High School graduate takes online schooling option

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High School graduate takes online schooling option

our recent high school grad with anxiety took a non-traditional approach to graduate news for Tucson Priscilla Kasper shares her story of success it’s new at six Dani McCartney is 19 years old and a full-time student at pima Community College but the path to college has it been so easy for her I started high school at a traditional high school and I went there for a month and it was just not a good fit at all for me I cried pretty much every day I had so much anxiety going to school she has Khoda her three year old service animal and that helps ease her anxiety and panic attacks but when she heard about Arizona Virtual Academy an online school for K through 12th graders she enrolled I became so much happy i dint cry every day she says through online schooling her grades improved you’re alone most of the day and you don’t have students around you so you’re able to concentrate and learn when you want to learn with more flexible hours she was able to continue working as well she says there is a misconception about online school then it’s easier or for students traveling all the time but that’s not the case it’s just a different type of school a different type of fit for students who aren’t made to learn in a traditional school if she says the online schooling has motivated her to focus more and strive toward her career goal PhD in clinical psychology and I want to do clinical research personally Casper news for Tucson

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