Has China surpassed USA in education?


Has China surpassed USA in education?

nowadays multiple countries compete all
around the world and more aspects than just the export and import of goods and
services the world has never been so accessible and thanks to this millions
of people all around the world have obtained the opportunity to visit other
nations the two biggest super powers in the world today the United States and
China compete in practically all areas this includes economics military
technology diplomacy and also an education China’s economic
transformation from being an exporting country to an economic superpower has
also made strides in the education of its population back in the 80s
China only had a literacy rate of about 79% now their literacy rate is at an
astonishing 99 percent the Chinese educational revolution has been one of
the largest educational projects in history since 1998 China has invested
massively in education nearly tripling the share of GDP devoted to it in the
previous decade the number of universities in China has doubled and
the number of students has increased fivefold this revolution has caused the
great change in the distribution of the world population of university graduates
for decades the US had the highest proportion of people attending
university they had been dominating the graduate market reflecting this old
supremacy among people aged 55 to 64 years old almost 1/3 of all graduates in
the world’s major economies are American but that is rapidly changing among the
younger generations in terms of Graduate production China has outperformed the
u.s. and the combined university systems of the European Union nations today we
will see the extent of Chinese education in the world and we will also address
the question whether the United States could eventually give up its position as
the main educational power in the world today the student debt problem in the
u.s. is so great that has reached a whopping trillion dollars that equates
to the entire GDP of Argentina Colombia Ecuador and Peru combined most
universities in the u.s. can easily cost around 25 to 30 thousand US dollars per
year and private universities can cost much more so for most Americans in order
to pursue their careers it’s almost an obligation to take loans or use their
family fortune in order to afford their education even for many American
students it has been impossible to attend university but curiously there
have been many foreign students who are willing in fact the majority of foreign
students who study in the u.s. pay much more than the average American student a
foreign student could easily pay about 45 or 60 thousand dollars for just one
year of education not even including the living costs who could pay such high
sums of money without the possibility of working as the US doesn’t allow it the
answer is that the majority of foreign students in the u.s. do not come from
traditionally rich nations such as the UK France or Japan the u.s. in fact has
the largest population of foreign students in the world exceeding more
than a million the vast majority of foreign students in the US comes from
China which currently has 360,000 students followed by India with nearly
200,000 students these two countries make up over half of foreign students in
the United States with China taking up more than 32% of the cake China has
already become one of the largest exporters of students in the world in
France the Chinese are already the third largest group of foreign students just
after the Algerians and Moroccans the same situation is reflected in many
other European countries where China already contributes the largest group of
foreign students and this trend is not a coincidence the enrichment of the
Chinese population has motivated families to send their children abroad
especially recognized educational powers such as the u.s. France Germany England
and Australia it is not surprising that the Chinese elite send their children to
these countries and to their most elite universities for example the only
daughter of the Chinese President Xi Jinping that
at Harvard while Chinese students represent 36 percent of foreign students
in the US they only represent 1.2 4 percent of all students in the country
an article this year declared that foreign students contribute to more than
22 billion dollars to the economy of the US universities with financial
difficulties are actively recruiting students from abroad and the number of
first-year students in the US has almost tripled since the recession of 2008 the
increase in income seems to be a key factor in hiring Chinese students which
sometimes causes universities to choose the financial benefits over academic
integrity other countries such as France have already taken steps to obtain some
economic benefit from the vast amount of Chinese students higher education in
France is in fact free for both the French and foreigners at least it was up
until last year’s education reform this reform required new foreign students
from outside the European Union to pay between 3000 and 4000 euros per year
this measure is practically designed to do two things the first is to increase
the income of French universities with an increasing number of Chinese students
with greater purchasing power but also to reduce the number of students coming
from the African continent that currently represents 45 percent of
foreign students in the country the massive influx of Chinese students has
filled public and private universities in the US and this has motivated Ivy
League American universities to open up several campuses in mainland China China
has also done the same but not with its universities but with its Confucius
Institutes all around the world expanding and making known the Chinese
language and culture this educational and cultural exchange has been typically
seen as a good thing during the last decade however in recent years due to
the rising tensions between DC and Beijing between the two countries tech
giants Apple and Huawei the expansion of Chinese technology has taken its toll on
the relations and sentiments of Chinese students in the u.s. DC suspects that
the Chinese government is using its sponsorship of the Confucius Institutes
to promote pro Chinese propaganda on US campuses it would also be believed that
there is spying being done on Chinese students in the US
with limiting effects on academic freedom in the US Australia and other
countries concerns have been raised about whether Chinese students and
researchers some of who apparently hide close ties with the Chinese military and
