Henry Rollins: Education is the End of Disaster Capitalism


Henry Rollins: Education is the End of Disaster Capitalism

The biggest cause of debt in this country
besides mortgages, student debt because there are no jobs out there for these people who
trusted their country to be there for them.  They basically did that exercise where you
fall backwards and you workmates catch you.  They jumped out of the 40th floor window
with that student loan and America went that looks like that hurt.  Suck it up Caroline.
 Get a job.  Don’t be a leech.  So would I advise a young person looking at their senior
year in high school to become a freshman in college the year after?  That is a damn good
question.  How long will it be until America fiscally turns itself around to where the
risk of the investment on that student loan to get a person through four years of college?
 Will that person get a job where paying off that loan and getting a house and affording
a family, will that be a possibility?  In the present America it doesn’t look like
it is. When will that turnaround?  When will that
get better?  When will be okay for someone to go I’m going to college?  I don’t know.
 I don’t get to push those rocks around, but as it is now there are a lot of really
qualified people who are doing jobs fathoms below their ability level.  We are wasting
people’s time who put considerable amounts of energy, time and their youth into hitting
those books when they wanted to go off doing every else as a young person **** want to
do.  They hit the books.  They did what they were told.  They paid and paid and they’re
parents paid and they’re not getting the promise of America because those jobs went
away and the people who could be in charge of the jobs that went away went away.  So
people who could be in upper management there is an upper manager, but he is in Beijing.
 He is in Phnom Penh.  He is in Bangkok.  Those jobs went away to please stockholders
and so it does not matter how you shift the tax burden around that much.  There are no
jobs in this country.  There is just until major industries come back you got what you
got and so when you say get a job okay, to get a job your way I’ll have to get three
of them.  I’ll work at the hamburger place until evening.  
There is a great story.  I’m sure it’s kind of a folktale.  Some guy told it to
me.  A guy goes into his building ever day and he sees the custodian, morning, morning,
same guy in the green suit with a broom.  He sees him on the way out.  One night the guy
stays late and he is working late, big deadline.  He leaves at like one in the morning.  He
sees the same guy in the security officer’s outfit, the janitor guy, some building, different
uniform.  So he goes what do you have a new job.  He goes no, this is my other job.  The
guy goes down to the locker, gets a dinner break, puts on the other uniform and walks
through the rooms he was sweeping five hours before and that’s where a lot of Americans
are at.  Some of those people are in college and—sorry, some of those people have a college
degree and so you have a country that is undercutting itself for the cheap, quick buck.  They are
after the fast high.  They are after the grift rather than going all in on America
the long term goal and investment.   If it were me I’d be going like China said,
500 years at a time.  I’d be looking way up the road.  I’d be looking up the road
so far my eyes would fall out of my head.  That is how much I believe in America.  That
is how much I love America to where I want America like Europe where they’ll educate
your kid until his head explodes.  You want to go to college, go, we need you, we need
doctors because people grow up and fall down and go boom, everyone is going to need a doctor,
let’s have three doctors per floor of every apartment building in this town.  How about
that as a good idea?  Like that is a good idea.  Okay, so let’s make college tuition
either free or really low and if you have a country full of whip-crack smart people
you have a country the rest of the world will fear.  They will not invade a country of
educated people because we are so smart we’ll build a laser that will burn you, the enemy,
in your sleep before you can even mobilize your air force to kill us.  We will kill
you so fast because we are so smart and we will have foreign policy that will not piss
you off to the point to where you have to attack us.  
The world would be a better place and all the war profiteers and the people who make
money on discontent, robberies, the pillaging of economies in other countries they would
be screwed and it would be the end of disaster capitalism and so again it’s always down
to the education.  As it is now education is kind of this whipping boy.  It is that
which gets teased, oh, you’re going to school, where the intellectual, as in the times of
Pol Pot and Hitler and Stalin, is seen as the enemy.  Watch Fox News, he is part of
the liberal elite.  He is a leader.  And so they fear the polysyllabic word and those
who read and write poetry as Hitler did and Mao and Stalin.
We wipe out the thinkers, the people who really do use their First, Fourth and Fifth Amendment
rights to freedom and privacy.  We get rid of those people because they are not towing
the party line and that’s where your country is at right now.  You have a country that
the rest of the world—I forget who said it.  Someone said a couple of years ago the
rest of the world is a dynamic place.  That is changing.  That is going with it.  That
is following science.  That is realizing that the acidification rates of the oceans
have hit full saturation.  They are no longer absorbing CO2.  They are seeing rivers get
narrow.  They are watching watering holes shrink in diameter and the only major industrialized
country in the world whose not getting with the program is America.  
The rest of the world they got it and they’re moving, India, China, all these booming—well
booming for now, but these developing and expanding economies.  They see solar energy
and America is getting moved on and moved past and that is by design.  There is going
to be five people who are going to make out like the bandits they are.  The rest of the
people are going to be left flatfooted and it could have been different.  The main question
is can things turnaround. Can this be turned around?  Good question.
 I’d like to think so.  I’d like to think that America our biggest virtue would
be educating our kids to where they are like these brainiacs.  I think that would be great.
 Instead you get people homeschooling their kids and they we have one book because you
only need one book, the Bible, that’s the only book they need.  Great, I have a Bible.
 I also have a lot of other books.  It’s one of many books that I’ve spent time reading.
 There is the good book.  I have a lot of good books.  Come over to my house sometime.
 I’ll show you hundreds of good books.  
So I think America is narrowing its opportunities by taking education out of being the main
apple of the eye of America’s great future.  Without an education you won’t have a

