Generations React To Top 10 Video Games Of All Time


Generations React To Top 10 Video Games Of All Time

– I’ve never even heard of this.
How old does that make me? – I feel like I’m in computer school
or something. (chuckles) ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re going
to be playing a game all about games.
– I love games! – (FBE) Well, we’re gonna be
showing you clips from 10 video games. – Okay. Are we gonna rank them?
– (both) Yay! – (FBE) And these are believed
to be the top 10 best-selling video games of all time.
And we are going to see if you can correctly guess
where in the top 10 each one ranks. – Jeez. I’m gonna do horrible.
– (FBE) So, we’re gonna give you this. – I think I can do it. ♪ (Tetris theme) ♪ – Oh, Tetris!
It’s Tetris! – Yup, this is Tetris.
– Loved this growing up, but it would just get me
so frustrated after a while. – Ooh, this might be number one.
– That’s gonna be super popular. Everyone– even grandma
plays Tetris. – I’ve never heard of it.
– Tetris is one of those games that’s so accessible to everyone.
Anyone can do it. I’m gonna put it at three.
– Number three. – Four, ’cause I feel like
it’s kind of iconic. – Number six.
– Four. – It’s totally 10.
I just know it. There’s, like,
12,000 better video games out there. – I’d say five.
– I’m putting that at number one. It’s definitely up there.
– I wanna say four. – That’s one, because it’s
been around forever, and it’s on every phone
and every computer. ♪ (Super Mario theme) ♪ – Mario! – I used to be able
to fly through this as a kid, dude. – It’s very elementary. ♪ (suspenseful 8-bit music) ♪
– It’s a big game. It helped shape all of gaming. (warping noise)
– Oh, that sound. – ♪ (hums along) ♪
– Ah, I love that sound. ♪ (Super Mario theme) ♪
– I love the music. – I remember my mother saying,
“If I have to hear that sound one more time!”
– I love Mario, but I’m putting it at eight.
I don’t think it sold as many as some of the ones
that are gonna be coming up. – I’m gonna put that
at number six for right now. – Two.
– I’ma put it at three. – I wanna put it at number one,
but I’m like, is that just the fan in me being,
like, “I like it.” – Should we put Mario at number five?
– I’m gonna let you– I’m gonna let you choose.
– Put Mario at number five. – Seven.
– I’d say seven. – Number four.
I know it’s a big game, but I don’t know how many people
actually have it. – I put it at number one.
The Mario franchise is probably the biggest franchise of all time. ♪ (battle music) ♪
– My game, Pokemon. – Oh, Pokemon Red and Blue.
– Great game. Never played it. – I’ve never even heard of this.
How old does that make me? – I think this one’s
gonna be pretty high, too. It’s all just old Nintendo games. – So many memories with this.
– Pokemon is huge. – We’re going strong with these ones.
– Red and Blue, number three. – 10, just because
I don’t like Pokemon. (chuckles) – I’m putting Pokemon Red
and Blue at the bottom, ’cause I’ve never heard of it.
– I’m gonna put that one at four. – Number three.
– Just gonna have Pokemon first. – Eight. Pokemon isn’t
as good as Mario. – Jeez Louise.
I don’t know where to put this. Number five.
– Okay, I’ma put this at number 10. Games have become so much bigger
since then. ♪ (playful music) ♪
– Oh, another Super Mario. – Super Mario Bros. DS.
– Oh, for the DS. Ooh, the DS was so popular, though. – I did have this
when I was a kid. I don’t remember the graphics
being that bad. (chuckles) – That’s a throwback.
I would play this for hours on my DS. – I’ma put it at seven.
– Six. – I’m gonna put it at nine.
How many Marios are on this list? – I’ma put it for six.
– Number four. The DS sold crazy well. – Number eight.
– Five. That feels neutral. – It’s not that popular to me.
– I’m putting that at number two. The Super Mario chain
is unstoppable. – Last, ’cause I don’t think
a lot of people would buy it on the DS.
– Ohhh! – Shut the front door.
– Oh, that’s Wii Sports! I love Wii Sports.
– I forgot that Wii Sports was a thing.
– I feel like it’s not horrible, but it’s kind of a boring game.
– People are like, “What’s your favorite game?”
