How I Use My Calendar Efficiently – College Info Geek


How I Use My Calendar Efficiently – College Info Geek

Today we are talking
about Google Calendar because I’ve been getting
a lot of questions about how I use my
calendar personally and Google calendar has
been my weapon-of-choice for the past five, six, seven
years almost to this point. So, today in this video,
we’re gonna go through how I use Google Calendar, some
of the tips and tricks I use both on desktop and mobile,
how I used it as a student versus now as an incredibly
professional businessman, and hey, if you guys use
a different calendar, most of the stuff is going
to apply, not all of it, but for the vast majority
of it, it’s gonna apply to any calendar you use, so
iCal, Outlook Calendar, I don’t know, like a stone
tablet on the ground, that one’s gonna be a bit of
a stretch, but this will apply to almost any system
for the most part. The first thing I need
to stress here is that Google Calendar is
part of what I call my quick capture system. Now, I’m gonna talk about
this concept a little bit more in a future video, but
essentially, the gist of it is that quick capture
means you want to get ideas of any kind out of your head
as immediately as possible and into a system that you
trust, one that has context, one that’s organized, and one
that will either notify you when you need to know about
it again in the future or that you trust yourself
to check regularly. So, with that being said,
we’re gonna get into how I specifically use Google
Calendar in my daily life and I need to split
this explanation in two because the way I use it
today is very different than how I used it as a student. As a student, I had my
calendar split into multiple different calendars because
the concept essentially for me was to split my life
into different components and then be able to look at
each component individually. So, I had specific calendars
for classes, for work, for on-campus events, I also
had one for other stuff, just kind of things that
didn’t fit, and I also had a professor office
hours calendar. By the way guys, if I sound
like a frog right now, it’s because I’m sick, sorry. One last thing about how I
used my calendar as a student is that at the beginning
of every semester, I would put in all the
important dates right away so like the date when I
needed to sign up for classes for the next semester, that
would go in right away, finals week would go
in there, and that way, I knew it was all set up at
the beginning of the semester. I wouldn’t have to be
worrying about when do I sign up for classes, when do I
start studying for finals, it’s all set up initially and
then I can just react to it as it comes up on a
week-to-week basis. So, that brings us to today
where I use my calendar in a very different manner and
that’s because I’m no longer a student and my time isn’t
dominated mostly by events. I’m a business owner
and most of my time is kind of free form, I can
choose to work on whatever I want to work on at any
time as long as it gets done. I would say probably about
90% of my time is like that. The other 10% is scheduled
meetings for the most part because as a podcaster, I’m
often interviewing people or I’m being on
other people’s shows. The other main use is for
travel since I’m going to schools to speak sometimes,
or I go to conferences that are in different
cities and different states, I’m often traveling
and when I travel, I create all day events in
the calendar so they’re not blocking up the hourly slots
and that way I just know oh, I’m in Denver these days, I’m
in New York City these days. The last main thing I use
my calendar for these days is for exercise because a lot
of my exercise is actually event-driven like my yoga
class is 6:30pm on Thursdays, so I gotta be there on time
and for ice skating practice, it’s only a very limited
window of time every day that I can do it, so I just
schedule it on the calendar and then because
I’m a completionist, I put my gym time
on there as well. So, with those explanations
out of the way, I’ve got a few more
things to talk about, first of which is mobile. Now, I used to use Sunrise
Calendar on my iPhone to manage Google Calendar
because it was free and it was beautiful
and at the time, the Google Calendar app
kind of stunk in my opinion. That is not the case
anymore, I think the Google Calendar app is
pretty good, however, I don’t use it because now I
use an app called Fantastical. The reasons I use Fantastical
is number one, it is the best calendar app that I have found
for use on the Apple Watch right now because it’s
the one that has glances, so I can just easily look at
the watch, swipe up and see what my next event is,
and it also has absolutely fantastic natural language
processing which means if I use voice dictation to
create an event which is a really seamless, frictionless
way to get it out of my brain and into my phone, then it
will intelligently pick out the parts of the event that need to be put in different fields. And that brings me to the last
thing we need to talk about in this video which is
scheduling stuff because email tag is the worst,
trust me, I’ve got like 50 message-long threads
from a few years ago where I’m trying to be like
yeah, I’m available this day, oh you’re not available
that day, blah, blah, blah. You can use technology to
make this much, much simpler. Now, the app that I use on
a regular basis is called Calendly and this is an
app that lets you define certain dates and times
on your weekly schedule when people can
basically pencil in their own appointments with you and
this is really, really useful for people like me who
are podcasters and have to schedule interviews a lot,
or maybe people like tutors, anyone who has to open up
big amounts of their schedule in limited windows to let
people basically pencil in their own appointments, but
I don’t think it’s super useful for students because
you guys usually have a lot of your schedule already
spoken for by classes and you’re generally just
trying to schedule things like group project work time. Now, Google Calendar has
their own find-a-time feature, but what I found is most
students don’t have their calendar game on lock,
so you’re gonna be like the only person who
has everything really
nicely scheduled and everyone is gonna be
like yeah, I don’t know what I’m doing next Tuesday. So, Doodle is what I
recommend for you guys because Doodle basically
lets you define a date range and then everyone can vote on
the times that work for them and you can easily
see the column where everyone’s available. So, that about does
it for this video. Now, if you’ve been paying
attention, you are now a scheduling ninja though, do not
put that in your Twitter bio or I will find you, and if
you guys have extra tips about how to use your calendar
that I didn’t cover here, I would love to
hear them otherwise, thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video
and you found it useful, give it a like to
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of that, you can click the book and I’ll send one to you. And in last week’s video, we
talked about skipping classes and whether or not it’s
worth it, so check it out if you missed it, also if you
want to get the full article for this video along with
links to all the resources we talked about, click the
orange button right there. And lastly, if you
want to connect, I’m TomFrankly on
Instagram and Twitter or you can leave a
comment down below. Thanks for watching.

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