the Communist Party are using their access to laboratories and research
centers steal intellectual property or patents in June of last year the u.s.
shortened the duration of five-year visas to one year for Chinese graduate
students studying aviation robotics and advanced manufacturing officials in the
United States said that the goal was to reduce the risk of espionage and theft
of intellectual property in areas vital to national security but now the Trump
administration is considering whether to subject Chinese students to further
investigation before attending a school in the US the Chinese government has
repeatedly insisted that DC has exaggerated the problems for political
reasons the ambassador of China in the u.s. states that their accusations to
her China were unfounded and indecent one of the attacked objectives of the
government of the US where the Confucius Institutes Chinese linguistic and
cultural centers financed by the Chinese government in some 100 American campuses
the US government has accused the centers of being spying centers and
propaganda weapons of the Chinese government and they have been pressured
to register as foreign agents a defense spending bill was enacted last summer
which banned universities with Confucius Institutes to use federal funds for
training and the Chinese language in the last year more than half a dozen
universities have announced that they will close their Confucius Institutes
one of the most recent have been the University of Rhode Island which decided
to close the Institute due to the lack of federal funds in 2006 there were
about 10,000 Chinese students that graduated from American universities at
the graduate level by 2016 there were more than 140,000 Chinese undergraduate
students in the US however by the start of 2017
a negative trend began and the number of Chinese students began to decline for
the first time in more than two decades the reason for this is very clear in
obvious the attitude of the white house and the anti Chinese rhetoric has caused
many Chinese to return to their country after theirs
studies or in some cases they have even interrupted their studies student
environment for foreign nationals in the US has degraded some universities in
Oregon and Illinois has seen a significant decrease in the enrollment
of Chinese students this year the wealthy Chinese families looked to the
US as a place where an academic degree guarantees a good working future either
in the US or China however more and more Chinese students are beginning to stay
in the States after their studies China is a country with 40 universities within
the best 500 universities in the world thus China has already exceeded France
last year which has only about 35 universities within the top 100 China is
a country with 40 universities within the best 500 universities in the world
thus China has already exceeded France last year which only has about 35
universities within the top 500 the only countries that are currently above China
is the US the UK and Germany in fact it could even be said that China would have
an academic level higher than that of the US this is verified last year by the
PISA report which are a result of academic tests based on the students
mathematical reading and analysis skills the latest visa report was made in 2015
and the new report will be revealed by the end of this year but for the moment
using the last reports we can see that China is in 10th place in terms of the
maximum score above countries such as Germany the Netherlands or even
Australia the territory of Hong Kong is not yet fully incorporated into China
and it is the country with the second highest score in the reports only
surpassed by Singapore neither the u.s. nor the UK nor France or even Sweden
obtained a score higher than 500 which would place them within the yellow range
of countries that can be observed education has become something so
primordial in China that for example the entrance exam the entire university is
so difficult the adolescents prepare almost their entire life for the exam
especially from the age of 13 the exam lasts two full days for more than 12
consecutive hours this is the exam that will define the University and faculty
in which students will go to and in the end marked their future
2014 75% of Chinese students passed but only 3% went to the best universities in
the country and this exam is so serious that if you are caught cheating you’ll
be sent to prison for seven years in 2014 it was estimated that 90% of
adolescent suicide had to do with the anxiety generated by this test known to
be the most difficult in the world for the most brilliant in the country China
gives the opportunity to go abroad and study either in a graduate or doctorate
program especially in the Natural Sciences one of the conditions however
is that they are required to return to the country and apply wha has been
learned in order to avoid brain drain spi the intelligence unit for The
Economist’s Nix that channel will have the largest amount of graduates in areas
of science technology engineering and mathematics by 2030 surpassing the
United States the first time ever meanwhile and it continues to send more
students abroad than any other country in the world according to UNESCO there
are as many as 1 million Chinese students studying outside of the country
Speight recent claims that recent graduates are having trouble
reintegrating act into the country after their studies number is still continued
to grow every year for many in China having Western education and
professional experience a good addition to their CV avoid unemployment or what
is clear that China is taking more and more prominence on the u.s. in the area
of education it has already surpassed the u.s. in terms of academic
performance as the PISA report shows has also overtaken France as the fourth
country in the world the best universities and soon it is expected
that they will overtake Germany as well the rivalry between the two greatest
superpowers in the world and not only in politics economics but also in education
as well and in the coming years we’ll see how far trynna can overtake
the u.s. in this aspect and if they will overtake the US and other aspects as
well and their attempts to be the superpower of the world so what do you
think about the educational system that china is implementing do you think that
the u.s. suspicions are correct that china is using its graduates to spy on
American technology leave your comments below I hope you liked this video and
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100 thoughts on “Has China surpassed USA in education?”

