Honey Badger Houdini – Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem – Natural World – BBC Two


Honey Badger Houdini – Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem – Natural World – BBC Two

After Stoffle’s severe mauling by the lions,
Brian knew that he had to get his badger under control. His solution was a brand new pen. And, the introduction of Hammy, to help him
work off steam. Far from settling down though, the canoodling
couple soon prove that honey badgers are not just fearless, but astonishingly clever. We started off with the mesh-type fence. But, it didn’t work. Stoffle soon devised a plan for opening up
the gate, which has got two bolts. He would get the female to go up. He would go up, open the first gate. He’d hold the gate and say ‘woman, get up,
I’m pulling open, you open up.’ She goes up to the top, she pulls the second
one out. And then he pulls it open, he waits for her
to get down and they escape together. The escape was no fluke. Considering their small size, honey badgers
have remarkably big brains. Their intelligence is just beyond anything. Whatever Brian did to keep him in, Stoffle
was hell-bent on getting out. In the end, and a great expense, Brian had
no choice but to build his own badger Alcatraz. Mr. Stottle, the days of your escape are over
buddy. That night, they called me ‘Brian, Stoffle’s
out.’ I said ‘impossible!’ But we had trees in here, and he climbed up
the trees, leaned over onto the wall and he was out. So, we cut all the branches out of the trees
in here and left the trees in the middle. Then, he dug up the rocks. He’d rolled them with his back feet to the wall,
and neatly piled them up high enough. And then he’d get out, so we took all the
rocks away. This is like a game for Stoffle. Every time I’d devise some plan, it was like
a game for him to work out how could he get over this? 1’o’clock in the morning, my wife
wakes me up ‘Brian! Brian! Someone’s in the house.’ She said ‘ I heard a window break.’ So we freeze. ‘Oh my!’ Expecting burglars. There’s Stoffle at my bedroom door, trying
to get through the bedroom door. He’d made himself a mud ball and he’d patted
to make it bigger. And he rolled it and he stands on it and he
just got out like that. People have said, ‘Oh, did you train it?’ I said ‘Train it? Not at all!’ Didn’t even think of it. He outwitted us each time, with his skills. Stoffle! I remember one day, keeper left a rake in
Stoffle’s enclosure and he scratched himself, lies on his side, he’s thinking. Computers working. Take the rake, put it on his back, put it
against the wall. Climb out and off he go. Stoffle! I mean, you won’t believe these stories. You’d think it’s a hoax. It’s not a hoax! That is Stoffle.

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100 thoughts on “Honey Badger Houdini – Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem – Natural World – BBC Two”

  1. Solmom03 says:

    This is old but wow!! Which of them do you think is still alive⁉️

    After all that just let em free. He’d probably return at night but use the day to do as he pleases.

  2. HenrollisJ says:

    Brian: shut the gates, lock the doors, secure the lights and turn on the trip wires.
    Stoffel: There's not a prison on Earth that can hold me!

  3. Nordic 95 says:

    Something with this intelligence and perseverance should be awarded freedom…

  4. BookCade NB says:

    Honey Badger don't give a shit!

  5. Pen Cil says:

    Lmao…he is awesome

  6. Southern Brew says:

    That is 1 dumb prison.

  7. not likely says:


    We don need no stink'n BADGERS!

  8. Matt Shroyer says:

    Haven’t you figured it out dude. Honey badgers don’t give a shit

  9. Phillip Dale says:


  10. Richard Dunn says:

    John Wick kyptonite.

  11. Jake Stockton says:

    Just a hunch…
    Maybe they don't like the enclosure.

  12. Cassandra G says:


  13. Miedzia says:

    Let them free!!!

  14. Devin Zaliah says:

    Honey badger don't give a f**#

  15. Josh Deets says:

    Stoffel don't care. Stoffel don't give a shit. Oh no ewww look he's eating a snake

  16. Benny Hill says:

    The Chapo-Badger Guzmán.

  17. brr johnson says:

    If he wants Stoffel to stay inside & quit escaping…give him a smartphone.