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100 thoughts on “Henry Rollins: Education is the End of Disaster Capitalism”

  1. James Schroeder says:

    I like Henry always have but doesn’t he realize he got all the money and fame from Capitalism?!

  2. MrBshears says:

    Many high paying jobs in America today are moving away from a college degree requirement instead opting to hire interns out of high school for on the job training. I believe this is a better route for most jobs. College tuition prices are so expensive because the government guarantees student loans, In return incentivizing the colleges to raise tuition instead of letting the market compete by offering lower tuition. In my opinion we need less government in colleges not more. If you went to a bank and got a private college loan the bank would look at the degree you are getting, The demand for the occupations related and the average income of that degree because they want to get there money repaid. Also if it were a private loan and shit hit the fan you could claim bankruptcy unlike government subsidized loans.

  3. Dick Longmire says:

    The problem with smarter societies is they tend to be more passive. One has to look no further than the atrocities of WWII.

  4. James R says:

    Ok. I like the video. However, I think it is necessary to discuss this. I was thinking about this fact: models change. For some reason people think that models are absolute; some are but some are not. For example, the model of gravity doesn't change. However, consider the model of how penicillin works. It worked well for decades, however, when resistant bugs came around things changed.

    Things have changed in the job market and the corresponding model has changed too. In the past US, most people who received a classical education learned allot, especially how to think but things changed. I won't even get on the fact that college education has changed in the last 20 years. But times have changed, and the model for success has too in some ways. The fact is that there are still industries that are open wide for jobs and some are very lucrative. It is just you have to be willing to do those jobs, and work in a high demand field. I would think it is better to learn to do a job, as opposed to get a degree, unless that degree taught you to do a job.

    The US currently still has high paying jobs such as the tech industry (Engineering, and Computer Programming), nursing (LPN, and RN), skilled laborers (welding, auto mechanics).

    However, if you are going to go to college to party and walk out with a piece of paper then I really would think about it.

    Further, the issue is we have elected people to office who can't see past the next election or their re-election. It is hurting the US badly. People have become so complacent that they really don't care. They continue to believe all the political propaganda out there and vote for the same people, so nothing changes.

    Umm….no. I disagree with this guy on the free education. In the video, he mentions doctors. Most people don't know that most people who are taking loans for degree in things like communications and drama, could basically pay for 2 years of medical school. As well, there are a host of monies out there if you are going to get an education in something in high demand like medical.

    For a minute, I almost forgot Rollins is a socialist. Figures, he slipped his propaganda line into story.

    Also, for the US to be like Europe? Are you kidding me? I almost liked the video until you said this. Yep, Europe is educated but it is also in horrible shape! This fact is always quickly passed by every progressive who screams about free education; let's not kid ourselves. Besides, Rollins is so out of touch that he believes that education is free.

  5. gg says:

    Sounds like what Trump is achieving. Bringing jobs back to Americans from China.

  6. Ross Feinberg says:

    Henry Rollins you are a genius. You should run against Trump as an independent, I bet you'd get the punk vote.

  7. Gabriel 1 says:

    The crazy thing is there are no jobs but housing prices are skyrocketing.

  8. Gabriel 1 says:

    America has to study how Germany does things!

