Get Your Degree or Certificate in Horticulture at College of DuPage


Get Your Degree or Certificate in Horticulture at College of DuPage

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] So you’re
passionate about working with nature, science, and art? You have a desire to
care for the environment and love the outdoors, and you want to be a part of an industry that supports creativity,
design, and sustainability. Let the Horticulture program at College of DuPage help
you get started working in a unique field where you
can create your own niche. Horticulture is a growing
industry with a constant need for new qualified workers to fill a wealth of diverse employment opportunities. There are over 2,000 new hires each year in the Chicago Metropolitan area alone. Whether you’re a recent
high school graduate, looking for a career change, or simply wanting to increase
your skills in specific areas. COD offers classes to
fit just about anyone. (gentle music) And with a wide range of associate degree and certificate programs in horticulture, College of DuPage can
help you reach your goals. (upbeat music) The program is accredited by the National Association
of Landscape Professionals, and the Equipment and
Engine Training Council and serves a vast growing
student population each semester. Students are provided
opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in a wide range of topics. Study areas that include hydroponics, greenhouse management, plant identification, horticulture business, turf management, landscape design, CAD & 3D design, small engine repair and maintenance, sustainable urban agriculture, floral design, and more. – My overall experience with
the COD Horticulture Program has been really positive. I didn’t know what to expect going in, but I’ve always heard the
college has a good reputation, and it’s really, it exceeded
all of my expectations from the professors, and the classes, and the fact that it’s super
challenging and very hands-on. I’m really pleased, I think
it’s a great choice that I made, especially in such a major career change. – There’s so much you
can learn out and about, but COD provides you
with so much of the tools and the necessities you could
have for working outside. And you can also bring another perspective from the class level to the
actual field, work in field. – My experience has been
overwhelmingly positive. There’s one professor in particular who has just been very supportive
and really challenges us to address things that we
normally take for granted and to find different
ways to look at them. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Each instructor
in the COD Horticulture Program is not only knowledgeable and passionate about horticulture practices, all have years of professional
experience working in the industry and hold
various certifications. And the advanced facilities
at College of DuPage use the latest industry technology for students to gain hands on, real world experience in every class. The program continuously adapts to stay current and
relevant to industry needs, and a strong industry input,
support, and involvement. Landscape design students learn and use the latest innovative
CAD and 3D software to create business and
residential landscape designs for mock clients. (gentle music) In our 12,000 square foot greenhouse lab, students have the opportunity to grow and propagate a variety of crops. They learn integrated pest
management techniques, production practices and
plant identification. Students also learn and practice various sustainable initiatives. – The hands on experience of the classes are what I love the most. I am definitely a very tactual learner, and being able to actually
get my fingers in soil and get my fingers on
plants really allows me to absorb the knowledge
that’s being taught. – I thought the facilities
were really professional, and once I got to know the teachers, I really was impressed by
how passionate they are and how invested they are. A lot of them are working
full time in the industry, and so they bring that
real world experience to the classroom. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] There is also a one acre outdoor landscape learning lab where students practice
landscape construction, landscape maintenance, plant
identification, pruning, and have a chance to
develop landscape designs. And a newly constructed
sustainable urban agricultural lab offers a hands-on approach
to becoming a professional in the field of urban farming and sustainable urban agriculture. Opportunities for
off-campus field experiences are offered as well. Students are able to attend conferences with peers and industry leaders,
join in networking events, and even enter state and
national competitions, including the National
Collegiate Landscape Competition. – I think what COD does very, very well is they’re always
listening to the industry. It’s definitely not an ivory tower program where academics aren’t
really sure what’s happening on the street or happening
out in the marketplace. They do a really good job
connecting with our industry, using their alumni steering committee, using their alumni contacts,
and trying to find ways that they can always be
improving the program. So that it makes sense when
people come out and say, oh, I learned that in school. I had an internship that covered that. We did a class that covered that, and that’s really important ’cause employers that makes
their ears go up when they know, okay this person’s gonna be
able to hit the ground running. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Many students in
the program pursue internships to gain valuable work
experience in the industry, applying knowledge
learned in the classroom, and to earn college credit. The three associate degrees
and many certificate options have an internship requirement. – It’s been great. I mean, I really have
hands-on experience tending to a bunch of different types of gardens. So it’s great to be able
to work with a different, a bunch of different plant material and learn it really hands-on. – It’s really helped me
see what’s out there, and I think that for young students, the internship is so beneficial, and College of DuPage really promotes it. It’s part of their degree program that you get to work with people who you might be in the
industry, talking to landscapers, talking to professionals. So it’s a great experience. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Clubs and organizations are also a big part of college life. The COD Horticulture
Club provides students with a connection to academics, topical sharing, hands-on experiences, and even community service opportunities. The Horticulture Program is designed with your schedule in mind,
offering classes in every area, during the day, evening,
online, and hybrid format. Dual credit and online
opportunities are also offered to local high schools for students that want to get a
jumpstart on their career and earn college credits. (upbeat music) – It is a very robust
job market right now, and I think if students are open to obviously bringing their
skills to the position but also them being open to
having those skills be deepened by their on the job training. They’re gonna be green
industry professionals for a long, long time. – I would absolutely recommend
the Horticulture Program to somebody else, because it’s affordable and willing to work around your schedule, and they have a breath of knowledge that really is hard to find anywhere else. – I do recommend the Horticulture
Department here at COD. If anyone wants to take
any classes, by all means, it’s a great, great
experience to come here and be a part of this college and also the Horticulture Department. They could learn so much from it, and then for sure the
professors are 100% awesome. – I would absolutely
recommend the program. I think if you’re straight
out of high school, and you’re still deciding, or you’re making a
career change like I am, or you’re in the industry, and you just wanna
learn a little bit more, there’s something for everybody. I think whatever your
interest is in horticulture, there’s a program or a
certificate here for you, and I would absolutely
recommend College of DuPage. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Students from
the Horticulture Program at College of DuPage gain
fundamental and advanced education and hands-on experience. Follow your desires, do something that makes you happy everyday, consider a career in horticulture and explore the myriad of jobs
that can make a difference in your life and the lives around you. (upbeat music) To get started visit

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    My name is Tabkeer Ahmed Bubak.I wish to study horticulture starting from UnderGraduate .I donot belong to a riich f from Under Graduatamily.I belong to Bubak family who are supposed to had migrated to Afghanistan and from there to Pakistan. I hav greate for my fore fathers land. Our two nations have the same culture and similar habits.I shall be highly obliged if your greatself could give me a chance of reading in your college/university. I Got A++ in Secondary School Part 1 and result of Part 2 will be out in June/July2019 and I am sure to get A++ grade.I wish to start Under Graduate and then Degree program as International student I believe to avail International scholarship from my Brotherly Country. I hope Your Highness will consider my request and oblige.

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    I'm thinking of getting a 2 year in horticulture.. I use to think I didn't need a degree but the older I get I finding out a solid degree doesn't have to be a 4 year long as you got a degree in something that has a wider range of benefits you will always have your degree to fall back on and give yourself more worth.. We need goals in life sometimes! Mine is to get my 2 year in horticulture while starting my own landscaping business.. God bless!!

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