I’m like, “I could Wii bowl like nobody’s business.” (chuckles)
– Wii Sports is really high up there, because it came with every single copy
of freaking the Wii. Oh my god. – That was back when they would
play video games that made them move their body.
That’s gone now. – Five. It was supposed
to get you motivated to move, and I had buddies that learned
how to bowl and everything by sitting down. Yeah.
(snickers) – I’m gonna put it at two,
because it literally is on every single Wii.
– I’d say number two. – Number eight.
– Wii Sports is number 10. – I’m gonna go six.
– Number five. If I played it,
it had to be popular. – Nine.
– Nine. Totally nine. – Number two,
just because the Wii did so well. ♪ (exhilarating music) ♪
– Mario Kart on the Wii! – I first played Mario Kart
on the Super NES. – So, these are all Mario basically. – So, Nintendo kills it is basically
what we’re getting from this list. – Mario Kart is still huge.
– Yes! This guy’s so good at this game! Until that happens. Yeah, now he’s awful
at that game. (chuckles) – I remember they had
the little steering wheel. We had to get that.
Ah, that was cool. Number six for me. – Everybody waits
to put number one down, because they just
wanna see everything. – Yeah. We have Mario Kart
as number two. – Three for now.
– I’m gonna say four. That is action packed.
There’s a lot of energy. – Five.
– I’ma put this one at number eight. – Number seven.
– Six. – I’ll put it at six.
There’s way too much Mario on this. Can you ever have
too much Mario, though? – What is this game?
– I’ve never heard of this. – I didn’t even know
this was a game on there. – Wii Sports Resort?! (giggles) – What is that– whoa! – My kids definitely like this one
better than regular Wii Sports. – (voice-over) Looks great! – I did like Wii Sports Resort, too. – Tony Hawk Pro Skater
was so much better than that. I’m gonna put it at seven.
– I’m gonna put that at 10, ’cause I’ve never heard of that.
– I’ma put that as 10. – Nine.
– Nine. – Wii Resort, number nine.
– Nine. I have to put that under Wii Sports.
– Number nine. – It’s gonna be two.
That looked cool. – Number nine, ’cause this one
people would’ve had to go out of their way to get that one.
– Number nine. I’ve played it and we owned it,
but I wanna feel like we bought it at the discount
$5 used video games section. – Minecraft! [Bleep].
How did I forget about Minecraft? – Dude, this was a movement.
People loved this stupid game. (chuckles)
– This is a humongous game. Tons of people bought it.
– I was never a big fan, I think just ’cause I never
got the walking down. (chuckles) – Okay, is this construction
or something? – I had my own server as a kid.
I was so ready for all of it. Number three.
– I’m gonna put it at number two. That dude is a wealthy man.
– People are still addicted to it. Minecraft, number one!
– I’ma put it at seven. – Five for now.
Every single person has bought Minecraft at some point.
– Number four, even though I’m gonna move it up,
because I forgot about Minecraft. – I’m gonna make that a 10.
I didn’t understand the purpose of it. – I’m gonna put it at seven.
– Number two. Tons of nine-year-olds playing it.
– It’s a super good game that everyone likes,
so I’m gonna put it at number one. – (man) What’s this? Local resistance?
– Oh! Grand Theft Auto. I haven’t even thought of that.
– (man) It never ends. Come on! – This is a good game.
– I know it’s popular, but I didn’t hear as much
about this game as other games. – I think this one has made
the most money of any video game, but I don’t think
it’s the best selling. – It seems so real.
– My son is obsessed. I’ll walk in and say,
“Oh, what are you playing?” “Oh, I’m playing GTA.”
He’s driving the down street on a motorcycle.
He hits a car. Just because the guy hit him
in the car, he gets out, and shoots him in the face.
I’m like, “Oh, that’s lovely, dear. Yeah, don’t forget
to put your socks away.” – Crap, that was huge.
My dad even played that. – I’ve never played GTA either.
– (both) We weren’t allowed to. (laughs)
– We only have two spots left, and they’re low.
– I’m gonna put it in the higher spot, six.
– Four. – I have it at five.
– I’ma put it at eight. – Eight.
– I’m gonna say that’s probably gonna be number one,
’cause the violence, it’s fast, it’s realistic.
– I’ll do number three. – Eight.
