Haschak Sisters – I Wanna Dance


Haschak Sisters – I Wanna Dance

I’ll never learn I think we should just give up this is too hard ya what are you guys complaining about we can hear you crying across the park we’re not crying me and Olivia’s talent show is tomorrow ya and we don’t even know the dance hold up that’s it Don’t make it so complicated
All you gotta do is feel the beat Just think about – moving to music
You don’t have to do it so perfectly See, that’s the thing
Everybody from our school will watch
And we don’t wanna look like we can’t dance I say if we can’t get it right by tonight then it’s off!
I mean… I can’t take a chance!
It’s just too advanced! Quit saying it’s impossible
All I hear from you is fear and doubt If you really wanna do it
Then you both need to pay attention
You and Maddison will help us out?
We’ll try… But you gotta lose the attitude
Cause some things just take some time I’ll watch cause I wanna get better and I think I can
My reputation is on line!
Olivia, please… Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I Wanna feel the beat with somebody Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I Wanna feel the beat with somebody Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me That was… Interesting
A+ for the effort, right? I quit cause you both wanna sit there and laugh at us
Yeah, you don’t know what this is like Oh take a joke, It was fine and we’ll clean it up
Yeah, you guys are gonna steal the show We promise we can help you out and it’ll be alright
Gracie: Besides, we did this a long time ago Wait, you did?
Olivia: Well this is great! You two can help us win first place That’s right cause the rules say we can have extra help if it’s family or in our grade Um, I don’t know… Maybe but you have to practice, if we do it we’ll just back you up Madison what? Deal Piece of cake 5, 6, 7, 8 Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I Wanna feel the beat with somebody Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I Wanna feel the beat with somebody Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me fine but please don’t do that tomorrow [music]

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100 thoughts on “Haschak Sisters – I Wanna Dance”

  1. Dyogo Bharuck says:

    Eu amo muito vocês eu sou muito sua fã eu assisti quase todos os dias seus vídeos Se Fosse Eu e há 200 mil like eu gosto muito de vocês às vezes quando aparece uma música eu faço clipe e fica me dando igual a vocês é bom né que eu aprendendo falar inglês com vocês Vocês são muito linda tchau beijo te amo amo vocês muito eu nunca vou perder seus vídeos

  2. Keva Diva557 says:

    I remember watching all your vids 💕💕💕💕

  3. Rahel Miselti says:


  4. Amanda Rockhold says:

    I'm Olivia idk how to spell her name but I love it♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆

  5. raiane naves says:

    l feel like l´m the only one

  6. Ednilza Santos says:


  7. Jocelyn Torres Quevedo says:

    Can you guys do something other than music vidos not trying to be rude

  8. Parwana Hussani says:


  9. EAzy GaMe says:

    ai love

  10. Genaro Garcia says:


  11. otamere Esewi says:

    I lovet😘

  12. Coco Loco says:

    Omg I remember the hascak sisters!

  13. Jameel Metwalli says:


  14. Waheeda Hussain says:

    I love keep it up. 💃💃💃💃💃

  15. Makaila Roye says:

    Ho love all of them ☺☺ they are cute

  16. funny kids so funny says:

    Olivia 💜

  17. Sunny _gacha says:

    This is Whitney Huston


    They were my everything in 4th grade 🙂

  19. Serena Parenti says:

    I love all the songs and by the way great job dancing

  20. Gaming with Mel says:

    I love it when they're dancing and change backgrounds so cool!!! I love the haschak sisters!!!! They're the best ! ❤️

  21. Llamas Are nice says:

    I can't believe Sierra is 15 now and Olivia is 13 and Madison is 18 and Gracie is 16
    Edit: now idk

  22. PutbackKing Rock says:


  23. Nayeli Amor says:

    And Sharon

  24. Margaret Dowling says:


  25. İşsiz Adam says:


  26. Obdulio Hernandez says:


  27. Stella Inglese says:

    Hi #sisters my name is Madison I love your videos so much I'm a big fan of your amazing videos bye

  28. Radojko Mutavdzic says:

    Dobra pesma

  29. Pro Gamer girl says:

    This song I so old love you guys

  30. Armi Unicorn says:

    Grate dance class

  31. Korm Monytepy says:


  32. Yoomi Lee says:

    Then did they go to there school

  33. Gailen Kotrous says:

    They can dance really good

  34. Gailen Kotrous says:

    I mean you guys

  35. kawii halo Hershey says:

    Y'all see her dab?

