Gender stereotypes and education


Gender stereotypes and education

As children there is no limit
to what we believe we can become but as girls and boys, we are
steered in different directions growing up. This is because of
what we call “gender stereotypes”: traditional ideas about
what boys and girls can or should do. They are not always obvious
but stereotypes are everywhere. They follow us from
our earliest days in the toystore and then influence us
when choosing subjects at school. For instance, girls are expected
to be good at arts and humanities, while boys are led
towards maths and science. When we encounter
the same stereotypes again and again, they begin to feel natural and to
shape our preferences and career paths. More men go in to better paid jobs in science, technology,
engineering and mathematics, and women tend to choose
teaching and social work professions. Acknowledging gender stereotypes
and their consequences is the first step
to breaking the mould, so we can build our lives
based on our own choices.

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100 thoughts on “Gender stereotypes and education”

  1. Xeno says:


  2. Coco Mcqueen says:

    What if the girl is trans

  3. Cyber Animations says:

    im a guy and i succ pp

  4. Mythipop says:

    This guy just said men have better jobs than women
    I need pop corn when this hits the Facebook feminists

  5. Angel Dust says:

    I learned all my science for 3 years ahead… and im a girl

  6. The Nerdmaster says:

    If a girl wants to play with a truck, she can. If a dude wants to be an artist, he can.

    Stop being so stupid

  7. Glen Mitchell says:

    Most of those toys at the beginning are for boys and girls

  8. Inkarana says:

    Interesting. I was always pushed towards language and teaching, and here is were I ended up: Science.
    After all, we can still make our own choices.

  9. just an ordinary gamer says:

    They should've taken a lot of time to make this video

  10. Jeremy Chen says:

    I think the fact that most girls end up in social work jobs and men ending up in STEM field jobs is probably because they gravitate toward those jobs due to interest, not that someone is forcing them. In 5 of the most high paying jobs, 4 of them are occupied by more males than females. It is just their choices and forcing girls into STEM fields that they are not interested in and boys into humanities and art that they are not interested is asinine. Same with forcing anyone into anything they have zero interest in.

  11. Lil Quil says:

    If girls are expected to be good at humanities, tell my why there are more male professional chefs. Same for doctors, there are more female doctors, which is the opposite of what this video claims.

  12. the fascism of political correctness says:

    I want appearance equality too. Studies show that I, as a brutally ugly person ,am unprivileged. So guys how do we handle this problem? Do everyone get esthetical surgeries or do we make alle pretty people ugly? 😀

  13. Chris Glisson says:

    Dear European institute for gender equality,

    Can I grab you by the hair and shove your face in a toilet?

  14. Nikki Palacios says:

    My best friend is a stereotype.

  15. Dennis1 Ketelaar says:

    Yo im sorry
    But in all stereotypes there there is quite a bit of truth

  16. Sophia Stevens says:

    I low key thought my captions were on when I started the video

  17. Pandawolf Gamer says:

    I’m a girl and I play with cars and nerf guns ;-;

  18. вяуαииα иєlѕσи says:

    When I was little me and my twin asked for two diff things I asked for hot wheels (a toy car) and my twin asked for Polly pocket dolls. Years later my sister came out as gay. Parents are scared to let there children play with certain things but in reality it doesn’t matter. I played with a “boy toy” all through child hood and I’m not gay or trans my sister played with “girl toys” and she’s gay. Your born who you are it’s a matter on if your willing to accept that or not.

  19. KB 36 says:

    I am guy and I HATE cars. So stereotypes are just not big deal for me

  20. StupidSnake says:

    Sorry what, the only good people at maths in my class are me and this other girl, no boys lol

  21. lu an says:

    Its correct

  22. Grey Jay says:

    Ah, yes, because of facts, were being stereotyped. Obviously.

  23. m i says:

    Where are gamers hmmmmm

  24. Leo Love_fan-fiction says:

    This is not tru

  25. Star Night says:


  26. unicorn sprinkles says:

    I’m just waiting for the triggered everyones in the comment

  27. MrMr RamenNoodles says:

    Ummmmm the smart kids in school are mostly girls

  28. Hi says:

    Well this is dumb who said that girls cant do stem and guys not to like pink D: this video has no point

  29. Deni says:

    That is soo not true im a girl and i don t like girly things and i always watch youtube videos and play games also im not good at arts but im good at maths
    So this video is soo silly

  30. } says:

    okay so maybe there ARE gender stereotypes, but what difference does it make that there are more men in stem and more woman in teaching???

  31. Mister Boogums says:

    I am good all that shit they just said

  32. xXGabriela the catXx says:

    This is kinda racist.

  33. Isabele Santos says:


  34. legend of gamers says:

    Wait…..where is the xbox ?

