High as Hell at Homecoming (GAME)


High as Hell at Homecoming (GAME)

(upbeat music) (mysterious techno music) – Have you ever done one of these before? – No. – Bye. – [Ally] Ah, homecoming weekend. How quaint. Except, you’re crazy high. – (coughing) Worth it. – [Ally] Two secret stoners will attempt to hide their high
through homecoming weekend without getting caught and expelled. – (laughing) What the
(bleep) is that word? – [Ally] Through a series of challenges, a group of citizens will
try to sniff them out and eliminate them from the game. – (laughing) Look at his eyes! – I’m not high. – You’re the high person!
– Oh wait a minute, yeah, look at your red eyes. – [Ally] But if the stoners
can kill off the citizens one by one and be the last two standing, they win. (cheering) – [Ally] This is Paranoia. – My name’s Lauren, and I have a non-existent
relationship with weed. – (Male voice) Have you ever smoked? – I’ve done it but like, you know. When I was in high school. But, I just got too high. I would morph into the
couch when I sit down, so after I was like 18 I’d kind of like just stopped doing it. – My name is Parker, and I used to smoke a lot in college, and I think I burnt myself out on it because now I hate smoking weed. If I’m the stoner, people would probably be
able to tell immediately. – (Male voice) Pick a card
and reveal who you are. – All right. – (laughs) Here we go. – [Ally] Each round the
stoners will select a player to eliminate from the game. The other players include three square citizens.
– I’m a citizen. – I’m a citizen. – [Ally] A narc who can find
out whether a player is stoned, – I’m the medic. – [Ally] And a medic
who can chose one player to protect from elimination. They can even choose themselves, as long as it’s never twice in a row. Hidden in the group is one poser. – Hey, I’m the poser. – [Ally] Pretending to be high and taking the heat off the
stoners to help them win. – Are you high? (laughs) – Aye aye aye. – Ooh it’s that thing. I’ve seen this, never done it. You’re gonna have to
really help me with this. – Ooh. – Oh hell no. (Parker Coughs) (Lauren Coughs) – I feel like that was like too much. Yeah. I know right now. It was too much. (coughing) – Welcome everybody to Paranoia. This week we’re going to homecoming. And the campus is filled
with old rich people who feel like they personally paid for your financial aid package. Two people at this table forgot
how important this week is, and they are impossibly stoned. To kick things off, we are going to bring you
guys a bunch of snacks. Feel free to eat. – Oh baby.
– Don’t feel like it will make you look stoned. We got some chips,
– Mm-hmm. – That aren’t branded, and then we’ve got some
equally unbranded candy. (mischievous music) Okay guys we’re going
into our first challenge. Everyone remembers the
university fight song, right? Sing these lyrics acapella and find the rhythm among yourselves. Let’s bring those lyrics in. – Amazing. This is a good challenge. – Yeah.
– This is easier if you’re high.
(laughs) – Yeah, seriously. Someone’s just like I got this. – Yeah yeah. Music? Totally. – This is heavy duty paper. How much did it cost?
(contestants agreeing) – This is card stock.
– you guys went to a nice school, okay? – Wow.
– All right, get ready. Once you start singing, please don’t stop. Let’s do it. And- (all singing) ♪Eighteen hundred sixty-two, ♪four men conquered south Saroo, ♪ ♪three of the men came home to one wife, ♪ ♪they knew how to save a life. ♪ ♪Where did I go wrong? ♪ ♪I lost a friend, ♪ ♪ at this University near Michigan ♪ ♪For Honor! ♪ ♪For our family! ♪ ♪For Donald Fry! ♪ ♪Donald Fry the founder of the school! ♪ ♪He’s an ole white guy
who commissioned statues ♪ ♪of himself around campus! ♪ ♪We can agree this University
will live in infamy! ♪ – Yay! All right we’re going to jump
right in our first round. For this we need everyone
to close your eyes, uh, do we have a question? – May I say something really quickly? I just want to say to everybody, if I’ve ever done anything to upset you, please be-
– okay, moving right along moving right along. Stoners, open your eyes and find each other without moving. Who would you like to
kill right off the bat? Okay, great. Close your eyes. Now I would like to talk to the narc. Narc, open up your eyes. Who would you like to know about? (buzzer) Close your eyes. Let’s see the medic. Who would you like to save? Great. Everyone open up your eyes! And shield them. Because last night someone
was ejected from the game. Chris, you’re out. No words, I’m sorry. Come with me this way. Yeah take a chip with you. (laughs) You get to go sit up there
in our lovely cabana. – That was ridiculous. I thought I was gonna
lead the attention towards obviously who was apparently stoned, and like find whoever else was. – So Chris is out of the game. If anyone has any allegations
right off the bat, go.
– I hate to say it but can we all just look at
Parker’s face real quick? – Yeah.
