Harper College Degree Works – Run A Degree Evaluation

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Harper College Degree Works – Run A Degree Evaluation

Today we’re going to show you how to run
a degree evaluation using Degree Works. Log into the My Harper Student Portal. Next, click on the My Plan tab. Then, on the Educational Planning icon. And then on the Degree Works link. A new window will open and your student
worksheet will display. Let’s take a look at the evaluation! This top section contains your basic
student information. Use the legend to help you identify your
requirements status. The worksheet is organized into sections
beginning with the overall degree or certificate requirements, and then
divided into categories depending on your program of study. If you’re seeing “Important Note” it’s
because you entered Harper College prior to fall 2013. This message is letting you
know that the degree evaluation is using the fall 2013 catalog requirements and
is directing you to use CAPP if you want to see an evaluation using earlier
requirements. Now let’s take a quick look at the
breakdown of our requirements. Under “General Education,” I see that I only have
19 of the required 37 credit hours completed. To break it down even more, I
see that for my Communications requirement I have completed one
composition course, I have another course currently in progress, and I still need a
Speech course. Let’s go to Social Science! Here, I have one course in progress and a list of courses that can be used to satisfy the remaining six hour requirement. Hover over a course prefix or number to see the course title and credit hours. Click on it, and you will see the course
description and current course schedule. Continuing down the worksheet, you may
also see courses that are completed but not needed, courses that are not counted
for your degree, or courses that are currently in progress. We encourage you
to contact your student development counselor, academic specialist, or the
Registrar’s Office for assistance in interpreting this evaluation. Back at the top of the page, change the
format of your worksheet by selecting an item in the drop-down menu and clicking
on the “View” button. Click on “Class History” to see an unofficial list of
credits in chronological order. For a clean print out of your degree evaluation,
click the “Save as PDF” button and use the print function within this window. To view a list of frequently asked
questions, click on the “Help” tab. Finally, always remember to close out
your session by clicking “Logout.” If you need further assistance, please
contact one of the offices listed here.

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