You’re still shining for me You’re always like a miracle My heart is still the same But my confident self Is missing somewhere, I can’t see it well Can I be a shelter for you Sometimes I’m scared of myself The feeling of responsibility is rushing And I’m worried it might hurt you When the shadows fade from the light of “you” (Can’t see) It confuses me again (Oh, it’s not what I am) And you’re still smiling for me (It’s you) Will I be able to keep you safe? I’m afraid Here I go again (no) The darkness comes in my mind again I stumble And our dreams fade away We have to get away from it Before the darkness swallows us Struggle for the win Find the balance I won’t let go of the light called “you” I’m gonna win this fight I can’t handle it, this weight on my shoulders It scares me more as you are become more precious When I’m covered in the shadows My mind becomes unstable The anxiety gets worse, Get away You’re believing in me alone Us two, it’s enough We two are perfect You and me, me and you We’re already one I’m afraid that words I’ve said might disappear like smoke And you, holding on to it, might also disappear What am I to you? (I don’t know) I need affirmations (So I won’t change) To me, you are my everything (Trust me) I won’t let you go until the end Never let you go Here I go again (no) The darkness comes in my mind again I stumble And our dreams fade away We have to get away from it Before the darkness swallows us Struggle for the win Find the balance I won’t let go of the light called “you” I’m gonna win this fight Just stay by my side Even my wandering worries They’re all for you You’re surging like waves Will I be able to carry you Won’t my insecurity Make you leave from my side I might look silly now But because of you, now, I am Here I go again (no) The darkness comes in my mind again I stumble And our dreams fade away We have to get away from it Before the darkness swallows us Struggle for the win Find the balance I won’t let go of the light called “you” I’m gonna win this fight

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100 thoughts on “GOT7 “ECLIPSE” M/V”

  1. Omnia Nagaty says:

    Here I go again 🌒🎼🎼

  2. Gel Yan says:

    How many Ahgases are still str3aming?

  3. Quiin AhgaStayOnce says:

    7M & 1k left before 50M vi3ws!

  4. Defsoul Mtnz says:

    Me pregunto si ahgase ama a got7 puede hacer que este MV llegue a 50M de vis*tas? Antes de que termine el año

  5. Charl's Lapez says:

    Co ahgase Philippines Sino sa dito ang pupunta sa con sa octobre comment namn kayo need ko ng kasama huhu

  6. Bruno santos says:

    Tudo gay

  7. Brithany Macias says:

    I will never leave you alone Got7! NEVER! 💚

  8. ขายชุดว่ายน้ํา!! SINCE2018 says:

    พี่ยังฟังเพลงน้องๆทุกวันที่สามารถฟังได้ ปั่นไป1 วิววันนี้ อิอิ

  9. Aghase Fighting says:

    nine three o

  10. Brianna rks says:


  11. Brianna rks says:

    43M sooooooon

  12. ฉัตร ชัย says:


  13. Isatou Jom says:

    2:37 what does the covering eyes mean? Is there something we can't see. Always wonder.

  14. nid nid says:

    ฟังวนไปค่ะ อากาเช่ สู้ๆๆๆๆ

  15. W. jia er Kim yg. says:

    We haven't fought back yet. :))

  16. Pornpana Umpaivit says:

    Green Hearts………. GOT7&IGOT7…….. Fighting!! 🙂

  17. Ice Icy says:

    Come on ahgase spin spin !!!Fighting!

  18. انا ايكي اخهه says:


  19. Brianna rks says:


  20. mrjb1352612 says:

    Lo dije y lo volveré a decir: amo la letra, los escenarios y la coreografía son magníficos!🗣️

  21. Aghase Fighting says:

    Im Jaebum

  22. Aghase Fighting says:

    Mark tuan

  23. Brianna rks says:


  24. Aghase Fighting says:

    Jackson wang

  25. Aghase Fighting says:

    park jinyoung

  26. Aghase Fighting says:

    choi youngjae

  27. Shenley Polley says:


  28. Pornpana Umpaivit says:

    LOVE GOT7 🙂

  29. Aghase Fighting says:


  30. Arwen Elron says:

    Keep Spinning ECLIPSE ▪▪▪》》》

  31. ressa channel says:


  32. nid nid says:

    Love u Got7

  33. Aghase Fighting says:

    kim yugeom

  34. Brianna rks says:


  35. Aghase Fighting says:


  36. Aghase Fighting says:

    Im jaebum

  37. Prime Choi Min-ki says:

    GOT7 washed sadly

  38. Hi Yo! says:

    I love this song😭😍

  39. Baharak IGOT7 says:

    Got7 and IGOT7 never stop loving each other ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  40. Mayo Nineteen says:

    I miss spinning ECLIPSE
    How's IGOT7 doing

  41. MTBB got7 says:

    Iove got7💚💚💚💚

  42. anisha says:

    I loved the sydney concert so much. I wish to see you lovely bunch again, I love you

  43. U Cool says:

    Fighting IGOT7

  44. Aghase Fighting says:

    Mark tuan

  45. nid nid says:


  46. José Ferreira says:

    Got7 are never afraid to reach different genres, and it wasn’t the first time they tried this genre. These boys are creative

  47. My mind says:


  48. bindia77 ragini says:

    Guys we need to get them to 100M as soon as possible so that JYP does not show partiality to other groups!!! Let's go ahgases!!!

  49. Aghase Fighting says:

    jackson wang

  50. Aghase Fighting says:

    park jinyoung

  51. Sara Sar says:

    Keep spinning 💚

  52. MIRACLE RosalineBB says:

    King Double b

  53. thaweechai jaroenta says:


  54. exolarmy armyexol says:

    OMG. Jaebum is so handsome

  55. Aghase Fighting says:

    choi youngjae

  56. Pornpana Umpaivit says:

    Love & Support……… GOT7&IGOT7…… Fighting!! 🙂

  57. Tram Bui says:

    30/08/2019, still watching and support ECLIPSE GOT7 ♡

  58. nid nid says:


  59. karen francisca says:

    Como no suben? Eran 42 v**ws hace caleta, estupido yt

  60. Joy Vithayasab says:

    Hello everyone!

  61. nid nid says:


  62. คอดีเย๊าะห์ มะเซ็ง says:

    ยังฟังกันอยู่ไหมเอ่ย…ซ้อมชานท์ Fanfest

  63. nuradilah adilh says:

    Keep spinning~~

  64. nuradilah adilh says:

    I miss spinning this mv and voting for them during promo week <3

  65. K-pop GOTTWICE says:

    Keep spinning

  66. Pornpana Umpaivit says:

    Green Hearts…….. GOT7&IGOT7……. Fighting!! 🙂

  67. Aghase IGOT7 says:

    We need to go to 100M so that JYPE will invest more for our boys and the v*3ws are still fr33ze Aghases please help to get the v*3ws they really deserve it

  68. marisa muangsiri says:

    Listen to ECLIPSE almost every night Come back to listen to THE END. I like this lyrics "I who thought, it's just one out of the millions of stars But I lost the light."

  69. Aghase Fighting says:


  70. lobinha- vi says:

    Euuuuh soh brasileiraah aeh

  71. jb got7 says:

    i will always here, go go go ahgase and GOT7

  72. W. jia er Kim yg. says:

    Krep Fighting wait.. foety – three
    million. Near… ^_^

  73. Pinkberry Jeon says:

    Stan Got7, you hoe

  74. Aghase Fighting says:

    kim yugeom

  75. Marly Ramos says:

    Lets go ahgases

  76. BTS A.R.M.Y says:

    ARMYs will support got7
    BTS x got7
    ARMYs x ahgases
    Are the best 💪😘😘

  77. MIRACLE RosalineBB says:

    Green hearts …….. fighting

  78. Brianna rks says:


  79. Kiseki liu says:


  80. MTBB got7 says:


  81. TH SOL says:


  82. PİNEAPPLE K-POP says:

    Fighting GOT7 💚🐥

  83. PİNEAPPLE K-POP says:


  84. gloria chavez says:

    Gd morning beautiful ppl

  85. 87chrissybabe says:

    I see some bts plagiarism. But it is a nice song.

  86. nid nid says:

    Love you Got7

  87. nid nid says:

    Love you bambam

  88. nid nid says:

    Love you mark

  89. nid nid says:


  90. nid nid says:

    วนมาฟังรอบดีก อากาเช่สู้ๆค่ะ

  91. 애기Gyeomie says:

    Nearing 43M guys! Let's do this!

  92. Sjxbbgs GOT7 says:

    42 972

  93. Sjxbbgs GOT7 says:

    Soon 43

  94. Marly Ramos says:


  95. Kim Seok Jin says:


  96. Maya SS says:

    how come eclipse this slow? lullaby, if u do and just right are even faster.. ahgase don't neglect this song plz 💔

  97. Brianna rks says:


  98. brd says:

    Almost 43M!! Lets get it ahgase!!!

  99. Nayeli Torres says:

    Park Jinyoung
    Choi Youngjae
    Kim Yugyeom

    GOT7 ✨

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