– It’s absolutely Parker. I didn’t wanna, I don’t wanna- – It’s eight hundred million
percent Parker. (laughs) – Interesting. – That’s a second that’s a third, fourth fifth sixth, – All right all right. Parker and one of them because
they both clammed up and went “nah, it’s not Parker.” – You guys, he gets 30 seconds- – What is it about my face? My eyes?
– Everything. (laughing) “what is it about my face.” – No question. – Because my shirt’s pink,
– it’s mostly your eyes. – My eyes probably look a little pink too, – You’re right. You’re right.
– Reflecting off of my shirt. – All right Parker you get
30 seconds uninterrupted, why aren’t you a stoner? – Who believes it? Really, what we need this for, because we know he’s high. We need to figure out
who the other person is. So how do y’all react to it? – I think it’s her. – You almost… – I don’t know what you’re talking about. – One of them’s the poser, ones the stoner right? – I mean I heard the most ruckus, disgusting coughing I’ve
ever heard in my life. And I think I know who’s it was. – If you think it was me it wasn’t me. – I think it was Parker. In case there was any doubt. – Okay, either you might be the other guy, we’ve already decided this. What we’re trying to figure out right now is who is the second person? (contestants arguing) – Lauren doesn’t smoke a lot of weed and she’s been silent this whole time. – I’m being quiet all day. I’m tired still. You know what I mean?
– You liar. – No Lauren’s eyes I
can tell a little bit, she’s my second choice. – I don’t think you’re either the stoner or the person. Definitely not.
– Yeah, I’m functional, I’m just like- – Your turn? You’re not running the game. (laughing) – 30 seconds is over. Everyone close your eyes this
is gonna be a blind voting, because justice is blind. Who thinks Parker is high raise your hand. And put your hands down. Great, I know I made it
blind but it was unanimous. So Parker you are out. Thank you so much Parker what were you? – I was one of the stoners. – Good riddance.
– Bye Parker. – Parker was very talkative
before this game started. This game was the quietest
Parker’s been so far. – There were no words
before he had to talk. – I feel like the fact
that I smoked right before, it made my eyes super puffy. And I knew I had this
game if I was going to be anything but the stoner. Because it’s just always so
physically noticeable with me. And so I feel like that put
me at a huge disadvantage. (horse whinnies) – Moving right along. We go right into our next challenge. A new mascot. Some white-haired old bat
has rolled into campus with a million dollar check declaring that your current school mascot the pelican, is too weak. You have three minutes to draw the most masculine mascot imaginable. – Whoa. I’m impressed that you said that. Masculine mascot. – Imaginable.
– Imaginable. (laughing) – We’re going to fly in
some papers and pens- – Are you high? – I think his laugh is the other stoner. – I’m not though. – He really through Parker
under the (beep) bus. – I’m not high. I’m not trying to throw you off, I’m not high. – You’ve been going hard on these snacks, and you waited until I took a bite before you even took your first one. – Exactly. He was like… We’re good. (tense music) – Wait. Let the record show that Ralph
is drawing his on the eraser. – What are you doing? – Oh no!
(contestants laughing) – Did you think this was a table? – Honestly that’s so funny. – If you’re the poser, that’s the biggest power play
I’ve ever seen in my life. – Oh my god.
– That was real! – Ally, can you do me a favor? Will you pull your shirt
up and go like this? – For like a big strong masculine muscle? – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah you got it. (grunting) I’ve been working out. All right. Ruja, how about you start. – I did a giant (beep). (host laughing) – A what? – A giant (beep) wearing (beep). – Go fighting giant (beep).
– Yeah. It’s a veiny (beep) with
a slightly hairy (beep). – I don’t want to fight it. – I just put a tiger, because I was just thinking of some Frosted Flakes just now, and I was like that’s the
most masculine like creature. – You’re not the stoner. – So, that’s what I went with. (contestants giggling) Tony the Tiger, but you know, for our school. – All right great. – I decided to stay with the pelican just because I’m a traditionalist, but so it’s a pelican
drinking its own tears, and then it’s saying
“don’t look, don’t look.” It’s drinking the tears so
that no one will see the tears, and then I think I may have overdone it, I tried to draw a chain wheel. – I did a fun little
flexing bicep costume. Here are his little legs and eyes. And also he has a little kissy mouth. Like oh (kissy noise) your
mascot has been canceled. – Oh, he’s kissing his own gun. – No it’s someone else’s theoretically. – That looks exactly like my arm too. – You know it was perfect. (giggles) How do you draw? – (laughing) Just period? – Well the first part, should I, no.
– Yeah show it. You’re being insane, what are you doing?
– Show us the mini one. – Oh let’s just pretend
this never happened. – (laughing) yeah. – So my first thing was Mike Tyson. I thought we were supposed
to draw it on this thing. Because I don’t need an eraser. – You just need a mistake. (laughs) You made a mistake on an eraser. That’s like the biggest irony.