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    Great to hear that if I could get my Master In software engineering at UK, US or China I could achieve the most of my life target

  2. John Lee says:

    China people have no creative and only good at one thing copy other people's idea.

  3. mark harrowfield says:

    Looking at how many people voted for Trump China's education system is far superior and only getting better

  4. abu Abu says:

    Its not fair to make challenge the world, s lagest democracy by a hooligen terrorist country like pakistan.

  5. Cob 702 says:

    Our U.S. students are constantly pulled out of school to do Crisis Acting, designed to create mass shootings and the like..

  6. Dario Mendoza says:

    the #1 KEY to SUCCESS CHINA =EDUCATION hopefully one day Mexico will Follow CHINA<S footsteps!!greetings!!

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    Organ Harvesting Tribunal Finds Overwhelmingly Against China


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  10. Xiaokai Zhang says:

    Education is a budget matter. The best universities in US are also the richest. So the question is how long it will take for China to supass US in economy. I guess in 2025 China would have more GDP than US, while its effect on education needs more time to be noticed.

  11. Zou Zhihui says:

    YOU have earn so much money, while at the same time, YOU are worrying Chinese students learning to fast!

  12. Yujuan Liu says:

    I do feel China education is better than American below college , but above college American education is better ( the book version are always up to date , the way of exam is practical especially science math and bio ; moreover, business )

  13. Leo Frank says:

    America is far behind China in technology. So what exactly will Chinese students steal?

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    Everybody has passed the stupid America brain drained schooling systems .

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    Trump bans chinese students from studying in USA

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    99.9 percent people in China admit that USA is a great country

  17. Sourav Porey says:

    China does not need to spy on US and other Nations because its own Intelligence Property is enough to win the competition. Eg. China builds far more skyscrapers than US did in 20 years, China faces extremely less Islamic terror than US suffered. In this case the US suffered more damage than China. China is far more advanced in homeland security technologies than US. In the near future China would not require to send its students in US for studying. The speed with which China is developing is next to impossible. Thank you for your points.

  18. Quantum Chang says:

    US students learn how to shoot other students. Chinese students learn how to be number one in the world.

  19. Bear CD says:

    Just check the quatities of college graduated students of two countries. You will have the winner.

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    Of course China has surpassed us, USA schools on all levels has been weakening for years!

