FUNNY AND CREATIVE IDEAS FOR PHOTOS || Instagram Photo and Video Hacks by 123 GO!


FUNNY AND CREATIVE IDEAS FOR PHOTOS || Instagram Photo and Video Hacks by 123 GO!

Giddyup, horsey, let’s go! We’ve gotta reach home before sunset! C’mon! Wondering where the heck Vicky got a horse… You may want to look just a little bit closer… These days, it’s all about the gram. And we’ve got some camera tricks that’ll keep those likes comin’ in strong! If it’s a perfect day for the pool, it’s the perfect day for a photo shoot! Next time you’re sitting poolside, try holding a big mirror like Vicky here. Woah, that looks really dreamy, doesn’t it? You can also take a pretty mirror like this one into a garden for some super sultry pics. The reflection in the mirror makes these pics looked perfectly Photoshopped. You can even use them to look like you’re just a floating head! See? But what really stands out is using the mirror to reflect something that beautifully contrasts with your background. So pretty! Is it just me, or did Rob totally grow up this summer? Wow, you weren’t kidding. Want to re-create some underwater magic for the gram but don’t want to get your hair wet? Fill up a clear tub with water and elevate it off the ground with the help of two chairs. Okay, I’m ready for my close up! Too far? Aw man. How’s this? Yes! This hack works well if you have a blue carpet to lay on top of like this one. Wow! The water’s refection makes it look like Mia’s totally underwater! Nothing like a good pucker to rock an insta pic! This is my “I just fell into the water and landed like this” look. Selfies are great now and then, but sometimes things can get a little, well, boring. See what I mean? Mmm! This watermelon is so juicy! Ooh, I just thought of a great way to spice these selfies up! Helly, can I borrow your eyes and that slice of watermelon really quick? I trust your artistic eye! Ah, I gotcha! In just a flash, you can create the perfect summertime photo using just a piece of fruit! This tasty trick works just about anywhere. Snag a friend and sport these super-cute watermelon dresses, perfect for your latest insta story. You can also do this trick with pretty flowers from the garden. Wow! I wish donuts came in this size! Hard to believe these aren’t edited photos, right? Aw, so cute! So wait, this film is about sharks and tornados? Weird. It’s getting late and I’m feeling pretty sleepy Woah, did you see that? Wait! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?! Instagram! If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind content for your Insta page, try this hack on for size. No! Don’t hurt me! Is it just me or does this look like an actual piece of art? Fist bump! Wack! Hang in there, Sophia! “Pick” this one…get it? Work it, Olivia, work it! Wow, this summertime look is really working for you! Done! Hmm… How is it that these look great in person but so dull on camera? Aw man, I feel so ugly! I know! What if we just changed the angle a bit? Okay, stand back and hold onto me! Sometimes if things don’t look quite right, just change the way you’re looking at it! Yup! That small change took this photo from meh to model status! Look at how the colors pop! Just don’t fall, that would be bad. I hope your phone can handle all the likes that are about to come in, Olivia! It’s Sunday and you know what that means: it’s cleaning day! And dusting off these light fixtures is no easy task. Wow Amy, getting sleepy, there? Wait a minute — I have the best idea ever! Don’t move! To get this ethereal look, spread your hair out evenly and place pretty flowers around your head. So pretty. Oh my gosh! Who did this to Vicky! Don’t worry girl, we’ll find the monster that did this to you! But in the meantime, let’s take some pics! For a silly photoshoot like this one, simply hop into the pool and stay by the edge. Make sure you’re wearing a ponytail! Have your friend hold onto your hair while they sit facing the opposite way with their head facing down. Okay, Vicky…this pic is awesome but it won’t make you famous, let’s not get “a-head” of ourselves… Time to post it to the gram! My favorite time of the day: lunch! But where’s my lunch date? At least I can depend on Instagram to be there for me! Looks like everyone is having a fun lunch but me! Hashtag this sucks! Wait a sec… If you really want to make your lunch date look realistic, plug in your earbuds to the phone so you can click it from afar. Now put the entire phone and the selfie stick right onto the chair across from you. Wow. That totally looks like your date is taking those pictures! Photo shoot, party of one! Hey girl, so sorry I’m late! No worries, i found a way to entertain myself. You ate without me? Not exactly! You’re such a cook, Sophia! So then I told the guy, no, you can’t take my car! You guys, we need to capture this moment right now! Cheese! So cute! You better tag everyone in these pics, Amy! I can never make my arms long enough to get everyone in frame! Let me try. If you don’t have a tripod handy, put your phone at the base of your sandal so you can capture the whole crew! Just don’t forget to put it on timer mode — unless you have super flexible toes. Yes! No ones head is cut off or anything! I’ll call that win for sure. Okay, do I have post approval? Yes! Tag away, Sophia. Tag away. You didn’t think we’d leave you “hangin’” without bloopers did you? Check out what happened behind the scenes as we tried to get the perfect instagram pics! Wish you could watch awesome life hack videos like these all the time? Just subscribe to our YouTube page, 123 Go and make sure to share our hilarious tips and tricks with your friends! Okay, now go ahead and start working the camera with these Instagram hacks — don’t forget to tag us!

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