How I Learned to Code in Less Than 2 Months


How I Learned to Code in Less Than 2 Months

hey guys what’s up this is konzi from clever programmer calm and in this video we’re going to talk about how I calm myself to code and how you too can use the same exact method to teach yourself and become a professional software developer so let’s jump right into it so I’m going to first of all start it off by saying what is computer programming it’s the ability to take any idea that you have and to digitize it and bring it on into the world whether it’s you’d want to make practical applications so then you can use that to make extra money get clients get a job work as an independent contractor or maybe you just want to make cool games right either case programming is for you okay now the second thing I want to talk about today is why you should learn to code now there are a million and one reasons but I’m going to give you some of the best one flexibility of work you can work from anywhere you want okay so you can spend time with your family have a good time out doing whatever the hell you want to do and still be able to generate a lot of income because you can have multiple clients they’re working for so working remotely is a great benefit that you can have and that’s something that I take advantage of all the time for example I’ll travel to California to visit my family I will travel to other states to take novel zones high school chess game for Chess Championships because I’m coaching them and I don’t have to worry about oh man like I have to be at a nine-to-five job so I think that’s great second of all job security software development is the number one growing industry in the world so there’s no job scarcity happening here it’s only growing right so there’s a huge market here and whether you have a degree or not it doesn’t really matter as long as you can prove to them you can actually code or build some applications for that okay so with that said let’s move on into the third section so now I’m going to go through how I taught myself to code alright because you can use this same exact way to actually teach yourself and get started on this okay so if you’ve been pondering and waiting I have told you why you shouldn’t wait already but now I’m going to tell you how you can actually get started so there are a million resources but the one that I started off with was Udacity okay I took a course from Udacity called intro to computer science okay and there we built a search engine and like you know two months basically so while you’re building that search engine you are constantly doing all these different exercises as well so you have this one big massive project but in between you have these little exercises quizzes to just keep you on track keep your skills sharp so you can actually then complete that final project so that was a really fun way that I got into the world of computer programming I remember to this day actually my brother gave me a call and I was at this time deciding what college am I going to go to what should I do and before I even started the computer science course on Udacity comm my brother gave me a calling he’s talking to me and he’s like hey so are you thinking about any jobs and I said not really you know maybe computer networking or something like that and he said hey there’s a big opportunity in big data analytics and college graduates can be making like over $200,000 you know if you learn how Hadoop works so like big data analytics and stuff like that and I was like wow so I thought that was incredibly awesome and then started looking into it and so then they’re like you have to learn Hadoop framework just to like learn all these statistics and all that and so I wanted to jump into that but then I found out that you actually need something more fundamental to get into that which is computer programming so I had to rewind I’d then I started learning computer programming and then after that I never looked back so now let me give you my second resource that I actually used to learn a lot okay so this resource is called Coursera you can go to Coursera comm to take courses from them I took the intro to interactive programming in Python course and basically in that course you’re building like games so you’re building applications and most of them are just games so something like pong for example the only thing I don’t like so much about that course is that you’re not building these in actual Python you’re using like a nice little fun thing that they made on their online platform that you’re using but other than that I still like the Coursera course and helped me learn a lot so intro to interactive programming in Python that’s their part one you can take then they have intro to interactive programming in Python part two which is another one you can take where you’re building more applications and then they have another series called principles of computing so I took that and then I took principles of computing part two and that was like more about theory graph analysis and just understanding of statistics and probability words and how all that kind of gets tied into the world of coding and we even made a game like Yahtzee I think so it was basically you’re doing graphical user interface development you’re building actual applications but then you’re using the logic you know using some more advanced stuff that we learn from principles of computing after this course I jumped into I think I went to my college class where they were teaching us Java and this class the instructor was just incredibly terrible and most of the class was just confused I paid $1,500 for this course and what ended up happening was I got an A but ended up learning absolutely nothing and I had some friends from this class too who I still noted this day who learn nothing but God