  35. Zoo we mama says:

    the biggest one that gets me so mad are if you wear glasses you’re instantly a nerd?

  36. KT W says:

    I think people should just do whatever they're interested in, whether or not it pays ass much it as little as another job. Gender stereotypes are stupid and I wish they would stop

  37. Golden Sketches says:

    Meanwhile me in the corner playing a pokemon game on my Dsi

  38. 専売Rachelle says:

    I'm good at maths and science… What's wrong with that?

  39. lencie wtf says:

    When i was young i was never really into barbies or baby like toys for a matter of fact i think i was scared of them 😀 but i always got books and stuff for birthdays and christmas . Once i got older in my teens i got gift card to shop for myself

  40. JustaRandomPersonWhoDoesThings says:

    Wrong imma girl and i mostly do what boys should do

  41. random_gamer_alert 69 says:

    Ok I’m definitely more of a boy stereotype, but…

    They can play with any toys. Like boys can play with girl toys and vis versa, like honestly we can do whatever we desire

  42. Error 54 says:

    I'm a girl.

    I like memes and dank stuff.

    Oh shit the next generation is fucked up.

  43. Emily Von Dohre says:

    or it’s *cough* what those people are just interested in

  44. MLG shark says:

    I'm a guy and i like art and maths so am i one of the stereotype

  45. A IS THE BEST says:

    That's wrong because I am the best at math and science

  46. Mara Dominique says:

    Loooooool. Speaking of toys, I remember seeing that Barbie can be anything right. Like that girl has been a doctor, vet, actor, astronaut, literally everything lol so I've always wanted to be like her in that sense hahaa and now I have an exceptionally hard life goal. Try several jobs like her looool.

  47. Luiza Lima says:


  48. Civape says:

    Sure its stereotype, cuz men are better in math and art, even in cooking.

  49. Logan DeMott says:

    Fuck gender roles boys and girls can do whatever and dress what ever that makes them comfortable

  50. Alguien-chan 27 says:

    I'm a girl and my favorite toy was a dinosaur called Dini and my favorite activity was watching insects… I still watch them (Sorry if my English is bad)

  51. Victoria Luo says:

    Be yourself
    Love yourself

    And let people be like they want and don't blame them just because they are"girly" or "manly"

  52. meraw says:

    You can usually tell if a child (male or female) is meant for STEM from a very young age, like 4th or 5th grade. Same thing with artistic and sportive skills, and many other abilities. It's just that most parents are awfully unobservant and they believe in the ridiculous principle of "encouraging your child to follow his passion". Except no child is going to magically succeed in a subject unless you encourage them to do so. That's why so many adolescents and young adults are lost and aimless.

  53. Awesome Dawn says:

    My parents didn't really do that, they just gave me stuff I wanted like a batman action figure or a barbie doll, I didn't care as long it was a toy.

  54. El Sebas Vlogs says:

    …….i agree that we must break the stereotypes….but there IS a study that proves from a biological point of view that boys tend to be attracted to mechanics and girls to social works…….

  55. Bella says:

    Seriously. Genders are naturally more drawn to these things because of our DNA. Girls are naturally girly, they cant help it. Men are naturally manly. Some may be less than others but it still doesn't mean everything needs to be equal. And with jobs. Men tend to enjoy or get drawn to more tough work, work that has long hours or intensive labour. Women lean more towards nurturing jobs or office jobs because its in their nature to be softer or caring. I'm not saying everyone is like this but the majority are like this. So please, stop trying to shove gender equality down our throats. And by gender equality i mean having everything gender neutral so it wont offend anyone. We can do what we want, no matter the colour or shape a toy is in. I actually hate this snowflake generation.

  56. Riyan Kabir says:

    You don't have to be a boy or girl to like anything. You can like whatever you want.

  57. earthredalert says:

    What a waste of taxpayers money. People in Europe have the choice to pursue whatever interests them. The only stereotyping being done is by this ridiculous institute.

  58. AJW says:

    I’m a boy and I don’t want to wear a dress. I’m sorry for enforcing gender stereotypes.

  59. Aaa says:

    I never thought I was pushed into any particular field, girls and boys do the same four main subjects together (including maths, science, and humanities) and I was more so encouraged to do what I was good at/liked and one of those things happened to be art (I'm male).

    And actually, I find that the stereotype is more that boys are immature/slow and girls are smarter/more focused on school. They are also focusing in school to get girls to go into stem fields.

    I just don't think anyone's forcing you to do anything and people are given a lot of freedom to choose what they want these days in education. And you shouldn't focus on encouraging girls to do stem just because a lot of boys do it, let them explore what they like.

  60. {pan potato 030} says:

    I have a baby doll… but….

    I abuse it.

  61. magiciansway says:

    What RUBBISH. The more egalitarian a society becomes the BIGGER the difference between career choices of males and females becomes.

