Harper College – Course Selection Resources

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Harper College – Course Selection Resources

Course Selection Resources This video will give you an overview of
the resources available to assist you in your course selection. Log into the MyHarper Student Portal. Click on the “My Plan” tab. And then, click on the “Educational
Planning” icon. Begin by looking at “Programs of Study.” This section contains Career Program
Degrees and Certificates, Sample Transfer Educational Plans, Transfer Information,
as well as, the College Catalog. Click on “College Catalog.” Select the appropriate catalog edition and then “Programs of Study.” The programs of study offered at Harper
College are arranged in alphabetical order. The first six associate degrees,
including the Associate in Arts and the Associate in Science, are intended for
students planning on transferring to four-year colleges and universities.
These degrees focus on general education requirements and prepare students to
begin their major coursework at the four-year college or university. The Associate in Applied Science, also
known as the Career and Technical Programs, are intended for students who
are planning to complete their two years of study at Harper and then move on into
the workforce. Let’s take a look at the Associate in
Arts as an example! Click on “Program Requirements.” Scroll down to see the different
requirements for the Associate in Arts degree. Once you’ve reviewed all the
requirements, return to the “Educational Planning” screen. Under “Educational Planning,” you’ll be
able to run a degree evaluation to see the coursework you have completed toward
the degree or certificate, as well as remaining requirements. If you are unfamiliar with running a
degree evaluation, click on the available tutorial video. Additional resources can be found under
“Sample Transfer Educational Plans” and under “Transfer Information,” for students
planning to transfer to a four-year college or university after completing
their coursework at Harper College. For an additional overview of transfer
resources available at Harper College, check out the “Transfer Resources” video
under “Online Workshops.” Other videos, including videos on how to
register, are available under “Additional Video Tutorials.” Please note that the resources found in
this video are not a substitute for meeting with an academic counselor or
specialist. For additional assistance, please call us
at the numbers listed here or email us at [email protected]

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