Homeschool High School Vocabulary and Writing: Online Classes

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Homeschool High School Vocabulary and Writing: Online Classes

Hi! I’m Erin, the designer of the
Vocabulary and Writing course. Welcome to Homeschool Connections. Did you know that the number one
indicator of success on the ACT and SAT college
entrance exams is your vocabulary. That’s right. The ability to
know and use words is incredibly important, not just for you
being able to get into the College your choice, but it’s critical for your entire
learning career. Right next to vocabulary in importance for academic success is writing. Writing is at the heart of
the ability to show what you know to an instructor and be able to quite frankly get good
grades. And if you need and want to increase your vocabulary and learn over 700 words in one year in
one course, words that apply to college learning, writing, and overall upper level
communication then this is a course you want to enroll in. In this course, which occurs over two
semesters, you’ll learn to use all the upper-level vocabulary words
related to writing that are needed for high school advanced
writing and for Advanced Placement or AP English Language and Composition
courses, the ACT and SAT, advance writing courses of all types for college writing.
You’ll also get an introduction to the concepts associated with each of the terms.
Again over 700 words will be learned and practiced over the course. The
writing here is concentrated into little bursts of practice. It’s not an essay writing
course, but a course to solidify your writing skills while learning vocabulary. Finally, the course has something extra in the
fall semester. You’ll also get a dozen how to study
techniques that apply to learning vocabulary in any course and really for any
studying for any test. I designed this course a
completely prepare you for the college work and beyond. To make learning words
easier to bring your writing into a higher level of skill. I truly believe that every student needs
this course and the parent myself. my kids take this course too. It truly is a foundational course. It
gives us higher skills and prepares us the future. If this is something you want, I encourage
you to sign up today (music) (music) (music)

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