  62. Максим Матреницкий says:

    Also add prisoners to the list where we need equality. To close the jail-gap we should teach girls to commit crimes, train to be agressive and stupid, shut everyone up and let them attack anyone they don't like. Wait a second… Radical feminists, you're almost there. Good job, but go harder! Still see the gap.

  63. Максим Матреницкий says:

    Where's any scientificsl evidence to support the claim that the choice is 100% socially predefined and there is no any natural, biological, psychological differences between boys and girls that influence their choices?
    Studies say just the opposite. The most gender neutral countries tend to show much bigger difference in male / female choices of toys and occupations. The Norwegian Paradox.

    We should strive for freedom of choice that makes women and men listen better to themselves, but we should be informed and tolerant towards the fact that given the freedom boys and girls will be making different choices.

  64. mario gonzalez says:

    I have a snake and my room is pink but I want it to be shite

  65. 中島雅 says:

    I was so surprised that only 2-3 girls were in physics class in the U.S. when I just came from Japan. In my country, more girls are in Stem classes.

  66. AKHIL Pillay says:

    Who is the narrator

  67. Tamsyn Shaw says:

    I’m happy if women want to do arts and humanities and men to focus on STEM, but it has to be that persons decision. Same if it opposite.

  68. Anthony Cepeda says:

    This is all crap, it’s not fucking true, and all of this is bullshit. Stop forcing these crap videos on innocent kids. It’s fucking dumb and you should feel ashamed at what you’re doing

  69. Sweet Lollipop says:

    Yep in my school all the girls are friends with girls and say me to join them but i am best friends with boys so they Bully me and call me a boy. But we all R humans so we can be friends with anyone. People say me that a football player cause I am a girl and I should be a mom when i grow up. Idk why they are so senseless and narrow minded. And after looking at me they started to copy what I do like talking with boys and all. They then told they are there 'ORIGINAL TOMBOY' i mean what the heck!! Just be who you are. I mean if you want to remove this stereotype thing then don't just force a boy to go now and start playing with dolls or a girl to be like go play football now!! It's just their choice!

  70. Your Average Starlight says:

    I'm a girl who loves science and sucks at art. I also hate pink and wear lots of blue. Stereotypes suck…

  71. mrjohn yo says:

    When i was kid i love lego

  72. Sharon Bingham says:

    I somewhat drifted the line of girly girl and tomboy as I was and still am growing up. I loved playing sports, maybe not on a team but I always had great fun and would join in. But I also loved playing with dolls and doing arts and crafts. That's stuck with me to high school as well. I take typical feminine subjects like art and home ec but I also take technology, business studies and history. I don't take any science actually because I just sucked at it.

    Basically there is an in between. You can like both of these, someone can like baking yet like making websites. It's the grey area.

  73. PatatiPatata says:

    Sorry for the bible chapter in advance 😛

    I think this is much less accurate now, at least in my country. What people choose to persue is because of their personalities, I guess. Do you think an arrogant, egotistic and/or selfish person would like to be a psychologist? I wouldn't think so, as it is a profession that needs you to have patience and empathy towards other people. Police officers are people who need to be brave and selfless, a person who's scared of risks and just doesn't care enough for other people wouldn't be suitable for this job. Both men and women have the possibility to portray these traits in their personality. But this is just my point of view, maybe in other places it's different. Though I do think stereotypes are slowly dying and being played with. Like the stereotype that women are made to be in the kitchen. Some people get that it is so ridiculous that they make jokes about it.

  74. the African Idiot says:

    do they have any practical proof of what they are saying, or they just say bs for propaganda reasons

  75. JollyRoger says:

    One more reason to keep away from the EU.

  76. Phobia productions says:

    I remember when i was little i used to love dolls but not barbie and stuff like that more monster high not the super girly and normal looking ones I always wanted the ones that look the most like the monster and stuff and if I wasn't doing that I was playing video games or drawing and my favorite thing to do read manga I love the gory ones like corpse party blood c and another

  77. mahnamahnadodoobedodo says:

    Sponsored by the Ministry of Reeducation and endorsed by Satan.

  78. 77tubuck says:

    Unscientifically proven bullshit!

  79. Just Monika says:

    I really hate religious period during class
    Yes we have that kind of subject here 🙁

    And the teacher is a female and omg she love stereotyping kids and make fun or lecture

    And this happened yesterday

    So….if youre a guy who is nice and not being loud in class…means youre a girl
    And if youre a girl who likes sports and like dark….youre a guy..

    Yes yes sooooo logical 💁💆

  80. Bia Pac says:

    bullshit.. what about biology you dumb?