  9. Jennings Cunningham says:

    i was a fool. i got high student loan debt. i am in the oilfield paying 1500 a month in early 40s trying to pay it off. i know i will never have a family. it took me years to unlearn what they taught me. and i hate seeing my excruciating labor going to pay that debt.

  10. Paul DeVos says:

    Good chat until the part about Europe education. You have to be in a certain 'rung' to get placed into degree programs in many European countries. Not everyone can just go to med school. And US Med schools are still the gold standard as is every single educational sector. Europe lags behind. I do like the idea of paying for education, but it is really education or credentialism and certifications. Problem is more when certifications becomes a money train and it evolves into unnecessary accreditation and bloated certifications. By all means, educate well, but don't stunt good doctors from becoming doctors and nurses and the like.

  11. Steven Mueller says:

    What hocum. Plenty of people go to college in the US and get a fine paying job after graduation. They are called engineers, mathematicians, nurses, marketers, sales people, accountants, programmers, biologist and have majors thereto focused. They are NOT called Intersectional Philosophers, Feminist Studies Engagement Leaders, Toxic_(fill in your word) group professionals, etc. I think you get the point. The prior list of folks all paid for their education themselves and are paying it off via their salaries. Think of it this way, if you had a job to give and are willing to pay for a student's tuition where after graduation, the student gets to work for you and you are NOT a university (so the private sector jobs mentioned in the video), are you REALLY going to pay for someone to major in 19th Century Feminist Poetry? Also, what in the world is Disaster Capitalism? Those two words together have no meaning.

  12. Tyler Durden says:

    ….and you have to quit giving all the jobs to “military heroes”. Not everyone who was in the military is a hero.

  13. John Buenaventura says:

    Get a degree that will get you a career…Engineering, Nursing, etc…

  14. Martine Shamzin says:

    College education is making people more stupid, more entitled, and more lazy. College degrees are already worth nothing. What is more, college edjucated people are completely ignorant today. We are NOT shelling out even MORE money so people can play around for four years and get indoctrinated into Socialism at our expense.

  15. Arathorn Dezeus says:

    Lol achemedies much a "laser"

  16. boojum402 says:

    Christ, he is so right. From 2008 to 2013 I worked at Walmart with a fucking PhD. My family became tough and resilient. My son who is 19 grew up understanding thrift and want. Fuck anyone who even imagines him a "Snowflake". He is hard. He works serious and doesn't expect much. He is everything that the grotesquely obese and lazy, moronic MAGAt's fear the most and in the combat of the new America my kids will eat those little racist morons for lunch. Welcome to the new world mother fuckers. It is multicultural, multiracial and full of people who actually give a damn. You did lose the culture war. This little fit you pulled with "The Donald" is too damn late and is going to end very soon (with him either dying in jail or being dosed with Polonium tea by his Russian overlords who are done with him as a useful idiot). Get used to it. Sorry for the rant, but felt it needed to be said. FSM bless America! Hallelujah, Holy Shit.

  17. Bret .Maverick says:

    I've known people who got degrees but aren't willing to move out of state to get a job they went to school for.

  18. Jeff 18252 says:

    Du fuck world this guy live in? Read a fucken book or talk in a coherent language instead of incoherent analogy’s.

  19. George Feneberg says:

    His idea of education is irrational to me, he thinks a well-educated society will make a laser and blow away their enemies. A real well-educated society would understand morality first of all and war would be a thing of the past because they would have gotta over themselves and made peace. This guy sounds like he considers 'smart' people also war casters and killers. Smart people will unite as a species and not fight each other. His definition of a smart society is smart scientifically but not morally. You can sound wise saying stuff like that but when you say we're smart because we can kill all of you then you have thrown all your rationality out the door in my opinion. These ideas seem very heavily bias self-serving and self-pride for BIG THINK quality to me. I get where he is coming from but education should also consider morality and world peace as an educated concept not merely what is best for a person's own nation. Smart people would understand that killing other humans is anti-productive. You had me at free education you lost me when you said we're smart so we will kill you all becuase we're so smart. Seems like an oxymoron statement that contradicts itself. Nice attempt at a save with the foreign policy comment, but a smart nation would not need foreign policy because nations would be united. That would be a real smart society.

  20. John Taratuta says:

    Resources are always limited. In Europe or Asia, if you don't pass a test, then you do not pass go: no education for you . . .

