Harvard student Ben Elwy finds connection through language

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Harvard student Ben Elwy finds connection through language

[music playing] Marhaba, ismee Ben. Tasharafna! Hello
My name is Ben, nice to meet you! When I started thinking about ways I
could help my community, Arabic was the one that seemed most relevant. My community has a relative lack of diversity and so Arabic would provide an opportunity for
people to meet a new culture. I’m excited about learning languages
because my family is multicultural. I have four grandparents on four different
continents. When I learn languages, it’s an opportunity to learn more about culture. [music] I’m teaching elementary schoolers and
middle schoolers about basic Arabic and Arabic culture. The goal is to get
them familiar with a culture they may not have much exposure to. The most interesting things at
Harvard to me is the global community, which is an opportunity to meet people
from parts of the world I’ve never been to – to be exposed to new ideas and change
my own ideas, and in addition to that, combine subjects in ways I’m never able
to before. What I’m taking away from this teaching experience is that, if I have an idea, I should act on it. [music]

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