How College Students Spend $100 on Groceries | Cut


How College Students Spend $100 on Groceries | Cut

– Let’s just say I spend 1000,
but let’s not tell anybody. (soft upbeat music) – My name’s Ryan and I go
to a public university. – I’m Dylan, I go to a private university. I study finance. – Strategic communications. – I am going to be a medical assistant. – I’m trying to be an actor. I’m going to college because
my parents require that. – After having my daughter,
that’s what really pushed me to continue with my education. – I live in a house with 60 men, otherwise called a fraternity. – Right now I live with
my mom, my boyfriend and my daughter in mom’s house. – I live in a house with eight girls. I currently share a room. – Yes. Yes! I just buy little snacks that I can add to my school day. – Usually I spend about $50 on groceries. So I had a little leeway, so
I could have some fun with it. So I splurged on the Honeycomb cereal. – I like to cook fresh
foods so we got greens. – Trojan Bare Skin
Premium Lubricant Condoms. – We spent about a quarter of
the $100’s on baby formula. – Honeycomb. It was a fourth of my budget. (giggling) – I love Honeycomb. – My room consists of a mini fridge, a toaster over to cook
pizza rolls in specifically. – I always cook dinner
for me and my boyfriend and my daughter. – I get Uber Eats and stuff sometimes. – Per month? Maybe 150, 200, I don’t know. – I don’t cook. I eat out almost everyday. Nope, nope. – I don’t come from a family
that has a ton of money. So that kinda sucks when
everyone else is going out to eat and you just have to
stay home to save money. – Let’s just say I spend 1000,
but let’s not tell anybody. – I probably spend around
150 on groceries per month. (chuckling) – Never. – Parties are thrown two times a week. No. Um. I don’t, wait. (laughing) – I like gin. I feel fancy when I drink gin. – So these are (mumbling),
if you don’t already know. I’ll definitely share
with all my roommates. – No, not at all. Everyone that I went to high school with did go off to college, off to university. I don’t see much of them anymore. Sometimes I do wonder
what my life would be like if I didn’t have her. – I work about 30 to 35 hours a week. – I take care of her in the morning, go to school in the
afternoon, go to work at night and then sometimes I’m up until
one or two doing homework. – Sometimes I’ll walk dogs. So usually, most. Okay, (laughing). My parents pay for my rent. This is gettin’ personal. – I have. – Yes. This summer for example, I
didn’t get two of my grants. – I spent all my money in New York City. – I had to raise 6000. – I had the best time of my life but I was not future thinking. It was hard, I cried a
lot and my mom helped me. – Money is kind of the only thing I’ve really gotten into
fights with my parents about or really just felt, really
scared at times honestly. – I’ll be around $15,000 in debt. – About $15,000. – $25,000. – 30 to 35,000 in debt. But you know, I’m about to be done. So I don’t really wanna
think about it anymore. Probably. – To be honest, I don’t
really look at debt as a huge thing because everyone has it. Hopefully I’ll just get
a really cool job acting in a big movie, like Marvel,
maybe, will pay it off. But, maybe a coffee shop. (soft upbeat music) – Here. Mm. – You guys watch YouTube? – [Interviewer] Yeah we
have a YouTube channel. (soft upbeat music)

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100 thoughts on “How College Students Spend $100 on Groceries | Cut”

  1. Toxic Gamer says:

    The girl in the white shirt is hot

  2. Pilar Guerrero says:



  3. dans says:

    the white top girl gets on my nerves so much

  4. RianeBane says:

    Ok but the girl in the white shirt made it sound like her parents insisted she still go to college, only to get a degree in theatre/acting. If my understanding is correct…then she INHERITED her hapless attitude towards money. If your kid wants to do something that isn't likely to pay off, and you want them to have a degree, at least make them go into debt for a SENSIBLE backup plan.

  5. x_.lightly_._salted._x YT says:

    Mbn to get money/rent/and stuff just handed to you

  6. Hannah Steele says:

    At least he uses condoms🤷‍♀️

  7. Lunch says:

    (How college students spend $100 on groceries)
    *Dude includes Trojan condoms 💀💀💀*

  8. Yeah Itsme says:

    This is so dumb. Where are they even shopping? Some of them I could get the same groceries for like, $30. They're either shopping in California or they're buying expensive namebrand shit. $22 for a bunch of grapes, some blueberries, and fucking strawberries? Are you shitting me? What the hell is she buying?

    And a bunch of bananas, a bunch of grapes, and a package of baby carrots for TEN DOLLARS? WHERE ARE THEY BUYING THESE THINGS? Grapes are like $4 a bunch, what the fuck. Bananas are like 89 cents.