  18. gary stone says:

    Maybe he should just be left to roam free instead of a life in prison

  19. Linda M says:

    I find honey badgers to be a very fascinating animal. As you say clever. I am extremely impressed.. Fearless. WOW that's serious damage control.. Lol. And beyond cute…

  20. Craig Campbell says:

    Stoffel for President!

  21. Clairelouisehottie says:

    Stoffle… what a guy.

  22. AvengerMKII says:

    As a great man once said, HONEY BADGER DON'T GIVE A SHIT!

  23. Rhino Black says:

    Honey badger for president..

  24. Maggot King says:

    why would you make a habitat that short for an animal that can climb tree's wtf man of course he's going to break out.

  25. Jinx Me If You Can says:

    Some poor rogue got stuck in true polymorph

  26. Tim Travasos says:

    Truly amazing

  27. KashiusFresco says:

    "Honey Badger does what it wants"

    including Honey Badger prison break 😂

  28. Arvin Medina says:

    At this point that badger is gonna make a jetpack

  29. Adam Lees says:

    That little bugger will be drinking his beers,smoking his cigars and in bed with his wife next!.Little rascal!.

  30. galnamedtal says:

    My 2 year old son’s spirit animal is a honey badger. It all makes sense now.

  31. NGUON LAM says:

    WOW never knew Honey badgers is so smart, i want to see more

  32. Zombiehockey says:

    Is this real

  33. Therese Dane says:

    LMFAO 😆 He’s so smart

  34. Tyler Early says:

    Damn. That honey badger is smarter than me.

  35. Boulette x says:

    Can't they use locks? And other fences?

  36. Blue Square says:

    Poor bud, he just wants to be free. So let him roam. Who cares if he mauls a couple of lions and takes down the rhinos. He deserves liberty just like any other creature.

  37. Michael Hawkins says:

    I enjoyed watching this

  38. XtremeXC29 says:

    say it with me now kids: Honey Badger don't give a shit

  39. G Bak says:

    1 word

  40. Kevin D. E says:

    jesus christ they are smart

  41. Char Magne says:

    you know, you can make the next part of the wall incline towards the center of the enclosure, so if he tries to climb it he will just fall back wards.

  42. Richy Brookstube says:

    Eeeeeeeee! 😁😁😁😁😁

  43. theonlypd says:

    My favorite part is at the end where they just show a multitude of objects being used to escape… Who left those in there? Can we get an edit on this where we add him escaping using a miniature statue of liberty, or a grappling hook or a barbie power wheels jeep (and he drives away in it in the end).

  44. EVIL UBUNTU says:

    Why did the dinosaurs go extinct?


  45. 23DeftonesFan says:

    Put this pos in a prison with no chance of escape and see how he likes it… Free the animals! #animallivesmatter

  46. Jay Hanns says:

    biGg bRAiiiiiNeddD

  47. TommyTarkov says:

    they just want to life in freedom !
    i hope someday they both get out and life free <3 WOHO

  48. Rakesh Gupta says:

    Starring in next prison break season 😀

  49. Leila Mirhaydari says:

    Why isn’t he set free? Especially since he’s trying so hard to do so! Keep climbing buddy! I hope you find your freedom soon!

  50. chris says:

    Never give up
    Never surrender

  51. Robert Durbin says:

    It's the James Bond of badgers

  52. hosackies says:

    Just release the little guy back into the wild… Far from your home. Why keep it in captivity to begin with?

  53. Lea Woods says:

    He's smarter than a dog and a lot of people!

  54. Avigail E says:

    Escape the room Badger-level

  55. Sandy Newfield says:

    Got to love badgers!

  56. Ken Rashleigh says:

    Jeez let him go already

  57. Pace Fine Arts says:

    Hey badger don't care, honey badger don't give a shit 😂 Poor fellow though, why do they keep him in captivity?

  58. TopShelfGamer says:

    Why doesnt he just put chicken wire over the top of the enclosure and bolt it into the concrete walls?

