Girl makes online threat to shoot up three school, officials say

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Girl makes online threat to shoot up three school, officials say

though a news conference just wrapped up minutes ago after investigators say a girl made hoax online threats to shoot up three Seminole County Schools thanks for staying with us I’m ginger Gadsden I’m Juli Broughton and I’m Lisa Bell new six is Amanda Castro joins us live from the sheriff’s office and Amanda police say they found alarming posts on Instagram yesterday and tracked them to the suspects cell phone yes Lisa that all started with those posts and they were able to narrow it down to that girl’s phone actually going to her house to talk to her parents and to the young girl who said that she posted that message on social media cuz saying she was gonna shoot and bomb three Seminole County Schools now authorities traced that post to the girl’s phone they talked to her they said that she admitted to posting the threat investigators tell us they were to determine that it was not a credible threat but still obviously a very serious threatening post that that girl they said made now they did tell us the student did not have any access to any weapons or into any bomb-making material and they did say that as precaution though they did search those three schools and the surrounding area they didn’t find anything so they deemed to the campuses were safe for students to go to school today now the police chief of Castleberry he came up and he did say that this girl is a good student that she made a poor decision a poor twelve-year-old decision him chief he did say that she had some issues with how some classmates were handling the parkland shooting so that’s why she made those threatening posts but law enforcement tell us even though it was incredible they’re taking every one of them very seriously behavior that is threatening and capitalizing on the fear of others will not be tolerated in Seminole County and we will ensure that people who do that are held accountable and responsible and it’s not a matter if if we find out who you are when you’re making these threats it’s just a matter of time we also learned an Oviedo middle school student was arrested today for making a threat while in his gym class today that makes about 25 threats in the last two weeks that’s according to the sheriff they said that all of those threats though were deemed not credible but again as you just heard they’re taking everyone in them seriously we’ll have more on how law enforcement here in Seminole County is handling school safety coming up at 5:30 Castro Amanda Castro reporting live for us tonight thank you

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