FlexPath – reshaping online education. See why.

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FlexPath – reshaping online education. See why.

FlexPath is an opportunity to work at your
own pace. You don’t have to worry
about a structured course room per se. You get the full list of assessments and requirements
that are due for the entire course and you get to take that at any pace
you want. It’s all based on what your
schedule allows you to do. Which is great because you can kind of set
it up and base it around your schedule. If you know that you’re going to be really
busy one week, maybe you don’t set a paper deadline that week. And it allowed me to actually have a life
outside of school because I could schedule school around my life, which
was really nice. I had a background in sales, so I was able
to move through some of the sales and marketing courses a little bit faster
than, for example, accounting. Accounting is
where I really struggled because I didn’t have much experience in accounting, so I did
appreciate that I could move through courses quicker that I had more experience in
and I could take my time in courses that perhaps I didn’t have as much experience in. I
did utilize the tutors, as well. So I really appreciated having that option
so I didn’t feel like I was out there by myself. Cost is a concern. I mean, I tell my learners, I would be worried
if cost wasn’t one of your main concerns. I mean school is one of the biggest and also
one of the most personal investments you’re ever going
to make in your lifetime. The thing that I love about FlexPath is that
you are able to pay by quarter rather than by credit. You never pay per class. And so that means I was able to take as many
classes as I could in one quarter, rather than having to spread it all out. It was really
easy and it was really affordable. It was great.

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