HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 4 Teaser Trailer Concept (2020) Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Disney Musical Movie


HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 4 Teaser Trailer Concept (2020) Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Disney Musical Movie

I just can’t. Can’t stop thinking about what she’s doing. You know, we met in school. I honestly thought we were going to get married. Sort of took the fast track to the whole marriage and kids thing. And I don’t need to settle it’s not like I’m 30… The first time that I saw you. You were reading less than zero. I’d never seen anything. So perfect. Are you gonna hold on to this… forever? Hi everyone. How’s it going? From that day on nothing could ever be that bad. Because I had you.

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87 thoughts on “HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 4 Teaser Trailer Concept (2020) Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Disney Musical Movie”

  1. Smasher says:

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  2. habeba ahmed says:

    i wish this were true

  3. Kevin Chung says:

    How we watch this

  4. danscy bby bby says:

    Cuando saldrá estamos en espera???

  5. Neiliane Silva says:

    Mano kkk caracas eu não tô agreditando eu esperei muito cara esse filme marcou minha infancia 😢

  6. Ali W says:

    It’s real? I miss them so much 😭

  7. Trisha MacamTV says:

    Im so excited about this COMEBACK ♥♥
    Woahhh High school musical is back ♥

  8. ヅMelu says:


  9. White Radish says:

    Why you gotta play millions of people like that thooo.

  10. Margaret Micallef says:

    Is this real i wish they never stop doing high school musical this my true live I cry for them I wish this is real and I wish see ther dolls again

  11. Sindile Zitha says:

    I had nooooo idea we had High School Musical 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. TheKentuckyDipper 01 says:

    It’s ten fucking years later why the fuck would they call it high school musical 4 ?? Also I’m really excited for it to come out if this is a fact but it just needs a different fucking name

  13. Loobna Shaikh says:

    I wish if they were actually doing this

  14. Marlyn Dahab says:

    please make this happen!!!!!!

  15. jamya green says:

    Spoiler he joins the circus

  16. a l t h e a ‘ s w o r l d says:

    I’m 11 but even though I was born in the year the second movie was made I love it so so much and I want this to be true

  17. evie queen says:

    When does it come out??

  18. tipos de irmaos anny e josé says:

    Só eu que amo muito esse filme

  19. tipos de irmaos anny e josé says:

    Ansiosa demais por esse filme

  20. Abby May Basa says:

    well, this doesnt have to be HSM4 .. we can have HSM ALUMNI HOMECOMING .. like if you agree

  21. I I says:

    This is them from other movies….

  22. Reilly Ann says:

    I was actually excited for once…

  23. Emily Armet says:

    I wish😢😢😢😢😥😥😔😔😔…this show helped me threw hard times

  24. Whooty whoo says:

    Yo this made cathartic as fuck fuck you thought it was real

  25. Rajendra Singh says:

    It's really good

  26. Finola Ovington-stevens says:

    people need to stop doing these teasing for reunion movies like there’s been one made for friends and it kills me especially as it looks so real😭💔

  27. chan chan says:

    Is that true

  28. its me live says:

    Die teile wurden von verschiedenen Filmen zusammengeschnitten…


    I need this!!!?

  30. Aira Syaharani says:

    omg i crying!! can't wait!!

  31. Ericka's Vlogs and Stuff says:


  32. Olivia Mays says:

    I so want this to be real

  33. Lauren M'channel says:

    It's 2019 and this movie never happened yet

  34. Qira Fajardo says:


  35. Lady Hudson says:

    No jueguen con mis sentimientos! AAAAAAA❤
    It's real?

  36. I_didn’t_soo_it says:

    Why can’t they actually make a 4th one

  37. 권채운 says:

    I’m so happy that this movie will come out😂😂

  38. Kimberly Garcia says:

    What is this true please be true

  39. zel Rivera says:

    yes please!

  40. Cathy Landero says:

    Is this true

  41. thats lilian says:

    Is this real?

  42. Mia xx lafleur says:

    if there was a 4 this generation is would love this high school musical and well never understand cuz we grew up on the first 3 that is so wierd to think of kinda like IT

  43. MacKenzie Hareland says:

    Bro dont do this to me, HMS is my childhood

  44. JEFFREY AWAS says:

    High school musical 4 plssssssss im dying!!!!!