  36. Allana Plamann says:

    I love u haschak sisters 😍🤗💋❤🧡💛💚💙💜👍👄

  37. It’s your girl Azzareya Gonzalez says:

    You guys are so so cool♥️♥️😍😍🤑🤑❤️❤️💜💜😻😻😋😋🤣🤣😆😆😊😊🤩🤩

  38. Мануш Согомонян says:


  39. Мануш Согомонян says:


  40. Izza Nadeem says:

    I love you sister squad


    haschak sisters you guys know how to dance i want dance but i don know how to dance


    haschak sisters pls do dance for me i don know how to dance pls haschak sisters

  43. Angel Mateo says:

    Iove you

  44. Angel Mateo says:

    I like you

  45. Kanthan Barathi says:

    I love you hashak sisters

  46. Sange Gwarube says:

    Did you guys know how to dance in the first place

  47. Chinita 360 says:

    Quiero conocer las tengo 6 años estoy enferma y quiero conocer las primas Guatemala

  48. Alejandra Olguin says:

    I love how you dance💃💃

  49. oscar narvaez says:

    You Look 👀 So DIFFERENT

  50. Raj Rai says:

    Superb HS love it

  51. Ashreya Ranchord says:

    2019 gang

  52. Omar Chavez says:

    It’s 2019

  53. Mya W says:

    Fytyttyuhhuhhhhhuhhuuujuhinibi I ozLsoxozpxoxpxp😆😍😆😍

  54. Hannah Williams says:

    I love this one ❤️💙 ❤️

  55. Danilo Camargo says:


  56. Susana Alvarez says:


  57. Althea Tayag says:

    Who won did they win the talent show???? I neeed to know bc they were amazing!!! DID THEY WIN???????

  58. Yonamabel Cantillano says:


  59. Lorena Kiew says:

    Their fist dance though ! Walk like an Egyptian 😂

  60. Tiffany Bowers says:

    Let me take you are the best I can't believe it I love you

  61. Tiffany Bowers says:

    I am Santa Claus I'm going to be a good nurse today the little kid jumping on the naughty list ho ho ho

  62. Tiffany Bowers says:

    Kidding it's me Nevaeh I was joking I was joking I'm so joking joking joking joking it was so funny and that Santa Claus I'm just joking Christmas is not even hear what I say ho ho ho but I did so I'm not it

  63. Mary Kate Dillon says:

    Olivia was 10????

  64. Vasember Tony Stark says:

    Good job girls 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  65. Christina Viramontes says:

    I Love it 🤐😶

  66. The Challenger Lanae says:

    I wish I could dance like them but my arm is hurt good dancing

  67. Aylette's channel says:

    Like : hashtack sisters
    Coment :jojo siwa

  68. Claudette Francis says:

    Awww i already so cute

  69. hxkgxbkugcih Ibtissem says:


  70. Bill Fabila says:

    Like it

  71. carmens happy life says:

    I love your songs

  72. Desiree Smith says:

    Love you guys

  73. John Coxon says:

    This is not the best video

  74. Nathan Oliver says:

    The big girls can dance

  75. Moni Mitchell says:

    Haschak Sisters win☺😊 they are so amazing words can't even described it

  76. I Don’t Have A Name says:


  77. Latoya Aluyi says:

    Did you know that I love this song

  78. Adianez Santiago says:

    Mojo Sisa love💓💓💓 like like

  79. Kaith Wee says:

    Just keep praktising

  80. Brianna RODDEN says:

    They didnt maie this song

  81. Jay Dog says:

    Jojo siwa

  82. Beny Hawkins says:

    Olivia was so small that time 😂💖

  83. Maria Estripulia says:

    Brazilians? Yes:like ❤️no:coment

  84. Rachel Land says:


  85. ` S5302D says:

    i love you sierra

  86. CaSondra Santos says:

    I my name is naveh you and mattyb is my favorite

  87. CaSondra Santos says:

    And I am 10

  88. מאיה בונה says:

    This is not song.

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  90. Fabian S says:


  91. Spov97 Walk says:

    That's trash LOL XD

  92. Paola Corra says:

    I Love ju!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💋💝💝💝💝💘💘💘💖💖💖💖

  93. Claire Chen says:

    Yep yep

  94. Cat Lover says:

    Haschak sisters are the best sister you tubers ever!

  95. Shatha Al says:

    2019 anyone?

  96. Shaine Andrea Manayon says:

    U should call this song i wanna dance with somebody

  97. Marco antinio Mejia nieto says:


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