even C’s or B’s or some of them actually got AIDS so a contrasting this online education on why you should pursue the online education route is the cost of a college degree are just incredibly high and what’s weird is that some of these teachers aren’t even actually qualified to teach this because they aren’t working in the industry or creating things in the real world some of them are actually just teachers who are teaching others right while that’s good but what you want to learn from somebody who’s actually doing this on a day to day basis the reason why I say this is because technology changes and the world of software development changes literally every day so if they have a curriculum that’s designed to last for two three years it’s very hard for them to change it and usually just stays the way that it is for many years to come so you’re really sacrificing a lot of flexibility and agility there in your growth so I would say go to college and I would say pursue those courses but make sure that your professors are really good and also think of college is just one learning resource right most people when they think of college is just things that I have to depend on it and I can’t get my education from anywhere else right so use other online platforms and then mix it in and complement what you’re learning in your college okay so with that said let’s move on to another few things that I did and then I’m going to start to wrap this video up and give you guys something valuable at the end as well so if you stay till the end there’s thing for you basically after I took pi/12 Coursera route I looked into code ketamine so I was doing a little bit of code Academy I went through the udemy so I took about ten five five to ten different courses their team treehouse is another great resource so you know I’m making this really nice and linearly structured for you guys but in reality I was probably unlike all ten of them at the same time and I feel like you might be in that situation as well and it can be frustrating it can be a little bit overwhelming as well and sometimes with all of that going on sometimes just want to kind of quit or you’re like I’ll just come back to it later and then you don’t end up coming back to it so this is the path that I’m offering you so you can actually just take exactly what I did and learn all those skills and then what I ended up doing with those skills was I was getting work as an independent contractor so I was working and building software for clients and I was also working you know like giving personal coaching lessons you can use that exact method to be generating pretty good income I mean as a college student I think just last year between the month of May and June I made over $20,000 like that’s not bad as a 21 year old who’s a full-time student and all this while I was actually on a vacation I went to California to visit my family and that my brother just had his son so I went to see him and I was like super cool little baby’s adorable but the work that I do and software development will give you also that kind of flexibility so you can go wherever you want right whether it’s for vacation or whether you’re going out with your friends and just hanging out you’ll be kind of you’ll be able to do all those things so what I’ve decided to do is take everything that I’ve done so far right like all these 20 30 40 different places that I went to study programming from all these different courses I’ve taken all these soft skills and negotiation skills that I’ve learned to be able to work with clients so they’re practically forced to like look at my resume and then hire me all these different ways of generating extra income what I decided to do is take all of this and build a course that we offer at clever programmer now so this course right now is called learn Python olp create apps so it teaches you about object-oriented programming while you’re creating apps that you can actually put on your portfolio and go and get hired so you’re not just learning this is giving you a real potential to actually be making money too because let’s be real at the end of the day yes you’re doing this for fun or whatever but at the end of the day you’re doing this to get paid right you’re doing this so you can pursue something that’s fun but also so you can live a comfortable lifestyle so that’s really what I decided during this course and then I also teach you this you know like the from the aspect of negotiation skills also what else is in this course is live sessions so you and I might actually be in a live session along with other students and there’s a private community built in so you can actually work alongside other students just like yourself so by the time you’re watching this video maybe this course is closed down because what I want to do is I want to close this course down so then we can run this class and I want my focus to be 100% on you right I don’t want to deviate my intention anywhere I want to make sure that we’re all focused committed and in this together so by the time you’re watching this the course may be closed down but if you’re watching this when this video was made you have three days to enroll and then I’ll probably relaunch it I don’t know when is the next time I will do that but you can click the link below and you can click on the waiting list and join that so then when it is available you’ll be the first one to know all right so thank you guys for watching I love your faces off that’s it for this video this is Kazi and made sure to subscribe to the channel if you’re new right I love having everybody here also make sure to LIKE the video so everybody else can see it and you can help them out by clicking that button alright thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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