Going to Online College

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Going to Online College

The student I spoke to has taken four online
classes over the course of the last year. Aside from the obvious benefits of taking
online classes, She mentioned that the consistency of the
assignment deadlines, for her, was a great thing in the class. Once she got into the class, she realized
that the discussion boards would be due on Wednesdays, bookwork on Thursdays, and so
on. She liked that there was a clear pacing that
she could get used to. She had some things to say about what she
didn’t like in the classes too. She felt that the STEM based classes were
too difficult and that teachers were unclear with instructions, and that failure to receive
timely explanations or clarifications on problems results in missed deadlines and frustration. Overall she expressed having a negative experience
with online classes. She felt that students who replied to her
discussion posts were not dedicated to the actual discussion but were simply responding
for credit. She also said that she felt a few teachers
gave her busywork and that just didn’t seem to have any purpose to it. The interview showed me that as an Instructor,
I need to help students build a community, so they will feel more invested in the assignments
and in each other.

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