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Hello everybody It’s Kadzoweforafrica and let’s get right to it
an online degree is worth it only if you do the following things the first thing
I would suggest that you do is to ensure that you pursue an online degree program
with the reputable University what’s happening now is that a lot of reputable
universities are really seeing a lot of all the profits that the traditional
online programs are gaining and they are offering online classes at their
institutions and so it’s worth your while for you to get your online degree
from those universities because a lot of you don’t know but they don’t actually
write ‘online’ when you get your diploma and so that helps because this is a cause of
concern and worry and many people traditionally don’t ask if that was an
online degree or not, so if you’re thinking about it then that would be a
great option the second thing I’d like to let you know about the online degree
and it’s worth is that if you sell it correctly especially for those of you that may not
be pursuing online degrees with reputable universities, you can be succesful what happens is I encourage you to
talk about your situation especially if they
ask you at the job to tell them about yourself and why you’re interested in
that position, it is advisable for you to actually explain to the
interviewer why you pursued on online degree program a lot of employers are
willing to actually look over the perception of online degree programs if
they learn a little bit about who you are what you’ve done, your family
situation and why maybe it was no choice and that you had to pursue that
online degree so something for you to think about those are the quick
tips when it comes to pursuing an online degree as always folks you know that I’m
here for you so if you would like to set up a consultation please go ahead and
let me know send me an email and my assistant will schedule a time where I
can walk and guide you through exactly some of the things that you need to pay
attention to if you are seeking an online degree
program with a reptable university or if your pursuing an online degree program with an institution that offers traditional degrees and folks as you know if
you do like these videos please please give me a thumbs up before you leave
today and as always please comment below if you have any questions I’m happy to
answer those as well thank you for watching until my next video bye

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