Free Geek Twin Cities: E-Waste and Education


Free Geek Twin Cities: E-Waste and Education

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55 thoughts on “Free Geek Twin Cities: E-Waste and Education”

  1. Classic Gaming Quarterly says:

    Great video, Colin. Really nice job.

  2. Michael Lacock says:

    Very good job! Amazing video! It’s exciting learning that there’s a place like this in Minnesota!

  3. Hugo Cardoso says:

    Amazing "documentary". Great jobs from you and Twin Cities!

  4. John Kilmer says:

    Really cool, Colin! They’re doing such great things. I grew up in a low income home, where old, obsolete Macintosh computers or ‘98 Dell laptops were our only option. They were purchased or serviced from small, Mom and pop shops. It’s neat that these guys are reaching out to those people, to close up the gap. It’s unimaginable to most, to entirely believable to me that there are still many people who don’t even have access to good computers and internet access. It can be a real handicap.

    Also, great work on this documentary-style video, which is relatively new territory for your channel, yes? Love the gradual incorporation of your drone into your content.

  5. M00nzow says:

    15:49 Somebody farted

  6. Geek Therapy Radio says:

    This is so above and beyond well done Colin. Just jaw dropping. Amazing brother. Truly stunning work.

  7. LGR says:

    Awesome job on this, really enjoyed!

    E-Waste is a topic that continually needs more attention. Especially CRTs. The articles I've seen of massive warehouses full with nowhere for them to be recycled due to the huge cost involved, it's wild.

  8. ShadyNine says:

    Here from LGR's tweet, excellent video, not sure what your channel is about but if it's gonna entail more documentaries about technology and such then I'm all for it!

  9. novice Nerd says:

    Seriously awesome video! A masterpiece!

  10. Steven Tang says:

    Thanks for sharing this local story with the world Colin, I loved it. Your production value was impressive here and I look forward to what else you might be cooking up in the future! Well done sir!

  11. CM says:

    Give this to the NYT – reminds me of a Op-Doc.

  12. Tech Guy17 says:

    Do they support the right to repair?

  13. DAVID T says:

    Quality !

  14. Jonathon Brown says:

    5:41 good hit……

  15. Retro Rider says:

    buys airplane ticket to Minneapolis

  16. Septer Sever says:

    "We're trying to keep e-waste out of the landfills"…but screw printers, there's no money in it!

  17. Tabs says:

    is there something like this in berlin?

  18. Tom 2404 says:

    I think I would go there and look for very old hardware like the 486 or Pentium I/II to add them to my collection.

  19. SugarBooty says:

    Hey, could I swing by and take some garbage for my tinkering?

  20. toronado455 says:

    How do you securely wipe user data from devices with internal soldered-on storage such as say an Amazon Fire tablet?

  21. toronado455 says:

    17:59 Mac lamp! (-:

  22. Andrew Trautmann says:

    woow this is / was really interesting to watch… thank you for the vid..

    Really wish there was such a recycling place near me.. since im an IT i love working with pc's and really think this is great for new people who don't understand anything about tech to get a chance to learn… anyway awesome vid

  23. Zane Springall says:

    I have always wanted something like this in Australia. Here, many op shops (what we call thrift stores) don't take in computers of any sort. They might have a keyboard or a monitor. Maybe. At landfills, however, you're able to find all sorts of stuff for very cheap (I've picked a Microsoft Natural Elite and a Logitech joystick, for example.) Even then, our local council are shutting these 'dump shops' down for safety reasons (equipment sold may pose a risk to users (or so I've been told). I'd love to start an initiative like Free Geek in my area, but I just don't know how to do it. Lessen amounts of e-waste, make sure everyone has access to vital services provided by digital systems and provide education those both knowledgeable and noviced when it comes to computers.

  24. Rupert C says:

    Too bad France doesn't have FreeGeek :'( … but great video!

  25. cedarstuff says:

    Can't believe I missed this episode, glad you referenced it in your 2019 look-ahead video! Looks like a great cause, and to repeat the comments below – a very well done docu-short.

  26. soviut says:

    You're a very talented documentary film maker. Well filmed, well recording, superb editing.

  27. Andrew Triebe says:

    I've always wanted a free geek to open by me. I would love to take apart and fix computers all day. Such a relaxing experience.

  28. smokeyjo123e says:

    I'd love to see something like this where I live, I'd gladly go out and volunteer for something like this instead of wasting away being depressed all day. Might make it a goal to start something up like this myself!

  29. Tom Maxwell says:

    Thank you so much for spending the time to shoot and edit this together into an exceptionally well-made video. This was inspiring!

