Health Care Informatics – Online Master’s Degree from USD

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Health Care Informatics – Online Master’s Degree from USD

My name is Dr. Jonathan Mack. This is a great time to get into the field. The job outlook is very strong for individuals
who complete the Master’s degree through the University of San Diego. Federal government projects strong job growth
in these areas, especially in the focused areas of Health Care Informatics, telehealth,
telemedicine, remote home-monitoring, as well as other emerging fields within the Health
Care Informatics discipline. The University of San Diego Health Care
Informatics program is unique; it’s completely online, it’s taught by industry professionals. Students are interacting with individuals
who are performing the Health Care Informatics roles on a daily basis, as well as teaching
online. Individuals that would like more information
on our Health Care Informatics program can go to

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