Fundamentals of Online Teaching (FOOT) 4: Rewards & Challenges

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Fundamentals of Online Teaching (FOOT) 4: Rewards & Challenges

The things that I feared most before I taught online was making a
connection with the student it seems so impersonal doing it by email. It took a while to learn that the
technology can be used to build the same kind of connection with the student online as you can in the classroom. One of the most challenging things I face as a online instructor is managing my time and still being there for my students. Students in an online course are working a variety of hours They could be working early in the morning. They can be working during the day. Or they’re working on a class in the
middle of the night. And wanting to be there for every student
when they have questions is something that I’ve really had a challenge of trying to manage. Once you get into a routine and you’re able to, you know, set certain days that you will contribute to your online courses, it really puts you into a schedule. And then you become, you know, very use to it. And it becomes less at the stressor. The challenges is being sure that I’m being clear and then I’m being there and present for
the student when they have questions, and answering emails as promptly as
possible from the morning all the way to I go to bed at night. I have grown to see the greater value in online teaching the more I’ve used it. I mean, initially I was kind of skeptical it’s
really gonna work but I will say that I think there are some things, some courses, that lend themselves better to online than others. I don’t think that – I’m going to be the first person to say I don’t think everything should be taught online and online teaching isn’t for everybody not from a teaching perspective or students perspective. [MUSIC and PRINTER SOUND] Here’s a 3d printer that I use for my
face to face classes and one of the things I’ve always
struggled with since I started teaching is that learning to computer program is
an abstract task. But by bringing in things like a 3d printer, you make the code that they’re write tangible in a way that students get. You can’t do that exactly the same things in an online environment that you can do face to face, but you can almost always find parallels. Things that will work in the online environment. I really feel the discussions go very well online because you get all those quiet people to sit the back your classroom never say anything, and they’re participating in the discussion. So you get everyone’s voice. You can you have these extremely robust discussions. The rewards of teaching online are a lot
the same as the rewards of teaching in the classroom. You’ve got this person there and you get to see the light bulb and go on in their head, as they understand something they didn’t understand before and you see them develop in that way. It’s teaching. It’s the same online as it is in the classroom. The biggest reward for
teaching online is less stress. Meaning that, you don’t have to get up for the performance of getting in front of students, and having to manage the course and the
time, and thinking about what students are
learning and are they getting it. All that has been thought through very clearly in the design process of your course. I actually feel like I get to know my students a little bit better, because in my discussion forums I promote them inserting links in pictures and videos because I want them to relate economics to their everyday life and by doing that I get a really see
what their interests and their hobbies are what they’re relating to, and I can
actually tailor the course more effectively to the interest for my
students when I see these links in posts in the discussion forum. So I feel that that’s rewarding it helps me change up my class term to term. It doesn’t become a static course
in that sense. I find it really rewarding like I said
one thing that I have really loved about teaching online is over the years
it’s being able to connect with students, to learn how to do that, but it takes time it takes a lot of time. And like I said, once you to get it down, once you can to figure out how to do that, or what works for you, it’s a lot easier as time goes on in
students respond to it really well. It’s important to me because if I can
connect with them they know that we are in this journey together.

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