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    After China's pre uni exam ,india's jee advance is the world's second toughest exam following up with UPSC which is world's third.. toughest

  23. Shashi Shettar says:


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    what you said is what US government is doing now from past!!!! it is like Ok, I can do it but you can't cause I am not allow you do that!!!! WHAT A SHAME TO USA!!!!

  25. Alex San Buenaventura says:

    if you can't beat them accused them of spying .. the usual western thinking ,,. they dont know how asians value education more than anything else . for us education is more than enough than gold or any other material things this is the only thing that cannot be stolen nor lost its a precious gift our parents could ever gave to us and we value this

  26. Michael Paz says:

    Bro who isn't surpassing US in education in before I graduated from high school my state changed the passing grade to 50 and lowered the minimum grade for an A from 93 to 90 doesn't seem like a big difference but in my opinion its to much. Instead of helping students to higher standards we are lowering our standards.

  27. Vegas Zoom says:

    What are we talking? The brightest kids in America are chinese kids… Our kids are fat, lazy and dumb than ever…. this video is a total waste !

  28. Alessandro Rodríguez says:

    Ew. I don't know if it's wether disgusting or funny. China is not going to exeed the educational level USA's universities have. They are just preparing their students to pass an exam and afterwards say they have the best performance in standardized tests worldwide. They (China) are not preparing human beings to a professional career, they are just making robots, and those robots may have a lot of knowledge, but they lack the integral part of the education process. And something China's never going to achieve is the huge diversity that American universities have, and an aspect that make them unique.
    And some of the readers are going to throw shit at me, but the only thing you should know is that I'm way smarter than most of you, haters.

  29. Oluwaseyi Adejuwon says:

    thats why we see all this smart asians

  30. Oluwaseyi Adejuwon says:

    how to surpass other education system: make test harder, more reading studying and requirements for school harder, make students use their brain power to the max with complex thinking and reading all the time.

  31. ART LEGEND says:

    And here in India education is really hard . I don't want to tell it is worst it is good but hard.

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    World helping to educate the next generation of communists.

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  34. Mariah had a little Lamb says:

    I don’t think so. Chinese students mostly remember. Chinese students do good in exams because they study for exams. Chinese students don’t study to prepare for later life and their careers. They just want to pass their exams. China’s youth unemployment rate is 10.59% while in the U.S, it’s about from 8.1%-9.1%.
    Most Asian countries are like this. I live in one. Many students study from night to morning just for exams.

  35. Cookie Mite says:

    america have people who think sex and gender are 2 different meanings, they have people who think the world is flat, they have time to do LGBT parades while ignoring the real problems of their country, they have colleges/universities that push leftist propaganda, they have a president who dont believe in climate change.
    yeah, as much as i hate china, china surpassed the USA in intelligence quite some time ago.

  36. DOHC 106 says:

    Why spy when our system gives it away. A trillion dollars of debt scares people for good reason. There are not enough good jobs to justify these loans so we either don't go to or complete our education. While the colleges profit from and crush u.s. students hopes and dreams with debt, chinese students take the knowledge and bring value back to China. The problem is not the Chinese, but our capitalist system relying on indebtedness to fund it. As the dust clears to the victor goes the spoils.

  37. willinton06 says:

    Easy, massive monitoring and letting the weak die, extremely efficient, not that human but insanely efficient

  38. G J says:

    To further the progress of human race, knowledge should be shared and not weaponized. Protectionism not only hinders human progress, but also incites hatred and promotes wars. The old concept of becoming a world leader by colonialism and beating other countries into submission has proven to promote hatred, rather than loyalty. China’s more progressive approach of helping other nations to gain prosperity would ultimately earn loyalty by winning their hearts. For the human race to progress and not self destruct, we need to treat it as a global nation and fight our common enemies such as diseases, climate change and resource shortage. Together, let’s MAKE THE WORLD BETTER for our children.

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    Whereas China doesn't prefer immigrants and do everything by their own people which is awesome.
    I am Indian unfortunately.
    I wish I were born in China.
    But I am trying to move to China ad I'll surely do that.