  9. Abigale says:

    That girl in the white too just ruined her entire career…she basically just told everyone that she can’t handle anything by herself and she splurges on unnecessary items..

  10. MichaelsMoments says:

    Where do you buy your groceries? That is nothing for $100. Psh

  11. Nikki Dreeves says:

    That mom is hardcore, I hope she does well in her life 🙂

  12. Vina says:

    The "actress" was so annoying and blindly privileged…it's SCARY to know these are the people who are our future.

  13. anavrin says:

    Do you guys watch youtube??

    Me : shdgsfsfsf

  14. Emma Star says:

    I cannot believe how expensive groceries are in the US?? this is insane, is that all you can get for $100??? some of that looks barely enough to feed someone for a full week.

  15. Hannah R. says:

    “Do you ever struggle with money?”

    “I have..”
    Well yea, you spending a $1000 on groceries alone…maybe don’t lmfao

  16. Hannah R. says:


    No shit? Your parents gonna pay for it 🙃

  17. Benneroni says:

    the girl in the white is either getting fleeced for her money at the grocery store or she doesn't actually know how much she spends because in my family (4 people 4 pets) we spend less than that in a month and we don't exactly look for the best deals…

  18. life style says:

    You can get so much more food for 100$ in india.

  19. Yugen Utopia says:

    The “actress” was trying way too hard to seem like a trust fund “hipster”, sit down poser

  20. Spicy Bunny says:

    Sees those 17 white claws
    Honey, are you okay?

  21. Breida Munster says:

    100 doesn't buy much.

  22. MzCastorama says:

    Mine would be 2/3 on frozen pizza and 1/3 on popcorn / chips.

  23. Miguel Castro says:

    In my opinion, people need to stop comparing their struggles. People are entitled to live their life a certain way. You people seriously need to stop judging others. It's not like it's gonna make your struggles any better. Instead of judging people, focus on fixing and bettering your own struggles.

  24. Kamryn says:

    …..why are they laying down

  25. Clavdia8367 says:

    Did she really ask if they watch YT?

  26. T G says:

    0:25 went to school with this girl. Kinda crazy randomly seeing her on the thumbnail in a video scrolling through the recommended section.

  27. Asterix Obelix says:

    Try to live in Lithuania for 10€ per week

  28. Teresa says:

    I would literally buy four hundred apples and some dark chocolate and wonder why I feel so sluggish

  29. IM AVISHAE says:

    I spend 0 dollars every day surviving on water

  30. Vlk Etto says:

    The baby formula costs €23?!?! It’s like £5 in England

  31. Jay Pocaigue says:

    Yall could you fuckin imagine through post editing and that girl's acting if she was actually not a fucking struggle free "imma get help from my mom" rich girl, shes just that good that we're all fooled.

    Yeah I cant either, but omfg if she was acting, itd be a much better reality than her just being a leech on her moms wallet.

  32. VenomousGamingVids - Subscibe says:

    Notice how he has tide In the bottom right corner 0:44

  33. john Harrison says:

    Do one with blue collar workers. EMTs, firefighters, construction workers, oil field guys, etc

  34. Gursimran Kaur says:

    0:19 is nobody gonna talk about the tide pods he calls groceries

  35. James Guertin says:

    Im sure everybody complaining about the girl in glasses would be the exact same as her if they were in her situation

  36. Zikorah Nwankwor says:

    1000 dollars a month on food
    nigga you better be busting ass elsewhere if you're making that much dough
    that's 80% of the first two's debt in one fucking year
    4 year college.
    48k on food alone
    what the fuck
    what the fuck
    how even


  37. Yaya Lu says:

    The dude in glasses is cool

  38. H W says:

    150 a month??? what can u eat for 150 a month? i don't get it !!no one in the developed world should be eating with 150 a month kinda budget! And also that guy is so cute for Laughing about his parents paying for his rent, my parents give me $6000 allowance per month while i am in university. Too bad i am in my last semester in university, so i'm gonna be poor once i graduate.

  39. Hey Meow says:

    I hate the girl with the white top

  40. Brenda Ramirez says:

    I got triggered by the actress wanna be. Jesus Christ.

  41. Sarah Young says:

    So I’m 19 live on my own have a job getting ready to get a second job trying to take the act again to get a better score and try to go back to college without going in debt I pay for all of my stuff(and have all throughout highschool) and ik what struggle is I don’t get help from any of my family members financially (I wouldn’t want them helping me out financially anyway I want to be completely independent) but some people are sitting here judging the girl in the white shirt Bc her parents pay for her stuff and she doesn’t have struggles and all that stuff and you just gotta realize not everyone gets dealt the same deck of cards in life some struggle some don’t and that’s just life it might be unfair but she seems like a nice person idk why people are being rude and judging her yeah maybe her spending habits could be different but I don’t understand what it is with society tbh everybody wants to judge everyone

  42. Avante-Garde Geckos says:

    The actor girl is wow, I mean she REALLY thinks she can pay off student debt on a coffee shop salary?