  81. R vdM says:

    It's saying that gender is socially constructed! Funny since Christian's used to say this to transgenders to tell them it's just in their head and not really true and they could be cured of it, since socially constructed things can be undone. So in that sense the transgenders aren't really of the gender they think they are, their social environment made them that gender. So actually if gender is socially constructed upon kids they're gender oppressed kids.

  82. Lyra Heartstring says:

    Conguratilatons, you crushed the Wage Gap.

  83. Old memes Are great says:

    I definitely think it’s not good that men usually get better jobs because that’s what there interested to but gender stereotypes will to some degree never break if a boy cries as much as a girl he will get bullied and Because of that he’ll become depressed that’s why I think you have to tell a boy to play in the mud with THE BOYS there will always be one person that says boys shouldn’t cry so when one boy cries the other boy bullies that boy

  84. Free World says:

    What a slap in the face to the 14% of women already in the engineering or mathematics fields.

  85. Csaba Csaba says:

    Internet culture still fail to solve this problem. We just Trolling and Having fun, but if somebody try to be serious, we laugh and call him/her salty.

  86. HotWax93 says:

    If men are more likely to go into higher-paying jobs than women, then doesn't that help to explain much of the gender pay gap? I'm not saying that pay discrimination never happens, just that the disparity in pay between men and women may not always be due to sexism.

  87. Im Föx says:

    Im a boy and i hate crazy mathematics LOL. I suck ass at math. Im into music, it's my passion. AND IM A BOY! We can all do whatever we want bruhh

  88. REBEL v says:

    I liked boy toys when I was younger I hate art I'm not social i don't want to be a teacher because i don't like kids

  89. Dyanne Horton says:

    Why are these parents so uninterested in the future of these children they created. If you care at all about your child, you would let them be what nature decided. If you decide to take the route to slice your child's genitals off, you are going to create a dark and frightening world for your child.They are tom little to know better.

  90. The letter L says:

    Tell the 100 male teachers in my middle school that.

  91. animation homo says:

    Going though high school I barely ever see those stereotypes. Girls where better at school work then boys and liked clothes and style. Boys always slacked off and liked sports if anything girls where way smarter than us.

  92. SuperSuperswan says:

    What a lot of bull shit, Brexit NOW please.

  93. sean li says:

    Don’t put women in the kitchen. That’s where the knives are

  94. Joshua Rivers says:

    I don't follow these stereotypes and crap. When I have my kids they can play with and wear whatever they want, I wouldn't care being that I dress feminine. If my girls like boyish things great! If my sons like girly things great! If my daughters turn out to be Lesbians great! If my sons turn out to be gay great! I'll still love them to death and I would kill anyone who messes with them….no mercy period, end if story.✌🏼

  95. Nichole Dlp says:

    I am not good in art.
    I am interested in STEM, English (reading), and math.
    I want to be a director or engineer.
    I like purple.
    I like to draw but am not good at it.
    Stereotypes make a mold that doesn’t exist. Not only does it effect the current generation but this effects the future. We can talk about this, but are we really doing anything?

  96. 007odc says:

    Girls are also get catered to,worried about, and treated to be given things….were boys are taught to earn things…..which is why were at the stare of were we are of people who want to be included in things without earning them

  97. HYUKLDER1 says:

    Liberals are unlimited when it comes to morality and decency; they twist the minds of our children in schools, colleges and universities to make them believe unlimited perversion is the new normal.  That to be moral is to be wrong, that they should accept and extol all kinds of unlimited distortion of normality at school, in the neighbourhood, at workplaces, in films, television and plays.
    The line has to be drawn.  Unlimited liberalism has to be stopped.  Normality needs restoring.

  98. Car Bird says:

    Collect plastic from sea – Will not change production.
    Eating meat is bad for you – But wastes money on shit ‘biological’ food.
    Gender equality???! – Women are equal to women doesn’t mean everything has to be 50/50. Wtf does having a different genitalia have to do with any godddmn thing? What are we going to have a gender apartheid? Are men going to be fired from their jobs so women can take their spot? What is going on with the world. Everything seems so forced and fake its unbelievable. Lets paint the toy stores white on the boys and on the girls toys. F it lets just mix it up in one big lump of toys and make the kids grab whatever they want to play with. And everytime when a girl grabs a baby doll we will have to confirm!!! ‘ARE U SURE HONEY???? DONT U WANT A GODDMN LAPTOP??!??! NO PRESSURE NO PRESSURE IM JUST SAYING. BLUE IS ALSO A NICE COLOR SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!! Sick of this

  99. Anthony Kist says:

    just wanna point out that there is zero evidence of gender stereotypes being the causation of females and males choosing particular life roles/choices/careers. In fact much of the research shows that if left to just naturally choose what they feel is most comfortable REGARDLESS of toys and stereotypes and such, that girls are more wired for social roles and males are more wired for logical roles.

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