– I’m gonna put it at number three. Last one. This is
gonna be my number one, so… (gasps) PUBG. Okay!
– PUBG?! – Oh, yeah! My uncle
plays this all the time. (gun firing)
– What is this? – I’ve never heard of PUBG.
I feel like a super old lady. – There’s just so many shooting games
that I don’t really keep track of. (gun fires) – “Winner, winner, chicken dinner.”
(laughs) – I’m surprised Fortnite
isn’t on here. Oh, but it’s free. – I gotta put it at one.
– It’s probably super famous, but it’s going down low for me.
– Number seven. – Number seven just ’cause
it’s my only spot available. – Fourth.
– I’m gonna make it a six. – 10, ’cause I didn’t know
what that one was. – That’s gonna be
my number one spot. – I’m gonna put it at nine.
People played it for, like, a week or two and then realized,
“Oh, there’s other games that exist that are probably better
than this.” – (FBE) So, now that you watched
through all these, we’re gonna give you a chance
to make changes. Let us know when you’re locked.
– Okay. I’m thinking Minecraft’s
gonna be number one. – Okay, so Wii Sports, eight.
– That’s wrong. It’s wrong. I know it’s wrong.
– I used to do this all the time when I took tests in college, too,
and I’d go back and second guess everything
and then realize that my gut was way better than anything–
didn’t change anything. So, I’m gonna put keep it.
– (FBE) The way this works is for everything
you get right on the money, you get two points.
– Cool. – (FBE) For anything
you’re just one off on, you get one point.
– Well, I’m not good at math, so you’re gonna help me, right? – (FBE) Number 10 is
new Super Mario Bros. for the DS. (buzzer)
– WHAT!?!? That’s a good game that everybody loves!
– Okay, so I do get one point. – I was close.
I was at nine. – (FBE) Number nine
is Pokemon Red and Blue. – Dang it!
– We’re gonna get zero points. (laughs)
– We are gonna get zero points. – It was one off.
– Oh, it was one off! – Okay, I got that.
– (FBE) Number eight is Wii Sports Resort.
– Yes! – Shut the front door! Yes!
I’m just excited we got one. – Oh, wait! Resort!
(buzzer) – (FBE) Resort.
– Dammit. We got so excited! (laughs) – Look at that.
That’s two more points. – (FBE) Number seven
is Mario Kart Wii. – I have Mario Kart. Yay!
(laughs) That was one of the ones I switched.
– Yay! – Yes, we had six. – (FBE) Number six…
is Super Mario Bros. (buzzer)
– (sighs) Sadly, no. This is looking bad, guys.
– It really, in my heart, felt that it was number one. – (FBE) Number five is PUBG.
(buzzer) – Poop.
– Why would anybody wanna buy that? This has just turned
into me judging people. (playfully) Your opinions are wrong! – (FBE) Number four is Wii Sports.
(buzzer) – Nooo.
– It’s just like [inaudible], I guess. – I got one, guys! (chuckles) – (FBE) Number three
is Grand Theft Auto V. – I have Mario for that.
My judgment is really wrong with all of this.
– Oh my god, yes! – Two points.
(sing-song) Mm, mm, mm. – (FBE) Number two is Minecraft.
– Okay. Two, I have Wii Sports.
I’m doing really well. – At least I get one point.
– That was one point for me. – I was right!
I was right on one! – (FBE) Finally, number one,
the best selling game of all time is still Tetris.
– You’re kidding. I feel like I’m in computer school
or something. (chuckles) – I’m devastated.
I put Tetris on 10. Is this a prank?
What the heck!? That– that is STUPID! – Woo-hoo. People forget about Tetris.
It’s always there. – Should’ve stuck to my guts on this. Tetris is the number one
selling game ever. – I at least wanted one,
and I think I would’ve had a little bit of self-esteem left,
but, like, no. (chuckles) – It’s a generational thing.
Pac-Man, that was it. That’s all I remember. – Thanks for watching
Generations React. And shoutout to Ari Levi.
– Subscribe. And shoutout to Justin Arthur.
– Let us know in the comments if you like seeing all the generations
together like this. – Thanks for watching. Bye.
– Hey, guys. It’s Daniel. This is my last episode as a teen.
It’s been so much fun over the years. I started when I was 16,
and now I’m moving up to Adults React. I’ll see you guys soon.

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