How A Dog Earned A Life Experience Online MBA Degree


How A Dog Earned A Life Experience Online MBA Degree

Here comes Chester Ludlow, pug dog extraordinare! He just graduated from an online university. Chester, I hear you’re the first dog ever to earn an online MBA! Yes, that’s right, I’m gifted, very bright, did all my education online. You earned a graduate business degree online? Dude, I didn’t know you knew math! Math? Yeah! Your college transcripts say that you earned an A in Finance. Uh that’s right, I know math, I went to college. Something smells funny here to me. I’m going to go check this out. Dude, I’ve been checking out that online college you attended. How did you get that degree? I submitted my resume plus I paid $499 dollars. They took Discover card. What about admission tests? Transcripts from your previous undergraduate college? Tests? Previous college? Dude! I checked out that online college of yours, bad news buddy. It’s not accredited by any agency recognized by the US Department of Education. But it is accredited… Dude, I checked this website They offer a free service to check online college accreditation. The Diploma Mill Police Jeez, I hope that’s not important. I’ve got a big job interview in an hour. Well, Chester, you have some very impressive credentials; a pedigree essay and an MBA. Yes, I’m very easy on the eyes too… or so I’ve been told. I’m sorry Chester, we can’t hire you. This online college you attended to earn your MBA. We checked, and it isn’t accredited by any agency recognized by the US Department of Education. Is that important? It is… if you want a job with us son. Poor Chester, his business career isn’t off to such a great start for a handsome guy with an MBA. Don’t let this happen to you! GetEducated about online college accreditation before you enroll. 5,000 real online degrees rated and ranked for cost and credibility.

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3 thoughts on “How A Dog Earned A Life Experience Online MBA Degree”

  1. VapeTime says:

    @CECOadvocate CTU tried to get me to go, they always come to my college to get me to recruit me. I knew something was up when I saw the shack they run out of. There are four colleges in my town pcc(my school) csu(my friends school) intellitech(is that a school) and CTU(fake)

  2. VapeTime says:

    @CECOadvocate I meant to put a comma between "try to get me" and "recruit me"

  3. Bradley McVey says:

    some say they are accedited some say they arent like home school its accredited
    think bigger colleges universities are afraid same might happen to them??

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