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Health Care Management – Oregon Tech Online

Our health care
management programs are designed for students
who have a current licensure or registry in an Allied
Health profession, and are looking for
opportunities to move up. Health care management
students will be looking at quite
a few opportunities, especially as this
industry continues to grow over the next decade or two. Even some of the big fitness
companies actually tie-in health care and use
health administrators. This program includes courses
in human resource management, leadership, international
business, marketing, finance. Epidemiology, computer
technology systems, medical record systems. It’s hands on. It’s real world. You work on the same projects
that our on ground students will work on. It’s the same rigor
that you would get in the classroom on campus. Combining what you typically
see at a private school– small classes,
personal interaction. Even online, you get to know
these students very, very well. My online students,
they’re so unique. They’re spread out
all over the world. You shouldn’t be
bound by geography, as far as what you can
do and what you can’t. That’s why I love technology. We really take an applied
learning approach. We have the senior project. This really allows
them to go in depth, solve a problem for a
business in an industry that they want to be in. We are very closely
alligned with industry needs and expectations. They are career ready when
they walk out our doors. This just really appeals to
a certain type of student– those who are driven. Those who are very disciplined. Those who really love the
flexibility of taking courses online. They tend to be a very
serious student oh.

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