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Hello Viewers Today we learn How to do a free course And after that, you can get certificate So it’s very easy and effective That certificate you can use in your LinkedIn profile So let’s check that out when you want to do this course you have to make sure that you have a LinkedIn profile it’s very easy to open a LinkedIn id Only need Gmail id, u can open it easily where u can learn course this platform name is “LinkedIn Learning” Just search Linked Learning and u can get this website Here you can get all type of courses easily u can do these free courses so i already sign in here so that I’m sign out now basically u can developed your skill through these courses, also it can help you in your job sector also have technical course, design course, IT related course since they can give you access to learn free so that u have to use it in trail mood after getting the paid version they can give you access if you want to learn more u have to pay to get paid version so let’s try to active the trail version very easy click free trial now see this box start my free month click sign in when u go for sign in they will require your LinkedIn id after that sign in into this platform then back to learn now you search for your course so u can get all courses in here normally if i want to write marketing u can get all type of marketing courses all marketing courses i write here digital marketing so you can do these all courses but within 7days because trail version give u access to learn for 7days let see an interesting thing let see, how can help u to learn these courses here i entering into my LinkedIn profile after completing any course end of the course u can see this segment after that, u can add this course into your profile to click on your profile after that u can see this certificate in your profile here i show you my certificates i’m completed 14 courses from this site so within 1week u can do any course they will give the certificate where the name will be your Certificate of Completion
Congratulation, Asif Ahmed Rakib so it depends you can develop your basic skill you can do own your way it can boost your profile also your portfolio i think, developing yourself this platform help you a lot so you can try if you want to get the certificate Thank you so much For watching my video Please like my video and Subscribe my Chennel Keep watching Be Stay happy

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