Homemade Off Road Electric Wheelchair – She had NO Idea!


Homemade Off Road Electric Wheelchair – She had NO Idea!

[Cambry] Nothing like this exists. I’ve been restricted to pavement for most
of my adult life. I feel like way more free in this than like
my wheelchair even. [Zack] So I met a girl named Cambry a couple
months ago, who is paralyzed, which means she doesn’t have the use of her legs. Normally, people who are paralyzed get around
in in a wheelchair. But even with the wheelchair, it limits the
amount of places you can really go…especially when the wheels are small and it’s operated
with your hands. I saw this problem and realized that I could
take two electric bikes and splice them together with a seat in the center, so she could get
around easier and go more places – all electrically powered. Cambry has no idea this thing exists or that
I built it, or that she’s going to get it today. This baby can go 20 miles an hour with a range
of about 20 miles. We’ll have to put it to the test a little
bit later. So come along with us and see what happens. I hope she likes it. Let’s get started. [Intro] So Cambry is on her way here right now, but
she thinks we’re going to make a video about this bike, which I built her a couple weeks
ago, which has adult training wheels on the back. We currently have Cambry riding a bike. [Cambry] Yeah I am! [Zack] All by herself. [Cambry] With it’s training wheels. [Zack] Check it out! It worked out pretty well. We could strap her feet to the pedals. We went, you know, 5 or 6 miles down the trail
with it. But it’s not as safe as I want it to be, which
is where the new contraption comes into play. My buddies right now are hiding behind this
building over there with the bike. So after Cambry and I film the video about
the adult training wheels, they’ll ride out and we’ll do the reveal. Hopefully it works. [Cambry] I’m nervous! You do this every day! [Zack] Okay. You ready? [Cambry] Yeah. [Zack] So this is the bike, and this is Cambry! And she is in a wheelchair. [Cambry] Here’s the frame of my chair. [Zack] So normally when Cambry gets out of
her car, she sets the frame out. And then each of the wheels are independent
of each other, and just kind of like get on each of the sides of the chair. How long have you been doing this? [Cambry] Thirteen years. [Zack] And how do you get from the car into
the chair? [Cambry] Very carefully. [Zack] Ha ha! [Cambry] And…now we’re ready. [Zack] We’ve taken this bike out a couple
times. What is something you like about having this
bike? [Cambry] Man! This is hard for me! [Zack] Right?! It’s hard being in front of the camera! [Cambry] How do you do these every day?! Okay, you can edit all of this. [Zack] Yes I can. [Cambry] I like the freedom that it gives
cuz I’m on the road with everyone else on their bikes and it’s not like I’m strapped
down and disabled. Like I’m just on top of a bike like everyone
else. I have to balance a little bit with my upper
body. And it’s a lot faster than a recumbent bike. And my shoulders don’t get tired, so that’s
fun. [Zack] But if you could change something about
it, what would you fix? Because I know when we took it out the one
time, I was nervous that like if you were to tip over, you’d be kind of like stranded. [Cambry] I just want to go faster. [Zack] You want to go faster. [Cambry] That’s all I’d change. [Zack] So she wants to go faster. [Cambry] What would you put on for an upgrade? [Zack] What would I put on for an upgrade? There are a couple ways I would upgrade this
actually. I am super glad you asked. There’s something I haven’t told you yet about
the bike. So, come on over here. So you know when I’ve been at my office welding
stuff? [Cambry] What?! You’ve got to see this! This is unreal! What is happening right now?! [Spencer] Hey Cambry! [Cambry] Uhhhhh, okay. This is really cool. [Zack] How do you like it? [Cambry] I’m stoked! This is really cool! I don’t even know what to say. Can I just like crawl in? [Zack] Yeah. [Cambry] This is why you were asking so many
questions! [Zack] Yeah…about your wheelchair and stuff. [Cambry] Okay, I should probably put this
cushion on it. [Zack] Yes. [Cambry] Thank you. [Zack] Feet go there, obviously. I’ll put some Velcro straps to keep them down
a little bit later. You have your miles per hour and everything
just like the other bike. And it’s already on, but then you just turn
this a little bit. So breaks are these things up here on the
top. So I just operate with my thumb but you can
just let go of the throttle and then… [Music playing] [Cambry] Take this. [Zack] Got it. [Cambry] Nervous?! [Zack] For you! [Cambry] Can this go on curbs? Okay, I’m nervous. Did it! It worked! That was awesome! [Zack] What do you think? [Cambry] It’s unreal. Like nothing like this exists. It’s amazing! Uh, yeah…I’m just like…you guys are awesome. Ummm. This is why you didn’t show my anything that
you were welding, you were showing me other stuff. [Zack] Uh huh. [Cambry] Yeah…I just don’t know what to
say. Do you guys want some pumpkin bread? [Zack] Ha ha! [Music playing] [Cambry] Ooo, should we go through there? I’ve been restricted to the pavement for most
of my adult life. [Music playing] [Cambry] That was like nice and calm. [Zack] So you were like doing a victory lap
around this track, and there were two boys over there and they were talking. One was like, ‘dude, how is that accelerating?’ And then the other guy was like, ‘yo bro,
it’s solar powered.’ So maybe that’s a feature we can add for the
next one. So how was it? [Cambry] Phenomenal. [Zack] That’s good. [Cambry] It’s a whole new level of freedom. I love it. I like that I can go down curbs and up curbs. [Zack] Yeah, cuz in your regular wheelchair
that would be a lot harder. [Cambry] Yeah. I don’t always make it up one curb. [Zack] Could you have made it up the grass
hill on your regular wheelchair? [Cambry] No. Heavens, no. And the best part of it is, we went 11 miles
today and my shoulders aren’t sore at all. And it can go on like grass, wood chips, gravel,
and I think whatever else I wanted to drive it on. [Zack] So if you could change anything about
it besides adding solar panels, what would you do? [Cambry] Um, I’d put some like shock absorbers
in the seat because I like going up and down the curbs. [Zack] Yeah, so when we built the bike, the
front shocks are intact, so she has a little bit of absorption. But when the back tires hit, there’s really
no padding from her seat to the ground. Adding in some more shocks would probably
be a good thing. Or like a read suspension. That would probably add enough cushion to
the seat. We haven’t decided a name for this yet. So if you can think of a name for this off-road,
pod racing, chariot wheelchair contraption, leave it down in the comments and help us
out. [Cambry] Go Kart from Heaven. [Zack] I’ll have more details listed in the
video description like the dimensions of the seat. Obviously every single person is going to
be a little bit different. And where I got the bikes from and stuff. If you have any questions, leave them down
in the comments. Thanks a ton for watching. Huge thanks to Cambry for being my test driver
for this thing. And we’ll see you around. [Music playing]

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