  45. Claudia Gillmore says:

    if they make a hsm4 I really hope it has the OG cast members and their life now not some new cast 🙂

  46. Harry luis says:


  47. 변기 says:

    헐 진짜 4나와요??????????????????????????????????????????????

  48. m e l says:

    is it really happening plz someone explain

  49. HappyTee says:

    Omg I'm cryinggggg
    I just finished binge watching the 3 movies for the billionth time and I always go through this routine of watching interviews of them talking about it. AHH

  50. itz-crazy panda says:

    Me:Waa no more high school musicals
    Also me:AHHHHHHHHH

  51. Mariah and the Lambily says:

    bitch i’d pay a thousand dollars for this bruh if they dare to make the series without the original cast imma cancel my netflix subscription

  52. xyrit tag-at says:

    Omg high school musical 4? Realy?😍I'm so excited

  53. Lacey Lombart says:

    Is this real? If it is I will be so happy because I LOVE HSM I hope they do come out with it!!

  54. Benjamin Seida C. says:


  55. Keryann TILLY says:


  56. Mundo de Camila says:

    This is true because Jenny Ortega said that he is working on high school musical 4?

  57. Marina Prada says:

    Is this real?

  58. niny rodriguez says:

    Cuando sale ??

  59. Keziah Brown says:

    I remember when they used to have those dancing tutorials on Disney commercial breaks before the movie resumed that showed you how to dance to some of the songs that they played in the high school musical movies

  60. Ana Carolina Goetz walker says:

    Tem que lançar logo

  61. duc dang says:

    Is it real??i dont think it is

  62. Bianca Santos says:

    O filme vai voltar ??

  63. dj nathan says:

    That part from scary movie killin me

  64. Gacha rose says:


  65. Jose Rafael Valdez Heredia says:

    High school musical 4: exists

    me and everyone who really enjoyed all HSM movies: welcome back old friend😢😭🤧

  66. Jade Orona says:

    Hahah this would have been sooo good

  67. Baby Candy says:

    I feel like I'm going to cry! High School Musical is my favourite and really want to see this!!!!! It's all changed from HSM3 and a different director so I want to see what happens.❤️

  68. Breanna Reese says:

    man do i wish this was real

  69. David Anthony Gaeta says:

    What's the song

  70. Mant_core says:

    This made me cry cause I missed zac efron and Vanessa hudgens

  71. Christina Kim says:


  72. Gutiérrez Bazán says:

    My sister will get excited when I tell her that 4 is going to come out

  73. Claire Boullier says:

    Ok this movie is just proof that Disney has no more ideas mean they're not even is high school

  74. Darcey Days says:

    I nearly cried

  75. Ashley Atkins says:

    Is this really about to happen if it is I am really excited right now I all ways hope this would happened love high school Musical 1, 2, 3 ,

  76. Blue Lag says:

    someone tell me what the song is please??

  77. Noelle Altares says:

    I wish this was real😔

  78. Ashley Hamada says:

    This is so convincing.. XD

  79. dannys lifecomedy says:

    Oh shit my cancer came back lol

  80. Gunjan Thakur says:


  81. Para Mcintosh says:

    When is it coming on Disney🤯

  82. Billie is my baby And finneas too says:


  83. Teaaa says:

    You got my hopes up… i hayte u 🙁

  84. justine everts says:

    I hope so that this is true

  85. Ck Lee says:

    Yes DISNEY just an ADVICE we think you should show us the real LIFE after HIGH SCHOOL LIFE. You guys started it and you should Finnish it for WE are All Waiting for part4 for the real finale

  86. Teacher Niña J. says:

    Is this too complicated to be real? Please?

  87. Jackaboy1990 says:

    To be honest, most of those clips were out of different movies. Zac Efron in the clip was out of Are We Officially Dating.

  88. I wonder how much subs I’ll get with no videos says:

    *Sees High school musical 4*

    clicks on it

    ‘Damn they keep going’

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