Harper College Degree Works – Creating An Educational Plan

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Creating an educational plan in Degree
Works. Log into the My Harper Student Portal. Click on the “My Plan” tab. Click on the “Educational Planning” icon. And then click on “Build Your Educational
Plan in Degree Works.” A new window will open. A plan can be created from a sample plan
or from a blank. Let’s choose “Select Sample Plan” from the pop-up window. From
the list, select the sample plan for your program of study. In the pop-up window, choose your
starting semester and click “OK.” First, add your name at the end of the
description. Then, click “Save” in the bottom right-hand corner. Within this plan you can add, edit, or
move around courses to help you map out your future here at Harper College. If you follow this plan exactly, you will
complete your degree in the allocated semesters. You are encouraged to adjust
the plan to fit your personal goals and situation, but it may require additional
semesters to complete your degree or certificate. Let’s take a look at this sample plan! The sample plan we’ve chosen displays a
suggested sequence of courses for an Associate in Applied Science – Graphic
Arts Technology. Within each semester or term, we have
three requirement categories: Course, Choice, and Placeholder. A Course
Requirement displays a single specific course within your plan. A Choice Requirement displays multiple
course choices in a list. A Placeholder Requirement displays a
general category such as a subject or type of elective. Let’s start customizing our plan! To add additional courses, click on the
“+” sign next to the semester you want to customize. In the “Add Requirement” pop-up window,
select “Course.” To search for a course, click on the
magnifying glass icon. Next, enter either the course prefix or
title, and then select the desired course from the list. Delete a requirement by selecting the
row and clicking on the ” – ” sign. Choose a course listed in a Choice
requirement by clicking on the ” … ” icon, selecting your course and then
clicking “Done.” You can go back and change it at anytime. Move a course into a different semester
by clicking and dragging it up or down to a different semester. Click on the blue circle icon to view
course information and available dates/times. If there is a note attached to a term or
requirement, the paper icon will be highlighted yellow. Click on the icon to view the notes list.
Then, double-click on the note itself to view the entire message. Remember to save frequently to avoid losing your changes. If you want to print your plan, select
“Compact” from the “View” drop-down menu and then “Print.” Then click “Print” again from the pop-up window. If you have saved a plan, you can select
“Edit” from the “View” drop-down menu to continue making changes to any plan that
has not been locked by a Harper College academic specialist or student
development counselor. If you’d like to create additional plans,
click on the “New Plan” button. To view all your plans, click on “View Plan
List.” For additional information, please review
the “Help/FAQ” document. For further assistance, please contact
any of the offices listed below.

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