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  45. naper806 says:

    Quantity yes, Quality, improving. Yes. Suppress just a matter of time.

  46. Larry Thao says:

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  51. John Hill says:

    Has China surpassed the USA in education? That's your title? Are you f**** joking?

    Go to China, and as someone who is standing in front of their home or office where they have been for years, which way is north? And then ask them how many provinces does China have. If you would bet $10,000 against each question, you'd walk away with twenty thousand bucks. Their educational system is completely f**** bankrupt. And this is before even delving into the topics of total censorship of anything that occurred before 1949 and completely lying about everything that happened since then. This is just fundamental things about the moon and the stars and where we are. They simply do not know.

  52. Duane Nguyen says:

    Brainwashed kids..

  53. Yes No says:

    I’m in a American school. How can I become smarter?

  54. Zheyue Zhao says:

    Depends on how u look at it, in general, there are probably more idiots in America than China but American education was never about educating everyone. Kids in Ghetto public schools are meant to be throwaways, the government barely even funds them. They are expected to grow up to be the next generation of manual labors. (Hey, we only have so many openings for CEO) Go to a poor school district and look around, they are more like containment camps(security guards with live ammunitions) than schools. The elites that go to private high schools and the smart kids who can get into public schools that require an entrance exam are who the US is really educating and the result does show. Low education jobs like plumbers, carpenters, and wall painters are made to be high paying to create a mindset that not going to college is a valid option. (Hint: It really is not, if you want to have any potential for career growth, go to college…Ignore what Mr. Smith the plumber said to you, he might make $10000 a month but he is stuck there forever). Whether this is intentional or not, I don't know, but that is how it is working out. If you dig down to the best of the best, the US still has some of the most bright minds, which is why most scientific breakthroughs are happening in the US as opposed to China. Another advantage is the US "draws" talents from other countries. 86% of Tsinghua University(the best university in China) graduates left for the United States and never went back. ( Look up the Chinese math Olympic winners, lots of them end up becoming US residents. The education system in the US is working very well for the United States and I expect it to stay that way.

  55. Potato Rekt says:

    I think in terms of dedication, focus and hard work make more sense, if education only means university, western universities are still ahead, as for individuals, on average Chinese are more efficient in studying, it’s a culture thing nothing out of the ordinary. I just want to explain this to those who wonder why so many Chinese students came to the west for education.

  56. Shivam Paswan says:

    Tibet is a Indian parts

  57. AcidBot66 says:

    Americans are increasingly concerned with the inevitable Chinese rise as global dominant power and decided to use all means possible to undermine China.
    From fabrication of motives to sanction Chinese companies to picking on Chinese students.
    Americans found America cannot compete with Chinese superior intellect, mindset, manufacturing and government decision making agility and decided to use imoral and dishonest means to fight China.

  58. Nathan Chang says:

    Are you Singaporean? Why do you have a Singaporean accent?

  59. Syed Maricar says:

    Improve education and research and improve u r poverty level to be the best .st

  60. Filip J says:

    7 years in jail for cheat? 90% of the suicides come from the test stress?!
    Sure you can have the smartest nation by doing natural selection of your 1.4 billion people. This will only backfire cause you cannot keep getting better and better students we are all humans after all

  61. Yuichiro™ Nightcore says:

    Anyone that's taken a World History class, or even Chinese history class for the matter, can see that education has been ingrained into the Chinese culture for thousands of years, starting from the civil service exam.

  62. Taylo Re says:

    Why pay when you can steal it – Sun Tsu.

