George Brown College’s Restorative Dental Hygiene Program

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George Brown College’s Restorative Dental Hygiene Program

[music] LJILJANA HINTON: Being a
restorative dental hygienist is that perfect blend
of science and art. MELISSA CRAWFORD: With an
expanded scope of practice for the restorative hygienist, it
allows you to move into digital technology and CAD/CAM. We have digital learning. So when you’re working as
a restorative hygienist, you’re working collaboratively
with the dentist, the client, the dental assistant and then
other restorative hygienists. It allows you to be part of a
greater, deeper level of dentistry. The restorative dental hygiene
program at George Brown College is a two-semester program; it’s
a condensed program which allows you to also work while
you are attending school. We have a high level of
knowledge and expertise within the clinical staff. We’ve been teaching this
program for over 40 years. We have modified it,
we have changed it, we have met the needs of the
growing scope of practice. TANIA BALDWIN: I’ve been a
dental hygienist for about 14 years and I think
I wanted a change. I wanted something more. The ‘more’ I was looking for,
was to do something different, doing something more creative. Doing restorations, we’re
replacing anatomy and the aesthetics into the restoration. DR. DANA COLSON: Restorative
dental hygienists are very, very skilled and very focused to be
able to give their very best for the back-end of the procedure. So it frees up my time and
allows me to be able to see more patients and they can take
their time to do excellent work. MELISSA CRAWFORD: We do
pride ourselves in keeping up with technology, incorporating
technology into the learning within the program and we
do that by working with our industry partners. LJILJANA HINTON: It’s so exciting
to see how digital dentistry is changing the landscape. It gives us the capability to
gain access to all kinds of data and information so that we
can serve our patients better. DR. DANA COLSON: When I
interview somebody who’s been to George Brown College, I know
that George Brown College is like a brand name. TANIA BALDWIN: I love practicing
in the clinic to master our skills and it’s a wonderful way to learn. [music]

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