  30. dr. giggles says:

    professional documentary

  31. dhawara says:

    thank you for the video
    this is looking like a place where i can spend my 24/7

  32. Dankrat169 says:

    Awesome video! I really enjoyed it, thanks!

  33. josue says:

    how you get their by bus

  34. josue says:

    i could use a used macintosh

  35. johneygd says:

    Just mind blowing.

  36. patg108 says:

    Shame on you for not testing crt tvs and monitors, crt tvs are good for old consoles, esp if they have composite, svideo, component in at minimum, which are the common major standards that are actually used in the real world. I can see if you gave them out for free or cheap for people with such projects (could ask for proof like a picture of that person with console/games that would benefit from such a thing. Those CRT monitors could at least be tested if not repaired to sell to people who want to play vintage computer games (dos, 95, 98 era).

    its literally just a waste!

    and even MORE shame for not saving pata drives! I understand running dban on em fine. But cmon its cheap and easy and a good learning experience to TEST those out and sell for cheap for people who actually want to use them in old machines. Shame on you old man, you of all people there SHOULD know better and should promote such things! You know you aren't getting much in scrap value and could EASILY make more from reselling. And pata can still be run even under a modern OS, if you don't mind it being slow.

    I understand getting rid of printers, fax machines, dial up modems without a secondary function fine. Most of that should go unless its high end or proprietary or modern enough to still be viable on the cheap

  37. patg108 says:

    besides there is far better sources of metal, old cars, tractors in junkyards that could be saved and other things that could be saved! And where's the practical use of space travel to get metal from other planets or asteroids? We may even find other materials even better suited for electronic use or may make a whole new method that puts the current one to shame. There's a lot we could do to better the planet than scrap old computers.

    wanna save on fossil fuels? Cut back dramatically on the number of races that go on all the time, make THEM use the hybrid parts and see how efficient and safe they are. You could simulate the races instead, you'd use power but save in far more areas. Reality is scrapping is inefficient, wasteful and technically creates much more e-waste than it saves and causes issues for many people and things.

    But then again there's a lot more "practices" all over the place that are just stupid and money grubbing that could solve countless issues for many people if they were just done right and not to be money grubbing or lazy or stupid in the first place

  38. Goreface69 says:

    Man now I want something like this in my area. How do I start doing something like that in the first place??

  39. KAL222 says:

    even the outside of the building is beautiful

  40. Bill Wilson says:

    Dude, you have an amazing voice. If you decide to do voiceover work you certainly have a future.

  41. bradd ford says:

    wish we had them in the uk

  42. Miso Mama says:

    this small company actually wipes HD before redeploying or even recycling. the sad part here is that those commercial scanners you find at Office Depot, college campus, government operated offices, and medical facilities do not do this because of the dollar value involved. those scanners store petabytes of information on physical hard drives that are often donated or sold off to overseas buyers. no wonder there is such an issue with identity theft. if this small company can do this why cant those other business that make millions more in profits???

  43. ke4rit says:

    Man I miss Free Geek. Used to be a part of FGM (Free Geek Michiana). Unfortunately, it crashed and burned in 2009-2010? Tom Brown the founder passed away in 2012. It closed the same year. I do miss the work… Well done Free Geek Twin Cities… Glad to see other Free Geek sites have survived.

  44. pearce mclaughlin says:

    this plase is so cool its macking me cri
    not rilly im just so jeles

  45. pearce mclaughlin says:

    holy sh## that hp im yosing wat a cwinsudins

  46. Alan Armstrong says:

    This could/should run on the TPT Minnesota channel. Very well produced.

  47. Richard brobeck says:

    I laugh at this saying how danagerous tvs are wow I see they don't really knowledge or any back ground

  48. Super Saiyan Commenter says:

    I love going to e waste centers, I'm watching this on a computer I bought from an e waste center!

  49. Melvin Harris says:

    that thumbnail is fucking glorious

  50. Hobo Aquatics says:

    Wish there was something like this in San Diego CA.

  51. Kepler_2258 says:

    i have same computer model that was laying on the desk to the left at 0:32

  52. Mark Hyde says:

    So much of my retro tech computers – particularly my Apple collection pre-Intel transition is from a local tech recycling co-op here in Australia where I live – have loved volunteering there for nearly 10 years now. Catching up with these videos – really love this work. (i have newer bought tech tho.)

  53. TheOnlyTwitch.R6 says:

    I really need to make a trip down there. I'd love to check out this place.

  54. kola says:

    wooow, i don't wanna live anymore in europe!

  55. Ismoyo Nugroho Tomo says:

    I wish we have this organization in my country. I will be one of the volunteers, and I'm in heaven…

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