George Hotz | Programming | Hack The Box | ctf practice for skill (should tomcr00se return?)


George Hotz | Programming | Hack The Box | ctf practice for skill (should tomcr00se return?)

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100 thoughts on “George Hotz | Programming | Hack The Box | ctf practice for skill (should tomcr00se return?)”

  1. commaai archive says:

    Follow and subscribe and help George get Twitch Partner! | Programming archive🡿

  2. MagicK says:

    Yes I want tomcroose back

  3. What are you getting into? says:

    Most other cunts always hide their apple serial numbers when geohot doesn't give a fuck about showing it.

  4. Saleh Akram Joy says:

    Hey, you should share your music playlist for us :3

  5. Alvaro Ubilla Oliva says:

    3:42:34 best spanish i ever heared

  6. M Rusli says:

    Yo brother where were you man

  7. M Rusli says:

    Say George Hotz, does your MAC crash with Bridge is errors caused by Apple T2 chip problems????? Do let me know man.

  8. M Rusli says:

    You gonna hack the iRobot to clean the house? 😀

  9. M Rusli says:


  10. Mislav Omazić says:

    yo that mech keyboard sounds dope, what switches are u using?

  11. RektOrNah says:

    You showed how to get in … big rip now influx of skids.

  12. IAM4701 says:

    Watching a geohot stream is more delightful than watching a porn

  13. Dylan Dsouza says:

    Goddam right he should return

  14. Yo Yo123 ุ says:

    Code me a p100 cs go cheat or gea

  15. MrBboyblaze says:

    I agree with George, most people have turned to a push button pentest and rely on tools and it takes years to become a good hacker. For me personally, I attended a SANS GWAPT course, went through Red Hat Linux courses (RSCHA, RSCHE), CISCO networking.I started with python programming, then to powershell and from there JavaScript and C++. I really wanted to build a good solid foundation of programming so when tools fail , I can adapt and overcome. Every time I talk to people they say you don’t need all that information or you don’t need to know that etc when taking an OSCP for example.

  16. JP Amata says:

    1:08:07: "never too late man, quit your sh1tty a$s jobs and go learn some skillz"

  17. Hopi Ng says:

    Thanks for sharing

  18. Charlie Phoenix says:

    ready for sum mo tomcr00se yeeeeaaaahhh Boooiiiii

  19. Jared Spencer Cabrera says:

    You're the man George Hotz!

  20. fr3fou says:

    i need his prompt / ps1 from 4:03:30 :<

  21. K4YSTR says:

    Ew a MacBook

  22. Martin-Mattias Tarkus says:

    Please don't post these kind of things.

  23. Jousef Murad says:

    I don't understand shit but still watch your streams, much love to you George 😀

  24. Nrxszvo X says:

    How do I get started with hacking or cyber security

  25. Robert Hornberger says:

    Please don’t chewy in front of the mic 🎙 😂‼️

  26. biansor almerol says:

    This guy has 0.1 professional experience but then he earn more than most of the professionals

  27. Master Charlie says:

    I don’t know but when I watch this guy’s stream I just feel that he is truly doing something of my interest, of my passion!

  28. yoda you talk like says:

    what ide is that

  29. Reaper says:

    "i have to wait? this is terrible"

  30. biansor almerol says:

    Wtf that was fast 43:30

  31. Aayush Pokharel says:

    Yayyy, time to boot my Kali vm

  32. Yochem 2311 says:

    George switching to zsh 😱

  33. David Genrich says:

    Every four years, we get to vote who owns the brothel, but we still have to suck off the same Johns.

  34. Blazing Pasta says:

    1:06:13 nice rant!

  35. S p e e d says:

    1:07:12 i need this

  36. Luftbubblan says:

    Never had a job, agrees with some of your rant. Still a noob 😀

  37. AYM Corporation says:

    It's time to back on hacking.

  38. ZeroBeta says:

    Okay, ls -l. There is nothing in the dir.

  39. Vadim Peresvetov says:

    Live chat programmer, very interesting to watch. I did not understand the hack, but the training is excellent. Please don't scream so much, George. Good luck to you!! For your peace of mind I share with the video on acting. Interesting too !!

    There is NO personal interest. Watch + subscribe + like.
    Kiev Polytechnic, performance
    Movement from Dmitry Bozin

  40. Zacharie Cyr says:

    You can probably skip the first 30 minutes:

    He's just mindlessly typing the same alert statements on the same form when it's clearly not working. No thinking or problem solving skills involved, only a guy spitting and typing nonsense very fast.

    I don't plan to watch the rest of the video.

  41. Alp Ozen says:

    u should add Greek yoghurt to your pasta one day, it tastes dope, watching u eat it without yoghurt hurt me

  42. jimcola Buchanan says:

    "they ruined DEFCON, but they can't ruin hacking" I love that.

  43. Jason Liu says:

    is the text editor vim or emacs or something else ?

  44. cameron says:

    We want tomcr00se

  45. Matt says:

    password: eggseggs in url @ 21:30 lol

  46. Carlos Moreno Jr. says:

    does anyone know what terminal he is using for the mac???

  47. BL0Zz VE says:

    could you try hack a minecraft server? c:

  48. Emanuel Ym says:

    password for chicken: eggseggs

  49. Lizenz bear says:

    How did He use ubuntu in MacOS?

  50. Python Bergisch Gladbach says:

    def comeback(device, script):
    geohot = device + script
    while geohot[0] == False:
    for hacks in geohot:
    tomcr00se = hax
    return tomcr00se

  51. carter says:

    Have you tried the "Dark Reader" chrome/brave extension? It's easy on your eyes when you code at night 🙂

    Only suggesting this from the painfully white Satoshi Wikipedia page you had pulled up.