  21. Bear Knuckles says:

    // I want America like Europe // — and this guy is assumed to be intelligent? lol

  22. whelan312631 says:

    Britain has gone the same way.

  23. Kit Parts says:

    Complete nonsense. Grossly flawed.

  24. 3rd Gunman says:

    After presidential debates, there should be a vote for a debate winner from each party then combat trials…Winner is pres.

  25. Tyrel Waterman says:

    That is the problem is corporate greed make the rich richer and the poor poorer. College to fucking expensive and when you get out you don’t even get a job for the degree you went for. They the government want you to live in debt for the rest of your life. Getting a college degree and having a house , & also having a family to. Living in debt

  26. Shane Herdman says:

    Come on Henry… That's just racism hidden behind patriotism. I'm not from a country that's going to invade anyone so why the all American competitive bullcrap? You can apply your same philosophies to everything being given the opportunity for liberty and decent lives can't you? I'm actually really surprised how typically American that rant from you was.

  27. Max Q says:

    What a bunch of twisted logic and ranblings based on half sense. First, the kids and their parents CHOSE to go in debt at college. nobody put a gun to there head. Second, I paid for my degree by working throughout college. ZERO debt! It can be done easily still today. work 20 hours per week @ $12/hour= $12,480-taxes = approx $10k. Better yet get a job that has college reimbursement(tons of companies do it). Live lean and you can still have $ left over for beer and pizza on the weekend. I personally work 40 hours per week. easy stuff

    Next, the reason a college degree has lost it's value is because too many people have them(especially liberal arts degrees). What value will it have when the government pays for everyone to get a degree for free. Yep worthless. Come on Henry, it's simple supply and demand.

    Millennials just need to stop being babies. TONS of jobs out there!!! Roll up your sleeves and get to work

  28. James Monroe says:

    You love America so much you want it like to be like Europe???? That isn't holding up well.

  29. Infinite Fractals says:

    Yeah, Henry Rollins is pretty stupid

  30. svartvist says:

    Nothing stopping a person from becoming an autodidact. Originally, that was what college was for. Nothing stopping a person from getting on line, or spending evenings at the campus library. Or the county library system.

    By the time I went to college I had acquired sufficient knowledge of general science to test out of the science requirements with nearly double the required score for maximum credit. The point of education isn't to get a job, although it can open the door in some instances.

  31. pretorious700 says:

    He has absolutely no clue WTF he's talking about. This guy is famous why, again?

  32. Jeremy Lui says:

    Henry's brain might get on a neat path, but his conclusions are the same cliche crap doled out to us by our fourth grade teachers. An America like Europe, no thanks, nerd.

  33. Monk Cat says:

    You need real investment in the country rather than wasting it on weapons and wars.

    Allowing most production jobs to go overseas to Asia simply to exploit the cheaper labour at the cost of massive unemployment in the US.

    The crony capitalism has robbed the country of a decent life for decent people.

    It has made the US a cut throat country where people are vilified for suffering under the exploitation of the rich.

  34. Tango Delta says:

    I love Rollins but he’s not taking garbage degrees into the situation along with govt bailouts. People getting gender study degrees and what not are ruining the system. The people who like Bernie are the same people ruining the system.

  35. 850 mph says:

    Pure nonsense from a guy I used to respect.
    America made a decision a long time ago that THEY would rather have cheap products then a high paying job… You can’t pay American workers $30/hour to manufacture shoes.
    But an even closer look at AMERICAN psychology shows the real problem….
    Gasoline, milk are meat are, (inflation adjusted) as cheap as they ever were.
    Who really needs a pair of $120 adidas when you can buy a perfectly good pair of sneakers for $20 bucks…?
    AMERICANS just “NEED” too much stuff.
    In 1970 the average house was 1500 sq/ft… Today, in 2018 it’s over 3000 sq/ft.In 1970 we had “free” over the air TV… Today Time Warner charges $180/month.In 1970 I wore my sneakers for three years… Today kids buy every color Michael Jordan sneaker they can find, and store them in boxes in their closets.In 1970 my parents bought a VW Beetle for $1900… Today all my. neighbors drive $40k BMWs
    I could go on.
    Henry— I got news for you… 
    Those $80k/year jobs most “college degrees” led to … are never coming back to America.
    Blame computerization which has not DECIMATED the work force.. but ELIMINATED 50% (yes 50%) of those nice middle-management, paper-pushing jobs your dad and grandfather grew up with. The jobs which kept half of the American workforce employed at a wage where a home was easily budgeted into the monthly pay packet.
    Truth is we need more plumbers and electricians… not psych majors.