  59. Dottore Vino says:

    This is unbelievable!

  60. Apollo Mars says:

    throw some puzzle game sinto the cage with food inside, keep them active about the wrong stuff, so the dont care about the outside world.

  61. Nicki de Souza says:

    i must sound like and idiot, but why not have a chain and a big lock?

  62. toddwholmes says:

    so let him be free

  63. Truth Hurts says:

    The honey budget is a paid actor.

  64. Neo 77 says:

    Worthy of praise

  65. ChefGiovanni says:

    You only wish you were as smart as a Honey Badger. Time to cook !

  66. Reece Lyndon says:

    If he was that smart, he wouldn’t have moved to Renault.

  67. Stephen Mataganog says:

    The mud ball blew my mind! How did he come up with that? So smart😳💙

  68. emilyk says:

    This is so good, lol

  69. Deyvson Moutinho Caliman says:

    He should be set free.

  70. UniqueSensitiveSnowflake says:

    Prison break badger edition

  71. Sighs Internally says:

    maybe if the humans brain was bigger the wall would be taller than 3 feet ……

  72. Dizzy Iguana says:

    New found respect goddam

  73. takumi168 says:

    When they had the fence why didnt they just block both side with huge boulders. If the gate opens both ways have it on both sides. If it open outwards block the outside.

  74. Louis Vild says:

    I feel like Stoffel is having fun and isnt truly trying to escape because he doesnt like his home

  75. Stan Lee says:

    Ngl this badger has a higher IQ’s than dumb arse Americans

  76. mr joex3 says:

    He's not meant to be caged. Set him free

  77. Jeffrey Koelewijn says:

    That's a very interesting animal

  78. Connie Ward says:

    Stoffle was a pet abandoned by his owner. Brian took him in to take care of him because he can't be returned to the wild. The man deserves a medal not criticism. Watch the whole video people.

  79. Kevin Grazier says:

    Honey Badger 👍😀

  80. Najeeb Sheikh says:

    🍯 badgers are not God damn pets. He clearly doesn't want to be captive. Humans sure don't like it when they are made captive by other humans 🙄😡. Wild animals are called wild for a reason. All wild animals deserve to live freely, and to not be kept captive for our entertainment, comfort, or bank accounts.

  81. Neo Cortex says:

    This honey badger needs his own channel

  82. Aassvvee says:

    Up next: Stoffel builds a jetpack and escapes his enclosure (again).

  83. David R. says:

    Holy shit! he came up with more ways to escape than I would have thought of LOL. very impressive!!

  84. WaitingForYukiOnna says:

    this guy's a monster. If the honey badger wants to go then let him go! If you were in the honey badger's position this guy would literally be a horror movie monster.

  85. Nick says:

    the next president of the United States

  86. kwik2hear says:

    They are amazing! And cute.

  87. G V says:

    Leave your keys around, you soon hear a car start.

  88. Jack Budgen says:

    I wonder if he keeps trying to break out of prison because he doesn’t want to be in prison?

  89. David Lehr says:


  90. Stiz Kramer says:

    If you love someone…set them free

  91. redcinos says:

    Just let the animal go free he's earned his freedom

  92. Confector Tyrannis says:

    I think this video is having a deleterious effect. I now want a honey badger and I know I KNOW, they're not pets 😤😥😔

  93. Zuri S says:

    Why are these lovelies kept in captivity at all? Wtf @bbc?

  94. Ranma says:

    I know who im taking with me to the next escape room i do

  95. Michael Airley says:

    Why not let them go free?

  96. Little Britian says:

    3.32 that wiggle is everything 🙂

  97. Mr. Rand says:

    Stoffel escaped night after night, day one with anything available! It Andy Dufrane's dumb ass 25 years with a rock hammer!

  98. David Ekstrand says:

    They hadn’t built a pen that could hold me!

  99. Morgan Freeman says:

    Bro wtf why are they so smart omg

  100. Ricksist Foundation says:

    honey badger don't give a shit

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