  63. YEET842 says:

    I’m chinese and I’m scared of the red dragon now

  64. Talal Huss says:

    This video is pure stupidity. I live in China now, and lived in America before. First of all, America loses in comparison to all developed countries when it comes to education. Yes we do have some great universities with excellent research and development but the average university is just average or below average. In America, education is about money. In China, the education is even worse, and it is also purely about money. Many Chinese do not get an quality education unless they have money, connections,and grades to get into a good education in China or to travel abroad to obtain high quality education. The point that more Chinese are abroad than any other nationality is normal and logical since they have 1.4 billion people. It is no coincidence that India is just behind China in international enrollment since they have 1.2billion people. I worked in education and business sector in both countries, and let me tell you both are terrible and of low standards so the title is even silly. The title makes it sound like the US is a world leader, and China now beat USA for the spot. Also regarding the exam he talks about which is gaokao exam system is overrated.It is a political and economic tool used to make people believe they have an equal chance like the American dream crap. How do you know it is the most difficult in the world? What does that even mean? most difficult geometry or algebra or grammar or reading comprehension or critical thinking ability or creativity or or? btw, China is the lowest in the world when it comes to things like critical thinking, creativity, learning new languages, geography, history, and so much more. India and China are also overrated in Math, again they just have a large population and they focus on the best students from the whole population and make claims like see how smart our society is… A better representation for smart Asians in overall education would be south Korea, Japan, and especially Singapore…..

  65. Adam Parker says:

    All the university rankings mean nothing when you are not even allowed free access to internet and freedom of expression

  66. Michael Marzan says:

    liar 99% this is statiscally not possible

  67. Michael Marzan says:

    i think there is some error in this video

  68. Biswajit Baruah says:

    China is good in everything

  69. Jayden Matthew says:

    the only reason why us is more famous in education is cuz chinese is incredibly hard to learn while English is easy.

  70. Bwigane Uswege says:

    Can anyone answer my question; why Chinese and other Asian countries send their students for tertiary education? Especially these institutions MIT, Caltech, Stanford university, Columbia university, Harvard university,Yale , Princeton and and university of Pennsylvania. If they surpassed USA.

  71. Joe Chi Minh says:

    Well these comments are a toxic mess

  72. Michael Young says:

    What do you expect from a Gangster Nation.

  73. Yogiji Clamzananda says:

    China has definitely surpassed the USA in plagiarism.

  74. Dipjyoti Boro says:

    Anyone from India 😂😂

  75. Jason Lee says:

    Asian countries seem to be a bit better for kids through high school. There's no question that Asians seem to be better at math.

    However, at higher levels, they generally don't compare with Western universities. The advantage of being Asian seems to be disappear at the undergraduate level.

  76. bjkina says:

    Come on Chinese – don't waste your time in low-IQ, nasty countries.

  77. Revy Gill says:

    Need to stop comparing USA with anything
    America is done n finished
    It’s jus a matter of time before complete collapse

  78. Satisfyaa WXT says:

    Sorry bro, I am not at all interested for chinese education certificate, it has less value & preferent here in India,,,,we believe its should be as like as tik tok one….

  79. billy yan says:

    Not exactly spy… They are paying to learn it… I mean if you want it to stop you can make certain programs only taught to USA citizens

  80. Dimwits Advocate says:

    China surpassed USA in education??? Heck, half the world has surpassed the USA!

  81. Jacob Ashuri says:

    China STEALS and reengineers everything. If I were running the USA, I would not let any person BORN in China step foot on American soil.
    Subsequntly, I would encourage other European countries not to grant China access to western world education.

  82. Вадим Рахматуллин says:


  83. R S says:

    Great Story.

  84. 10 x says:

    America has polluted it's very own citizens to thinking they are better than the rest of the world by virtue of birth.
    Oakland California, for those who don't know…..the city officials passed a bill that leaves at least 2 seats vacant in every classroom in every grade.
    To encourage black people to go to school.
    Sadly those seats remain vacant all school year denying kids of immigrants who have the desire and drive to improve their lives.
    The school actually turn away parents and their kids claiming there's no vacancy.
    One Nation under God my ass

  85. Steven Morales says:

    Americans leaders are not a bunch of idiots!