  36. ilikechickenwings100 says:

    College can work. You have to know that there's a demand for people who are in the field you choose. Also, when scholarships are given to the most unfortunate instead of the best and brightest… don't really want to go there.

  37. The Scatman says:

    College and Uni are overrated

  38. woodyfive0 says:

    The theory already is peace through superior firepower.

  39. QQQBall says:

    "Major industries come back." Mr. not happening – false premise. Move on to plan B.

  40. Micah Vitko says:

    Listening to Henry Rollins talk about life is like a firework show of goosebumps all over your body.

  41. William Hunter says:

    Rollins is spot on. Sure, there are those that don't want to go to college. That's fine, for them. For those that do want to go it should be easy to do so.

  42. Greg Gatsby says:

    It's funny how most of the people who hate capitalism are usually the people who made bad life choices.

  43. CaptHiltz says:

    I believe that all large multi national corporations that are public, once they hit a certain level of profit should contact their stock holders and say, "As of now we are once again private. We have cashed out your stocks. Here is you payout. " Fuck stock holders calling the shots. Stock investments are great for up starts but not giant corporations. Next, a government instituted cap on CEO salaries. If you say, "That's Communism CaptHiltz!" Well, my friend for all practical purposes, Communism is dead and has been for a couple of decades so STFU. Are you o.k. with justifying one person at a company making 100 or 300 times what the people for which if they weren't there the company wouldn't exist? If you can justify that then you are a either a CEO of a major corporation or brain damaged. No, I am not a business expert but neither is about 90% of the population. I'm using common sense. The system was create by the wealthy for the wealthy and until we change that by going with employee owned businesses, free to extremely cheap college tuition and above the cost of living pay for 98% of the population the United States will collapse within the next decade and most likely take most of the world with it.

    Please save any or all snarky comments to yourself. I will however respond to rational and intelligent comments. Oh and BTW the way my Mother has been dead for 33 years so leave her out of unlike the last asshole.

  44. west family says:

    Henry 2012, but what would he say in 2018?

  45. Adam Beatty says:

    I don't think in terms of just america… nvm 500 years into the future. Nvm a 10 year plan; I have 10,000 year plan .

  46. Jon Mo says:

    Doctors= mostly drug dealers….

  47. Bardr Nadstadt says:

    you BET! #'muricalandofthefreehomeoftheidiot!

  48. M V.B says:

    I never understood people who go to college to major in General Studies or Undecided. If you dont know what you want, then why are you going? Figure out what you want first. Then if your chosen field requires a degree, then go, if not- then why waste time and money. I understand some people go just for the experience, but think of what else you could do with the money you would've spent.

  49. Joseph Longhenry says:

    I know, Mark Rowe and Henry Rollins need to chat on a script. Mark Sucks at scripts, Rollins sucks at resolve, to fuckin' prideful that guy. Maybe they can work something out.Thinking that would make a clear assumption but not a lure for Americans or an immigration speech to lure people out of motivation. This video shouldn't affirm your logic or feelings about how you been treated, it makes me feel a lot more hopeful, that less than 200k people, questioned the idea, rather than just viewed it as a reassuring in-difference speech, from someone that can be easily idolized by compassionate mouths.

  50. Dion Magistro says:

    Truth FTW! Dude, I seriously have a brocrush on you. You made my night! I miss my Pops.

  51. Cowardly Custard says:

    remember your soul is only a collection of past memories and experiences. that is all. if it does not get a supply of oxygen it evaporates. thats life.

  52. Hyperion says:

    Too bad, Rollins. I used to respect you.

    Then you had to go and say Trump was the result of "low education" voters,

    just because they rejected the establishment leftist "education" of pedophilia, gender spectrums, feminism, trans hormones for children,

    and funding social-marxist parasites with state welfare redistribution away from the productive class.

    No, now you're a tool of the leftist paternalist state.

    Now i follow a better liberal, Jordan Peterson.

    Your loss, you unhinged "anarchist".

  53. DJ Dave Omaha says:

    Bring industries back? President Trump is doing that. Now, the Washington DC establishment needs to get out of the way.

