Health Professions Education programs – uOttawa

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Health Professions Education programs – uOttawa

Health Professions Education Program>>>Darene Toal-Sullivan : I think that what
makes a program unique is… I think first of all, the fact that it is an opportunity
to really link what’s happening in the practice setting with what’s happening in the classroom
setting. So forging those connections between classroom and clinical.>>>Dr. Ahmad Firas Khalid : One of the expectations
I had for this program was to learn about new ways to bring education reform to medical
education. It was particular interest to me and I was in search for a program that will
allow me to explore new teaching strategies and innovating technological advances to bring
it to the classroom that will benefit my community and my fellow colleagues in the field.>>>Margaret Hughes : I was looking at a number
of courses in the masters of education through different universities in Ontario and found
that the University of Ottawa actually offered one specific to the health profession’s
education. And I thought this would be an excellent course that I would be able to apply
to directly to my practice.>>>Darene Toal-Sullivan : Many times the
people say, you know, the programmed I’ve developed in a particular course, I was actually able
too implement in my work setting.So it’s directly beneficial to them. So that real
connection between work and practice, whatever their work setting or whatever their role
is, I think makes the program quite unique.>>>Dr. Ahmad Firas Khalid : Outstanding thing
about this program is that the faculty members foster innovation and research and support
you throughout your educational journey.>>>Margaret Hughes : My expectations were
exceeded in this program. The collaboration between different disciplines and different
professionals really allowed to expand my knowledge of different scopes of practice.>>>Dr. Ahmad Firas Khalid : I would definitely
recommend this program for its excellent reputation. Outstanding faculty members and particularly
the diversity of the student body.

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