. It is the building on the bottom left. It includes dance, art, woodworking, pottery-making,
sculpting, music, band, and photography. So it has a lot of different options you can
go to. Most students have it built into their schedule
but you can also go from 2-3 during the day which is when I usually go. So Zoe and I have been to dance a lot, and
it’s really cool. We’ve learned to do Dandiya, and we’ve watched
a rajasthani folk dance. We’ve also done art, and we’re currently drawing
a mural in the art room for america and it’s like an exchange student wall. It’s really cool. We’re planning on doing woodworking, we’ve
done pottery-making. We made small statues of Ganesh. Otherwise all the hobbies are really cool. It’s a good way to meet Indian people, and
speak to them in Hindi, and talk to teachers in Hindi, and learn about Indian culture. So sports take place from 3-4 or 4:30ish everyday. Depending on the sport, some got to 5:30. So the Daly College campus has a lot of fields,
squash courts, tennis courts, and swimming pools. So the Daly College offers Basketball, field
hockey, soccer, badminton, squash, cricket, shooting, tennis, track, volleyball, and table
tennis. And all are offered for boys and girls sports
both. My host sister is a really good basketball
player so she does that. I play field hockey here. You can participate in the IPSC tournaments
with the Indian students, which would be a great way to meet more people and speak to
them in Hindi too. So then, also, Zoe and I have played Squash,
and cricket. The girls’ cricket team is just starting up
so it’s a little small but it’s still a good way to learn about the game since neither
of us had ever played cricket before in the U.S. And then (laughs) squash is also really fun. I’d never played it before. We usually play with the younger girls because
the older girls who are better play later in the day. So squash is a cool sport that we had never
played before, and it’s a good thing to try. Shooting, Zoe and I went for one day. It’s not real guns or anything, it’s just
like airsoft guns, and that’s kind of a cool thing to do cause they would never offer that
in the U.S. Next is clubs. So every Saturday, you can go to club activities,
and they’re about 2 hours long. So clubs include every hobby at CTDC that
I just mentioned. And you can also go to movie club, adventure
club, cooking club, model UN, roundsquare, western music and there are a bunch of other
small activities that I’m pretty sure I don’t even know about because there are a lot of
clubs. I’ve done Model UN and and Zoe and I are planning
to go to a Model UN in November, which will be really interesting to go from an Indian
perspective at a model UN. And then cooking club, we have Chefs of DC,
and in the bottom- there’s a building called the Chefs of DC, and you go to cooking club
there and you can cook Indian food, and some kids learn to cook pizzas. There’s also Roundsquare which is kind of
an exchange student program that some of the Indian students are involved in. And they organize activities for exchange
students and stuff like that. That’s it, next up is Alexis and she will
be talking about our Hindi Language Learning

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