  54. Mr Cat says:

    I like this but it still reeks a bit of paranoia and we need to have the biggest d'k….err…weapons so nobody else does. But on the whole it's a nice speech. I was on the brink of sharing it to the the world of my online friends but it's that "we need to be the biggest and kick the most ass" that just troubles me slightly. Doesn't really provide answers but sometimes I feel that's quite appropriate if you can point out the problems in the right way so as not to make everyone feel like d'k, and they can give it a shot at thinking up some clever solutons.

  55. Chris Hopkins says:

    If outsourcing is the artery of Capitalism this has massive weight.

  56. somercet1 says:

    "Make college free." Yeah, Henry, the G.I. Bill (draft-era), and the Student Loan program that replaced it (post-draft), are what destroyed higher education in America. Read Jerry Pournelle's recollection of what "academics" did to the Uni of California:

  57. Sal says:

    "whip crack smart"?  wow.  big words!  us college graduates sure did waste our time reading them books.  Is that why most of the idiots I listen to on that box can't even speak English?  Is it any wonder there "aren't any jobs in this country"?  This man admits "falling" into his life – some of us MADE ours, the hard way.  AND, are LOVING IT.

  58. CMullig2 says:

    he's just incredibly smart and correct. Love you brother.
    wish you and kurt would have been in a band.

  59. B B says:

    What he talks of here, is exactly what Trump has concentrated on. Students of today should dry their eyes, stop listening to socialist indoctrination and give thanks to this President for bringing these jobs home and giving them that chance. The money he is bringing to the economy is proving him correct.

  60. Johnny Whitsel says:

    A lot of the problem, Henry, is that the 'kids' didn't take classes and base their education on the hopes of getting a job(after college) that was in-demand. Most of the people I have talked to chose dumbass subjects to major in, and now, working at Staples for 5 years, they admit it.

  61. Uniform Tango 74 says:

    I agree and disagree with Henry. I agree that we have to keep more jobs stateside and were one of the best countries on the planet earth, but I dont particularly agree with the free or low cost college education just for anyone. The person who he mentioned working the 3 or 4 jobs and struggling will be the person paying for that. Heck every tax payer as a matter of fact. Sure education in europe is free but what is their taxation like? What i feel he should be promoting is trade skills and teaching youth that college isnt always the path for success. On top of that, mention that youth of today shouldn't expect freebies/ handouts from politicians and to get their butts into gear. Even he said it himself when he was young and struggling…hardwork, tenacity, repetition and the WILLINGNESS to say yes to whatever job/opportunity that was given to him. Even he said 4 years of college debt wasnt his cup of tea. Cmon Henry…youre giving us mixed signals…no college degree but very sucessful.

  62. Uniform Tango 74 says:

    "…be like China…"
    " ….i want America to be like europe…"

    Red flag, red flag.

  63. Morten Bigum says:

    Just another yankie . I love u want a better World , like i do , but fucking go futher (sorry to say u are. Offcorce no the badeste in US . But punch a littel more hardcore
    Love om u Way .m.

  64. Stone Needham says:

    If your lucky and p=<0.005 and SD > 2, you may be in a place to claw back the $’s invested. If not fuck it all, work at a fish n chip shop and just listen to Rollins and get really fucking angry!

  65. nicholascremato says:

    Your misconception is that Jobs went to china for the quick buck. Jobs were exported by jews to bring down our country's economy. (I didn't say Nation because we lost our legal Nation status in 1913 when we lost our independent monetary system to the private federal reserve bank which is neither Federal nor has any reserves!) so that we could more easily make this a Communist country to more easily form a world government run by huge corporations and banks all run by Jews!

  66. Matt Fitch says:

    Knowledge is power and power requires responsibility. U can't teach a criminal how to get away with a crime, but SHOW them that that is another way besides the crime. "Let us use our knowledge for life and balance, and not war and control." the lost book of Matthew.

  67. MrHoppers002 says:

    the elites want people just smart enough to keep the machines running, filling out the paperwork, but not smart enough to realize they're screwed.

    A healthy, educated, and confident populace is very difficult to govern.

  68. Bob Scorpion says:

    Man is he right

  69. Thomas Brenes says:

    Wake UP this is modern Slavery the powers that be want you to be a manager at Starbucks with a degree from student loans to a mortgage and your kids student loans 65 years of work and in debt no health care. The new president can't change anything Wake UP

  70. Why Me? says:

    America will never fiscally turn itself around, not until they can’t make money off all the debt

  71. John Hiebert says:

    Military, war, college… Tried to do it all the "right way," paid off as a $19.50 an hour piece of shit job… Exposed to teburculosis, aids, radiation, etc, daily… Not worth it at all, dam shame and a waste… Medical imaging = joke

  72. jen zydyk says:

    Capitalism is cancer. Revolution is your only hope

  73. robert vogel says:

    So if everyone has a mastwrs degree or PhD who is doing the get your hands dirty runing of the country. Is not possible to have a room full of chiefs, and expect to achieve anything.