– Can we redraw him saying “oh I just didn’t need an eraser” as our definition of masculinity? – And then did you redraw Mike Tyson? – Yes, I redrew bigger this time. – It’s cool. – One and a half times bigger. – Mike Tyson has really big breasts. – Yeah.
(contestants laughing) – All right. Next up? – I also have a flexing bicep, but I gave it some angry
eyes and some teeth. And I gave it a double bicep, and some rocket boosters, and then it’s over a volcano and there’s a dude just
going “oh” in the side. I think you need that, like, what is masculinity like in a void? It doesn’t mean anything. You need someone like “oh” so who’s like, reacting off of it. – Yeah, wow.
– I’m so sorry to ask this, but who’s is better? – It’s really a hard, it’s such awesome (contestants clamoring) – I’ve got a whole cast of
characters that are ready to go. – All right we’re gonna go
right into the next thing. Everyone close your eyes. Stoners, open up your eyes. Who would you like to kill? Great. Narc? Who would you like to know about, Narc? Great. Okay, medic open up your eyes. Who would you like to save? Everyone open up your eyes. Last night, someone was
ejected from the game. And that person was Ruja. I’m sorry. Make your way to the cabana. – I should not have saved
myself probably the very first, cause I think I was doing
a good job guessing and, I wasn’t that surprised because
I had it coming for her. (laughs) – It’s accusation time. – I am highly suspicious of Ralph. – I think it’s you. – I think it’s Lauren. I think it’s one of them. Cause neither of them jumped on Parker. – Okay that’s old news. – That’s old news! – Yeah but who drew on the eraser? – That’s true.
– I’m sorry like, – That doesn’t matter. – Are you the narc? – That’s old news. Come on. – I refuse to answer any more questions. – I do think, I think Ralph might be the poser. – Who’s the medic? – I think that Lauren might be the stoner. – I think that Loner might – Also like we could end
this right here and now. – You’re tripping over your words, Coming right out of the gate hot. – I think that Lauren
– Jumping at me, I don’t know man. You’re coming a little strong, and just because I’m mellow and I’m keeping my composure right now, it feels like I
– because I’m not the chill person everyone
wants to hang out with. – I though I heard you come
back as the third person, you smelled like mango, I know there’s no mango around here so it’s got to be aerosol, – But I know you hate fruit so – And then you went-
– there’s no mango in this part of the world. – The African smell. – When you went “uh”. I knew it was you. – [Ralph] But we both know I go through. – Uh,
– and if look. Are you gonna nominate her? I nominate Lauren. Second it (beep) – Why are you so,
– what do you think? – What are you so weak about
this (beep) for right now? – Because now you’re freaking me out making me think that you’re the stoner and you’re gonna get me out! – I feel like I trust you. I don’t know if this is wrong on my part, but I feel like-
– no you don’t, that was a lie-
– Let’s finish right. I don’t know about these three. – Guys, listen to me.
– I’m not high. – Remember when you
didn’t listen to me before and remember what happened?
– I’m gonna say, I’ll second that,
– I’m telling you listen to me it is Lauren. – If you’re gonna guilt
trip me into it, okay. – Yeah I don’t know man. – Lauren has an official second, if you guys don’t vote for her
to be ejected from the game, you have one more shot. – I’ve kind of stayed the same, I’ve been very like, you know. Just relaxed. I came here relaxed. – Okay.
(laughing) – So I’m just chilling.
– Is he high? I hate this.
(laughing) I can’t tell I don’t know you. – I am not high! Lauren is high! Lauren is clearly high. You know that she is. You know that she is.
– I’m going to agree but… – Just go with it. – Time to vote so
everyone close your eyes. – We just talked over her completely. – That was beyond rude.
– [Host] This is for Lauren. – You guys didn’t even
give me a chance so. – Yeah that was messed up.
– I don’t know. – If you think Lauren is high, vote now. Wow all right. Eyes open. Lauren I’m sorry but
you are out of the game. What were you? – I was the stoner. – Oh you guys won! All right citizens won but I will say, Ralph lost as the poser, you were a terrible poser, – That’s how it goes? – Yeah. – You’re on your own team. You’re trying to get
kicked out as the stoner. – No. – Now get out of my backyard. (contestants laughing) – If I’m being honest with you, I do not understand how this game works. (giggles) Somehow it didn’t get to me that I was supposed to be on
the stoner’s side as the poser. I thought that basically the poser, you just I guess I just thought you win? I don’t know. (laughs) Yeah now that I think about it, yeah, yeah. I should have, I should have looked over
the rules a little harder. (techno music) (Host laughing) Did you like that episode of Paranoia? Well there’s a whole season
coming to Sign up for your free trial today. (laughs)

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