  52. Health Inspector says:

    Okay i think at around 1:11:00 he speaks a lot of truth about government monopolies. I think being a self taught programmer is better than attempting to get a degree.

  53. Rafael Duma says:

    49:28 😂😂😂😂

  54. vinicius vieira says:

    What javascript code he put in console? 42:33

  55. State Zero says:


  56. Batuhan Batuhan says:


    Username: bob
    Password: ***
    on live stream for people into hacking

    what did you expect lol

  57. Batuhan Batuhan says:

    I need some RAM upgrade for my 8GB dell notebook for runnin the VM smoothly.

  58. Steve says:

    I was sitting doing the same thing all night 🥱.. You need to get some tools and a terminal , and run some scans instead of guessing or picking everything apart with inspect. I like to , you don't have to but its fun nevertheless. These sites will give you good hints but they will never tell you the answer, they want you to change the background color and inject. Its javascript its going to execute anything between <script> and </script> this is what they wanted you to change↓

    function changeBackground(color) { = color; ←This is where

    window.addEventListener("load",function() { changeBackground('red') });

  59. blake sanchize says:

    Can someone make a compilation of all his rants.

  60. Banjo K says:

    Your my favorite social media influencer

  61. Sandeep Thapa says:

    what editor is he using?

  62. Justin Moore says:

    You know why I liked steve. Half of what he said was bullshit, but he had three great traits about him. The first was that he was humble, the second was that he was compassionate, and the third was he had a lot of life experience. Going to be a tough one to replace.

  63. Imgay Asheck says:

    Tomcr00se? Back to rapper days

  64. Tomas Savenas says:

    Make ur bed and clothes 🙂

  65. José Rodríguez says:

    The Problem of Political Authority – Michael Huemer

  66. Code Red says:

    This dude is crazy xD

  67. Johan says:

    Want to be annoyed? Go to: 2:22:11

  68. EchoXIII...GO! says:

    I was so angry when I thought the website was just broken, 3 days later I found out I had to hack it to get into the site… my moral compass be too strong..

  69. Nicholas Sielicki says:

    This guy clicks SO MUCH don’t your fingers get tired bro?

  70. ezzine aladin says:

    I watched 5 hours of this video, I learned many things 🙂

    Hahahaha when you eat pasta

    that makes me feel hungry so I went to the kitchen to cook the spaghetti

  71. Omar Valenzuela says:

    How did he simply ssh into a random ubuntu machine? (i.e. ssh e)

  72. wiilillad says:

    Damn dude, <img src="" onerror=alert(1) />

  73. Heang Borin says:

    he typed faster than i copy-paste

  74. BL0Zz VE says:

    Could you try hack a Minecraft server?

  75. Silica says:

    Do an image with an onerror attribute w "alert(1)"

    Also LOLd at 19:51

  76. Justin Collins says:

    I subscribed, but dude, get a better mic. I can't be alone in saying that I honestly have a headache after the 1st 2 minutes of the video and am irritated about it. Seriously. I am watching with subtitles on mute. Complete the awesomeness with a $200 mic and perhaps some AGC. Thanks in advance.

  77. Raul Abusabal says:

    is he using ubuntu powershell/terminal? or what?

  78. Rotten Brainz says:

    u need a dude with a quantum theory, and he hooks up with an applied hacker like hotz then the world bank will go down! 🙂

  79. Rotten Brainz says:

    I only loved tom cruise for one reason other than his cool movies, and hes actually an antipsychiatry dude as well!! great guy!!

  80. dandelion mari says:

    done subscribing 👍

  81. John Hammer says:

    24:40 Like Who came back ?

  82. Mini Bit010 says:

    Hack the box challenges!? GTFO sweet!

  83. Blessed Lucifer says:

    Wtf are these subtitles ? OK I get it twitch

  84. João Pedro Battistella Nadas says:

    What is he using to keep changing between the different bash instances?

  85. xlp hak says:

    this guy is the best tech mentor on youtube

  86. Nuno Balbona says:

    This guy is coked out of his mind

  87. Mukund Kalra says:


  88. Klemza K says:

    tomcr00se should return

  89. CrossedChaos says:

    Forget the coding. If someone just stitched together all of his rants I could watch it all day.

  90. Claudiu Fanea says:

    why is his laptops name "catalina"?

  91. Nigel Higgs says:

    I love the coding part but to be honest I just watch mainly because of the insightful rants you pop-off lol

  92. anders damin says:

    George is an imp, a gremlin, a minx, a devil, a brat, a puck, a rascal, a pixie, a villain, a rogue, a scamp, a hellion, a fiend, a demon, an urchin and a sprite.

  93. Sajjad Jawad says:

    You can search in Google for "create account on hachthebox" and it is the first link without hack any think this is the link

  94. superkrabban says:

    I recommend not using the DOM view for debugging reflective XSS. Look directly in the HTTP response. The browser parses the html and you won't see what's happening in clear if you look in the dom view.

  95. Maxwell Finch says:

    UID = chicken
    PW = eggseggs

  96. Amalele says:

    when i feel stupid i watch this man

  97. Zaman says:

    Georg Hotz is a genius man ..
    Unbeliveble skills 💪

  98. kudikamo says:

    "Chrome minus Google would be the perfect browser".

    Amen brother

  99. Misto says:

    What a f schizoid hahahaha

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