Flexible Online Graduate Programs for Military

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Flexible Online Graduate Programs for Military

[music playing] Being a military
spouse, I knew going in that there was going to be
a move coming up for us. Shortly after I was
accepted I found out that move was going to
be to Vilseck, Germany. And so the thought of a
move to another continent can be very overwhelming, but
this program went with me. It just packed up
and went with me. I was hesitant at
first to do it just because I knew I was getting
ready to deploy to Afghanistan. But he talked to
me and says, we’ll work with the platform
people, 2U that runs it. As well as we’ll
work with the school and we’ll see what the
technical difficulties we can do and see what
we can figure out. And so the first day I
started my first class was the first day I stepped
foot in Kabul, Afghanistan. And went straight on
and finished the program in two years. If I’m going out on a
mission in Afghanistan and I couldn’t make
the class, they weren’t going to
hold that against me. Yeah, I had to
ask for extensions but the school was willing
to work and they understood. I have three degrees
and all of them have been in classroom settings. This is the first online
course that I’ve taken. And I was a little
apprehensive at first, however, the flexibility that I
have with this online class is far better than anything
I could have experienced in a classroom. MBA at Syracuse would be a good
opportunity for someone that is either currently
serving or has served and transitioning
because you’re really able to work on your
own time, their schedule works pretty flexibly
with everyone, and also they’re very
military friendly. They know what we need,
they know our processes to ensure that our
aid is done in time, they have a huge program for
veterans and their families as well, so I kind of
feel like they get us. [music playing]

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