  43. Shannan Mardis says:

    Different lives…different ppl… Different experiences…. I get it..

  44. The Micropenis Maniac says:

    That white shirt girl made me almost age 41 years and become a Boomer

  45. Audrianna Burgoz says:

    Did anyone see the old spice commercial too? 😂

  46. Air_ Moccasin's says:

    Me: milk and instant ramen

  47. Pandan Chan says:

    The white shirt girl is actually a comedic relief character, don't worry guys.

  48. Water Otter says:

    Where's the hummus? 😟

  49. Rifath says:

    People… the girl in the white top wants to be an actor. Maybe she's just acting rn

  50. Leah Keeley says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see that it’s not just me who cane to the comments to complain about Ms. WannabeSpoiledActor

  51. Alyssa Anil says:

    90% of the people: wow that girl in the white shirt is what makes us say ok boomer!
    Me: wow the one mom works so hard with a baby going to school and working!#

  52. Deruzzi says:

    How is everything floating up against the wall

  53. j c says:

    no wonder why the nation is owning so much debt…..

  54. Offlexiana says:

    I would have a bunch of ramen

  55. CS G2 says:

    how do they spend so much money in so little food and have such debts? pf im not gonna live in US

  56. paige bp says:

    ‘Have you ever struggled with money?’ ‘I have’ i spent all my money in New York City’

  57. Ella says:

    I spend around $1000 a month on food myself. I don’t know how to cook, so I buy all of my meals or go out to eat! Not sure what the issue is! Y’all just are poor! 🤣

  58. Criss O says:

    The number of social justice warriors/virtue signaling is strong in this video.

    1). People don’t have to acknowledge their privilege. They don’t owe you that.
    2). Having children (except in extreme cases) is a CHOICE. The lady chose to have her boyfriend’s baby without planning out her finances first and so her struggle is justified.
    3). Struggle does not make one a saint. Lack of struggle does not make one a villain.

  59. glw wn says:

    If your parents can pay for everything it isn’t your fault nor should it make you feel bad when other’s do not have the same. Yea she sounds a bit a-holey but don’t compare her life to others

  60. Andre Barrett says:

    Girl in the white top needs to get her financial shit together, because thats wildin'

  61. Thoryan says:

    The actor is going places.

    laughs in harsh reality

  62. Scar says:

    She needs to learn that acting isn't a meritocracy asap, not that I think she would likely make it even if it was. Making it big in acting is (99% is to whom you were born to(connections and location) and what they passed down to you(phenotype genetics).

  63. Bolivia The Band says:

    1000??????? WTF

  64. Tramsandwich bronson says:

    Dude this is not how college kids eat lol

  65. DiscretelyContinuous says:

    Everyone here is slagging off the girl in the white shirt. But she's the one that I resonate with most strongly. Maybe I need to do a bit more adulting.
    Regarding student loans, my piece of advice is: Study in Australia (and be Australian). The Tax-office is our loan-issuer and we only need to start paying it back when we start earning at a certain (fairly resonable) threshold amd there is no interest (although it is adjusted for inflation)

  66. Dante de los Heros says:

    jesus why is food so expensive in the US that amount of food is worth like $20 in spain

  67. Finn Jameson says:

    lol none of these people spend money on food like me, NO ONE BOUGHT BREAD OR RICE OR ANY SUSTAINABLE CARBS!!! Execpt the ramen guy, I respect that.

  68. Anna Luiza Tararam says:

    I'm so glad everyone hated the white top girl as much as I did

  69. TorrentOfficial says:

    1000 a month on food… jesus I make good money and I probably only spend 200 a month I'd rather toys than spend all my money eating out…

  70. Cecília Pimenta says:

    The girl who wants to be an actress is so delusional

  71. scarlett says:

    my dad is going to pay for my college tuition bc that’s what my parents agreed on but omg if I ever acted like white shirt girl… she actually acts so spoiled

  72. alextamago says:

    That girl in the white top clearly doesn't have a understanding in reality and how harsh it is. "Hoping" to be an actress in a big movie isn't going to cut it and once she doesn't cut it, I will laugh when she ends up on the streets or asking her mom for money.

  73. Oscar fire says:

    Oh she'll be acting alright 😏

  74. vincent28 says:

    1000 a month for food?
    a family of 4 lives hella COMFORTABLY on that
    does she eat to a moderately expensive restaurant every day?