  86. billy gates says:

    we already have sent our kids to china to study at early age . we know their future is there

  87. Brandon A. English says:

    There is still a huge problem with the Chinese education system, and that is the primary FOCUS it has been given — memorization.

    The system in China is all about burning the "right" answers (i.e. the state-approved answers) that have already been supplied by the teacher. Whenever a student attempts to give a rebuttal, alternate viewpoint, personal opinion, or even factually-based answers which present a different conclusion, they are always failed and reprimanded. I've had Chinese students contact me before about even the simplest of exam answers, asking me why their answer was marked as "incorrect" when it was clearly correct. After confirming with me that it was indeed a right answer, they sought satisfaction from the teacher and were ultimately told "This is the answer I decided and there is only one answer." Does that sound familiar?

    So, if a test question says "What's the answer to this: How are you?" Then the ONLY correct answer will be "I am fine thank you, and you?" If a student were to write "I'm okay, how about you?" Then they would be marked WRONG. Ask that same student later "What does the word 'how' mean, and what does 'How are you doing?' mean?" He or she will be confused — why? Because they don't know WHY these are the answers, they are just told that they ARE the answers.

    The US education system, as a whole, gets bashed, but I get why. The country itself is the only superpower and has been such for quite some time. Tremendous amounts of attention, both good and bad, is thrown its way, and I often find myself using the expression "You're damned if you do and damned if you don't" as it relates to how America is treated by various countries when it chooses to either get involved in something or look the other way.

    However, the great thing in the US — that China does not have — is the freedom and ease of leaving one area and going to another one with an acceptable or even great school, public or private. This applies to all schooling at all levels. In China, they parents are very limited in where they can send their children unless they can buy a house in that same district, but even then it's not easy to move the family register (hukou). My girlfriend is from Fujian and I can't even get her a tourist visa to go to Japan because that province has a terrible history of corruption, and even with a well-paying job, the agents won't even attempt to apply for her because they don't want to take a hit on their credit rating.

    I can speak my mind in the US school system, I can ask questions, argue a point, choose a school, and gain entrance into pretty much any university I want with the right amount of work. Ask a Chinese student what these things are like in China and then make a decision over which system you think is "best."

  88. Ken W says:

    The difference here is China had not changed on its academic education system for the past years. On the other hand, as the years go by, U.S.A. is getting worst, students are failing, nothing being done, and the teachers don't care. Here in the U.S.A. there is always that cut spending on the education system, which means less resources for the students. I have to say U.S.A. is at the bottom compare to other countries in the world. Do you see what type of students attend our school in the U.S.A. ? A bunch of kids from 3rd world country. Nobody here in the U.S. understand the English language anymore.

  89. WEI of the DRAGON says:

    One day, China will replace US and Europe and Aus/NZ as top destination for higher education. I don't think this is impossible.

  90. Joy dey says:

    makes India education system

  91. Imperium says:

    Check out the new video covering Donald Trump's potential impeachment!

  92. timothy chung says:

    If you are teaching them science, what do you propose they do when they go home? They apply that knowledge.if you dont want them to know, you dont teach them! It's not Einstein…!

  93. Tom Hyhlík says:

    There is so many chinese trolls in the comments… At least you chinese trolls can tell me why even the president of China sent his daughter to study in USA when china has way better education as you say…

  94. Winston Rodrigues says:

    in USA kids eat Aderall and teens eat Meth.

  95. Winston Rodrigues says:

    have you seen a kid solving three rubiks cubes in 4 minuntes while juggling all three of them ? Well welcome to china.

  96. Gheorghe Pavel says:

    What ? US education ?!

  97. ann shipley says:

    ironic, mao use to shoot university graduates + families. why grandad had to get out (schoolteacher)

  98. Dandelion Fan says:

    No. Hong Kong is part of China🇨🇳🙂

  99. peace leader says:

    Education should be free. For all

  100. M O H A W X says:

    Please make a video on India's JEE entrance exams and coaching centres

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