  74. Youre On Stolen Land says:

    At the end of the day Henry Rollins is still a BOOMER.

  75. Tom & Inga Foley says:

    One fine human.

  76. Alan Thomas says:

    Law ,medicine ,military academy's & trades are the only good reasons to attend a college or university in my experience..

  77. Henry Caldwell says:

    Get a marketable degree or learn a trade, or get your MRS.

  78. Cstubing24 says:

    Have you idiots not heard of community college? My fucking god you’re all so slow.

  79. Marissa Dower-morgan says:

    Henry is so happy describing a super laser that can kill you in your sleep..LOL

  80. Peter Karel Kraus says:

    Idiots go into massive student debt without thinking of the real world potential of how much their degree will help them make . Becoming a plumber or electrician is more cost effective. If my father and his employer (R.P.I.) Didn't pay for Drake U 50-50. I never would have gone, I would have taken a machinist apprenticeship at Pratt and Whitney

  81. nick strapko says:

    There are always jobs , but to many slobs

  82. Myk Clayton says:

    Henry Rollins is such a joke. "I'm a rock star who is also a self-help guru." Wooohooo! We're rockin now! So pathetic and self-important at the same time.

  83. cuddlefish longbottomtonshireville says:

    Shit, Europe has 3 doctors on every floor? Guess my ass should have called somebody…..

  84. Kaeben says:

    Education is largely a socialist endeavor in the USA… if there was real competition they would have more quality and lower cost. But the corporatists are responsible for driving the cost up with predatory lending known as student loans, which are designed to enrich people, not educate people. Student loans are government-sponsored extortion. The fault isn't capitalism. It's the government corruption the proper functioning of capitalism by removing the checks on the system. Bankruptcy is a check on the system that prevents exploitation and keeps things fair. Removing it is doing nothing but destroying people, the economy, and the education system. But who cares as long as the corrupt ones are getting rich, right?

  85. Kaeben says:

    There needs to be a corruption reporting system that functions like the credit bureau.

  86. Declan O'Cuidighthigh says:

    “Advice” from a guy who’s never had a real job in his entire life. Nice.

  87. Ted G says:

    It’s not the governments responsibility to provide education, you rich entitled dip shit. Please. If you don’t like America, get the fuck out.

  88. EvilShake101 says:

  89. Jay Gill says:

    Governments love the poorly Educated!

  90. R M L says:

    A guy I went to college with still claims his degree is the greatest achievement he has got yet he is thousands in debt and has worked as a bar staff three years since he graduated with absolutely no use of his degree whatsoever

  91. John Smith says:

    Liberals and their "Gender Studies" degree. Wonder why your jobs went overseas?? Thank Democrat Unions. Trump is the only president of my lifetime who's actually trying to bring jobs back to the United States, and you media brain washed clowns hate him because the tv told you so. You puppets need to cut your strings.

  92. Georgie Thumbs says:

    Education is extremely fucked up today and extremely corrupt. They price gouge the living shit out of tuition because they can. Nobody in Congress will ever call them on it, you'll never see the President of a University being asked to explain to Congress why he is getting paid $6 million a year. Why? Because the federal government makes a fortune on the interest from student loans. Unless it's highly technical field or something that is legally required like the medical field, you would be better off to skip College today and teach yourself, intern in a field your are interested in, if you have the discipline otherwise you are going to find yourself in a shit load of debt making not much more than someone who never went to College unless you come from a rich family with a lot of connection.

  93. waboom2 says:

    To sum it up according to HR: America is dead. There are no jobs.

  94. uly roth says:


  95. uly roth says:


  96. Justin Bailey says:

    If america made university/ collage free or much more affordable the usa would jump about 10 spots UP on the list of countries that are best to live in. Also other countries would respect Americans more for making the right choices for their people.

  97. Freedom Works says:

    There is no jobs out there – loser socialist democrat

    Some are children forever


  98. Freedom Works says:

    Why did jobs go away ?

    Why do jobs come back ?

  99. uly roth says:

    doctors lawyers go to college nurses and engineers.henry

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