How Do I Set Students Up for Success in Online Courses?

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How Do I Set Students Up for Success in Online Courses?

The first thing to think about here is
that they are three interactivity types … You have student to student interactivity,
student to content interactivity and student to instructor interactivity. Most of the time in an online course the
student to content interactivity is assumed. But student to student relationships and student to instructor relationships aren’t always assumed. Establish these within the first week of class. One of the opportunities you can do is to have a hallway
conversation area. I know that some some people call this a general discussion forum. This is where students can be social,
can ask questions, have the instructor respond or respond to each others responses
which is really important cause then you have students helping students, again taking
responsibility off of you as the instructor and saving you time. I also like to have some sort of
introductory activity. I like to use Voicethread for this and, no I have not
paid by them, but the technology is so cool and it’s free!

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