  75. DannyB Cute says:

    I can understand why the girl in the white shirt is spoiled or has the least amount of problems with money. It's because she's being forced to go to college when she clearly doesn't want to. It'll be pretty messed up if they make her pay for everything too. But yeah…she's gonna be in for a real shock when she figures out how to pay rent and bills.

  76. Kriss says:

    Me eating cereal as dinner

  77. Z M says:

    The chick in the white tshirt is about to be on Dave Ramsay in about a years time and will be balling her eyes out because life hit her like a brick wall

  78. The Pakistani Scotsman says:

    $1000 wow. My average weekly spend £20 in UK living in shared accommodation I cook alot

  79. Daniel Kim says:

    Can I ask? Condoms?

  80. RubyFukr says:

    Wow I sure can’t wait to see that honeycomb girl who doesn’t cook at all or have any skills whatsoever who has no money sense at all to become an actor on the big screen!

  81. Tamim ataya says:

    Just to remind people that the title of the video is college students and not broke or poor college students.

    Also why is everyone acting like a detective and thinking they have that girl figured out.

  82. Elias Stark says:

    Where the FUCK are all these mfers getting all this money?!?!?!?! $150 a month on uber eats????? I don't spend that shit in a year????

  83. Groove Apothecary says:

    1:27 I love her laugh omg 😂🌺

  84. Michael Delvalle says:

    its really not that hard to budget, you just have to be smart about it and get first what you need, and then if you have leftover money, either save the money for next time, or use the rest to get a little extra as a treat. you arent supposed to be living in luxury and/or have everything you want in college, its not like living at your parents house where the fridge is stocked most of the time. also find stores with good deals. i cant tell you how many college students i know who shop at whole foods and drink starbucks 3 times a day. its fucking absurd

  85. chocolate icecream says:

    Dylan has the food choices I most relate too. Then when he said he studied finance, I suddenly felt better about my food budget.

  86. Ace Hardy says:


  87. Essa says:

    I just realize how expensive fruit and vegetables are in the us

  88. Y - YES says:

    Plot twist: the privileged girl with the white t shirt is just acting all of this bs

  89. Christian Hammond says:

    I spend 60 on weed 40 on beef jerky and payday bars and water

  90. horwink says:

    even frat boy is better than white shirt

  91. mackjeez says:

    My College meals in the late 90's consisted of eggs, toast, jam, ramen noodles, hot dogs, frozen Jamaican patties and 40 ounce beers, my used 5$ microwave was a champ. Worked part time as a cleaner and would make $28/day, no debt since I attended a community College and turned down loans, my struggling parents didn't help me either. I often crashed parties with friends without issue, the rich kids really knew how to splurge their parents money so I always came empty handed ;), though I eventually started Dj'ing in the afterhour club scene which helped me with money issues and getting laid. Good times.

  92. whomst? says:

    Ryan is so haaaaawt.

  93. COFFEE says:

    $1000 on food for one person??? Wtf. One person should only need like $200 at MOST each month for food if you know how to shop right.

  94. Jose manuel Marin ramirez says:

    i have crush on the actor girl

  95. Sabrina Nothin else says:

    LMAOOO I’m gonna pay it off by being an actress in a Marvel movie….or in a coffee shop 😂

    maybe you should method act being a barista for the rest of your life seeing that those goals are lowkey impossible without mommy’s credit card.

  96. Jessica Emily says:

    White shirt girl clearly has mum and dad for help 😂

  97. Fuzzy D Pozzy says:

    2:44 i don't think it would be much better believe me,i think it depends to individual like for me example i am like work home school sometimes i go out but like barely 1 time per month or two times mostly i am staying home and i go for walks. Getting to know people in england is hard af because nobody wants to talk, or those who want to talk are drunk or on drugs. Except if i am in work , people in work just talk and have fun depends where you work.

    So what i want to say is one time i was with a girl for 3 years i didn't regret anything so don't think about it.If you like kids you would make at some point so if you think that kids will take your time they will not, your time will come so don't worry. Kids are fun when they don't crying and wake you up at night but even if you are single like me i still wake up in the middle of the night because of my freaking stress so at least you dont have my stress but you have a kid so i think is okay you doing something beneficial i guess and i wish you best of luck really in your life , i like kids a lot:D

  98. jcccast says:

    The while shirt chick needs to get a fucking grip

  99. Your Sushiplate says:

    Gosh the girl in the white top is annoying!

  100. Waytoz says:

    Laughs in European. I pay 100 € per year in college and the government GIVES me 5K at the beginning of every school year.

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